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10 things happy people do differently


Happiness is not directly related to material well-being and other factors. It is an inner feeling, which depends on the person's world. Being in similar life circumstances, someone will be thankful for what he has, and someone to envy others and to call themselves most miserable person in the world. And usually luck is always on the side of the optimists, because happy people are drawn to other, more willing to cooperate with them, they all help and support. To be successful at work and in your personal life, follow these simple guidelines.

10. Express gratitude

This simple method helps to feel happier. In 2002, Professor Martin Seligman of the University of Pennsylvania conducted the study. He selected a group of people suffering from severe depression. All participants of the experiment were given the task: one and the same time to remember and write down any 3 good things that happened to them during the day. After 2 weeks, their depression was not so severe, and 94% of the patients admitted that their health has improved. Daily Express gratitude to fate, the world, and individuals, faced.

9. Develop optimism

Optimism gives us energy and pushes to communicate with other people, to creativity, to action. It helps not to be afraid of difficulties, to turn problems into tasks that need to be addressed. To develop optimism, you need to stop blaming yourself, to be able to see in any situation the positive side, to be surrounded by positive people and doing things you love.

8. Avoid endless thinking and social comparisons

Often we compare ourselves to others who seem more successful, beautiful, wealthy. Constant thoughts about that poison life. Every person is unique and not like the others. Each has its own abilities and capabilities. Someone able to quickly find the friends, the people who do that make good money, great raising children, etc. the Constant comparing yourself to others causes a feeling of envy and jealousy, we become dependent on other people's opinions and begin to think in stereotypes.

7. Do good

If the person regularly does good, it decreases the likelihood of his depression. This could prove to scientists from Oxford University. They took a hundred people, divided them into 2 groups. 1 group signed up volunteers, and 2 continued to live a normal life. Scientists were able to establish that the volunteers from group 1 will feel the joy and peace, suffer less from stress. In a time when they helped others, began to stand out endorphins, which improves mood. Participants from group 2 were more stressed, more aggressive, they had a higher chance of developing depression.

6. Nurture social relationships

Psychoanalyst Robert Waldinger argues that social relations with other people is necessary. Those who have a lot of friends, relatives, who maintains relations with neighbors, you feel more happy. They have better physical health and live longer. If a person spends a lot of time alone against their will, had health problems, begin to weaken many of the functions of the brain, and they die much earlier. But important is not the relationships themselves, and their quality. If you have to live in a constant state of conflict, it is also bad for the health.

5. Develop a strategy for coping with stress

Every day we solve a lot of problems, and sometimes problems. As a result, we experience tension that can lead to stress. It can cause the development of diseases. To fight it, it is desirable to develop tactics for coping with stress. What can I do? To learn through training negative emotional state to replace with the positive. You can go for a walk, take a bath with foam and salt, to listen to your favorite music. Help and breathing exercises, as well as activities that help to achieve relaxation, muscle relaxation.

4. Learn to forgive

Medical doctor don Colbert found that, in response to stress, the brain does not distinguish between, now all this happened many years ago. It means remembering another of his offense, we strike your body. If you are constantly thinking about the negative, developing the disease associated with the cardiovascular system, asthma, hypertension, diabetes, etc. Focusing on the bad, we don't notice many good things pass by because are constantly in the mind of unpleasant dialogue. The ability to forgive is a guarantee of good health and ability to enjoy life.

3. Increase the flow state

The flow state can be achieved when a person focuses on achieving their goals, it is not necessary to defend against any threats to deal with my internal mess. All his mental energy is directed at achieving a goal, he can concentrate on his activities. If you reside in a state of flux, any work will bring joy. To increase flow state, identify distractions, and try to organize their activities so that you are not interrupted. Choose a job you love. Think about what helps you to concentrate and use these techniques: listening to music, playing sports, etc.

2. Enjoy the taste of pleasures in life

Sometimes you have to stop. We all have to live in constant bustle, plan thousands of cases somewhere in a hurry, etc. Surely every man in life there is a lot of good. But do we notice these moments? And here they are passing by, as if they had never existed. To become happier, pay attention to these details, it will slow down your run, give yourself the opportunity to enjoy the good things you have.

1. Take care of your body

Take care of your body is as important as care of the soul. How to do it? Do not forget about physical exercise, move more, exercise, walk. During exercise increases the level of endorphins, i.e. the feeling of happiness. Eat well, sleep from time to time have a rest, relax. You can't be happy if you're hungry, tired and sleepy. No wonder people say that in healthy body, healthy mind.

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