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10 things to start doing for themselves


In daily life, people think too much about the needs of society, what to tell your superiors how to please a mate, how to learn the lesson with the child, how to comfort a friend, etc. Periodically people finds time to maintain his physical body, visiting the gym, eating delicious food and relaxing in nature. However, all these things are aimed at extending the existence, not the disclosure of the fullness of life.

It is very important to stop and realize that one life, and it follows a drop every second, so your health and Outlook should be the key. Every day do things that will bring you happiness and pleasure. And some of them start to follow from today.

10. Like what you already have

Man by nature loves or be stuck in the past or in the future completely ignoring the now. He or "relishes" memories of the past, lamenting that no happy moment will never happen again. Or anxiously peering into the future and set himself goals and plans that are supposed ever to make him happy. But what about today? God gave you a healthy body, able to earn their living and have fun. Also you are endowed with intelligence, able to create amazing and sometimes unique thoughts, ideas. You have the opportunity daily to contemplate a favorite environment: family, friends, mate. Isn't that the most important "backbone" for a happy life? The ability to love and see the beauty inherent in man at birth, and he alone chooses whether to use these gifts today, or to postpone.

9. Communicate only with those who are dear to you

Life is fleeting, society patchy, so spend time on each individual just pointless. The store you stood up talked to the saleswoman and she gave you psychic-trauma – you were under the pressure of forced to buy the recommended sausage, although not planned. As a result, it will become the throat during a meal, and oppression from wasted Finance will chase all day. So this is one of the girls! But if you day-to-day "tolerate" annoying friends and their dreary company, or even a spouse (wife), which has become a stranger. Interesting, but these "vampires" around us can be and loved ones that we force ourselves to communicate for the reason that "the family". Remember that blood ties are not a reason to tolerate unpleasant energy and give themselves to suppress. Life was given to you by God, and only he was involved in the fact that you were born. Don't hold on to excuses and boldly separate yourself from people who bring you trouble.

8. Rejoice for others

Absorbing the energy of the parents, often negative, kids do not learn the right things in life. For example that rich people have reached the heights of unfair (dad got married turned out, was in the right place, undermined the authorities, etc.). Envy is formed in a person year after year, which deprives us of the opportunity to objectively look at the situation and be happy for the other person.

Yes, force yourself to overcome pride and jealousy is painstaking work. But getting rid of "stuff" you can see a truly worthy person in their environment.

And remember, the more goodness and success you want to others, the cleaner and more comfortable it becomes your soul. This means that you soon will "stick" a joyful event.

7. Learn to forgive

First of all, it is necessary for you. People that can do stuff and go on his way. And negative emotions, the desire for revenge, self-pity and anger experience is you! And just for you, all these feelings burn inside, preventing the opportunity to consider such an interesting world around.

Try not so much to forgive people as initially not to assign guilt. Buddha in his time was saying that until you accept the negativity of another person, it remains with him.

And remember that forgiveness is the highest form of Love. It cleanses the spirit and leaves a sense of peace.

6. Meet new people

The main Board for the opportunity to meet the companion in reality. Socialize in the Playground in the Park at the resort. If you feel that the person gives off energy, good and positive, it is advisable to join these wonderful feelings and to share them with him.

Break away from their monitors, social networks and Dating sites. Live emotional communication with verbal and non-verbal techniques will help you get to know other people, to gain the basic skills of psychology and even to know oneself.

5. Seek to achieve their goals

And it is not only that these goals need to get hold of and put. The question is – how not to postpone them indefinitely and to approach the implementation? The answer is simple: get started immediately. To achieve any life plan always (underline ALWAYS) are the first steps. Let it at first glance seems ridiculous and absurd, but it is action and not merely the motive created by the head. The universe, seeing your hard labor, be sure to direct the flow of energy that will pick you up and carry in the right direction.

Tip – start with the usual list where you specify the possible ways and the steps, obstacles and assistance on the way to achieving the goal. Even the elaboration of such small details – it is an act, a step on the way to the desired.

4. Be positive

Talking about it in every training, and the man force wears a smile cheerfully, putting on a brave face and pretends all is well. Actually that's not the idea, but to properly evaluate their strengths and positive traits, their capabilities and begin to act in this world more productively. That is to stop "killing time", and to use it effectively. Stop trying to "exist", "live", and to begin to live.

On the path to knowledge of themselves and their capabilities are very helpful to Eastern practices (e.g. meditation, yoga) or psychoanalysis, which will allow you to clear and the thoughts and soul from false negative attitudes.

3. Solve problems, not run from them

As the old saying goes, if you're being tested about something fear, then this thing is the first thing you need to do. Fear is anxiety, a strong emotion that dominates you and controls your life. It is always easier to do and regret, than live to blame themselves for cowardice. Consider all possible consequences of your action, you advance to accept them, having a reaction, and boldly dive in to solve problems.

2. Bring to life your ideas and dreams

As in the paragraph about the goals, ideas and dreams, as if they seemed unrealistic, you should begin to realize at this very moment. A higher power always watching over us and help to be born in mind as the plans for the implementation of cherished desires. The most important thing on the way to their execution – create Intention and follow it. This means not to see risk situations, reject rational thought-the traitors, the arguments, doubts and fears. Live once – go for it, because it is in your power!

1. Try to help

Whatever you situation in life always help the environment: flora, fauna, people. Remember, once the universe is on your way created a situation that you can help, then you need part and it's really in your power. Perhaps you'll show a lesson to another person, so your kind act is necessary, and perhaps vital for him and for you.

Self-development and the formation of his personality always brings a person to happiness. Always! That is why do not hesitate and do not be afraid to invest in yourself a little more time, effort, attention and even finances.

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