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10 things you should know about your child's teachers


When a child is born, the life of parents changes drastically. Now they are responsible not only for themselves but for him. In the future they will make many decisions that will have a direct impact on the life of their child. In the modern world is not the last role in building a successful career is education. If you're too young to choose a College, it may be time to choose a teacher. Of course, the modern education system often can not be choosers. As the saying goes: "Take what you give." But, if you educate your child would be a mediocre teacher, he may forever lose the desire for knowledge. If your child's teacher does not suit you, you can always translate it to another class, but it is better to think in advance. Gather information about the teacher, you will have to spend a little time in the role of investigator, but it's worth it. We are talking about your child.

10. What is the atmosphere in class?

Of course, the atmosphere in the class depends not only on teachers but also from students. That's only a good teacher will always be able to resolve the conflict, suggest the children how to behave in society. He will tell about what do you need to learn, will create an atmosphere in which children will strive for knowledge. Of course, it all depends on the personality of the teacher, but as a rule, children are crazy about those teachers who may be interested. There are many opportunities to diversify the learning process, but not all teachers use them. Many simply tell a new material or even read the textbook. Children usually are not interested. In addition, if the teacher shares his personal experiences, students begin to trust him, because he too was once a student.

9. If the teacher compares your child with other students?

To compare students among themselves, at least not educational. If a teacher can afford it, then you should look for another or at least talk to him. The child will not learn better from what it was compared to a neighbor's party, which perfectly adds up in the mind three-digit numbers without a single error does dictation. Moreover, it is impossible to compare the pupil with his brothers and sisters. The child will feel worse than others, he will fall-esteem, he embittered himself, of the teacher and classmates. Everyone is different, all have different abilities and talents, teacher, of all people, should know about it.

8. How to speak about the teacher other parents?

You can ask about it to other parents. Usually they are willing to contact and share information. Parents of classmates your child can tell you the advantages and disadvantages of the teacher, will discuss how the teacher resolves conflicts in the classroom as it relates to children, adequately assesses whether knowledge. Just before you draw conclusions, ask as many people as possible. Do not trust the opinion of the first parents. Among them, many of those that thinks their child is the most intelligent and capable, and teachers – villain, because he deliberately puts their child of two.

7. Do teachers their Pets?

Be sure to find out whether the teacher of any of the students. Such cases are not uncommon. But do not be happy if the pet was your baby. None of the other kids feel left out, they do not want to learn, to demonstrate their knowledge, still Leon or Katya will be the best. But Pets also live a hard time, they can become outcasts in the class, they get angry, they tease and hurt. The class develops an unhealthy psychological atmosphere. A good teacher will never single out anyone among the disciples, for him all are equal.

6. Inherent in whether the teacher flashes emotional aggression?

Of course, to work as a teacher very difficult. This specialty is chosen by those who really loves children. There are among teachers and random people. They are usually for long enough, they soon quit school, pretty spoil the nerves of the students and their parents. Find out how the teacher if he could yell at the kids, punishing the entire class for a small offense. The teacher should not punish the children physically and give them moral pressure. No matter how painful it was to him, he should be able to cope with their emotions and to control themselves.

5. How the teacher solves conflicts?

How does a teacher, when he sees that the children are fighting? Experienced teacher suitable help to resolve the conflict and avoid fights. He will find an individual approach to each student, prompt solutions to problems. I cannot afford to have the teacher stood on the side of the pupil. It would be better if he will not be ashamed of quarrelling in front of the class. If a fight can't be prevented, the teacher can shift the responsibility on parents. It is not necessary in this case to be indignant. He has much more children than you have. No one knows your child better than you, so do not rely on teachers, take an active part in the upbringing of the child.

4. Punishing the teacher of children publicly?

The teacher should always keep yourself in hand and avoid public punishment. Carelessly spoken word can spoil the life of student. Is the teacher to call him as above it will begin to mock the whole class. The child will poison, arguing that even the teacher feel bad about him. Such a child will become an outcast in the class, digs in, starts to take revenge on the teacher and classmate. A good teacher will never lay a hand on pupils. Long gone are the days when disobedient pupils were beaten with rods.

3. What are the requirements of the teacher to the students?

Strong a teacher is, of course, good, but if he requires too a lot is bad. As noted above, each person has their own abilities. If the teacher of all will require perfect pronunciation of English words or solving complex mathematical problems that they will only pass through the year, the child is unlikely to cope. No wonder there is a school program, the child needs to learn gradually, as if to charge him with excessive demands, interest in learning will disappear. Because no matter how much he tried, "anyway, Maria Ivanovna will remain dissatisfied and will put 3".

2. Can the teacher build rapport with children?

If the teacher can find a common language with children, school will be their favorite place. They will be happy to come to class, because here they feel safe. Although children and tend to quickly become independent, they still need an adult to guide, to help solve the problems, to suggest, to advise. It can be learned, but it is not necessary to forget that such talent is not for everyone. If the person quick-tempered, not listening to others is important to him only his opinion – he has no place in school.

1. What is the overall progress of the class?

Another is to pay attention to the progress of the entire class. If your child is bad, and average scores of other students is much higher it is likely the case in your child, not the teacher. Perhaps it's hardly a new subject, then we'll talk about the individual sessions in difficult situations, you can hire a tutor. However, if decreased performance of the whole class, then you need to sound the alarm. First, you need to talk with the teacher, listen to his point of view. If the problem did not dare, then decide to visit the Director.

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