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10 things we don't tell our moms


The older children become, the more alienated they are from their parents. Of course, all individually. Some understand what they have achieved in life more than mom and dad. These children look to parents with excellence. Others are ashamed of them, ashamed. There are those who all their life grateful to my parents. This approach is the only right one. Parents gave you life. Appreciate it. With dad you can talk on many topics, to ask for advice. Mom is usually more difficult. She's worried for any reason, worried, upset over small things, her obsessive care I want to run away. Even if your mom behaves in a completely different way, first and foremost she's a mom. You know a ton about it, but there are things she won't tell you ever. Let us forgive the Pope, this article will be devoted to mothers.

10. You made her cry... many times

You weren't born yet, but she's already crying because of you. Many women cry at the sight of a positive pregnancy test. With happiness and surprise. Some long walk to your goal, they can't get pregnant for years. How many of mother waited for you, she cried, when she saw two stripes on the test. The first tears. But those 9 long months that she's have you been can not be called serene. During pregnancy, she often could not hold back the tears. Childbirth. She was crying from the pain, and then joy that I saw you. Since before you were born, Mama began to cry more often. You may not notice it, but it feels your every pain as your own.

9. She wanted to eat that last piece of pie

Remember when mom said she didn't want to eat the last piece of birthday cake? So, she lied. Moms also love delicious food, nice clothes, entertainment and fun. But they are willing to give all to the last, if only the child was fed, clothed, shod. That's why my mother gave that piece of cake for you. It was a pleasure to watch you gladly devours it. Even if you have been out of childhood, mom is still trying to help you with money, food, everything, than can. In General, gives you the same "the last piece of cake".

8. It hurts

Mother never told you that you caused her a lot of pain. When you came into this world, your mother was suffering from severe pain. She breast-fed you, and you bite, she was not very nice. You're a little older, the mother became even harder. You pulled her hair, sat on her head, biting, scratching, pinching. Mom bravely endured your childish pranks. But that's not all. She understood that there is no power, but also carried you in my arms. She was sitting in an awkward position, because you could go to sleep only "on the handles". She dragged the wheelchair to the fifth floor without a lift and never complained.

7. She was always afraid

Fear of you stalking her from the moment of conception. The doctor frowned, she felt excitement. Worried, if everything was okay. 9 months, she thought about you. At the time of delivery she was worried about you. You were born, mom lost the rest. In her soul settled fear. She thought you were sick, fall, misfortune happens. Fear caused new Hobbies, friends. My mother will fear for you, no matter how old you turn years. Don't forget about it, call her often, tell me about your business. I know my mom did everything to protect you from harm. Let her now to help you. If you don't need her help, don't hurt your mother. Make her feel important and needed.

6. She knew she was not perfect

Most moms are too judgmental towards yourself. They strive for the ideal, want their children all the best. If not, worry, I scold myself. Mom still can't forgive herself for the mistakes that I have made. Therefore, although you would never rebuke your mother that she raised you wrong, something nedodali. She's been punished for that myself. By the way, modern mums in this respect is even harder. There is much talk about early development. In social networks happy moms post pictures of happy kids, no problems, no trouble. Latter-day mommy can see it all and terrified of their own inadequacy. Perhaps your mother saw it all, think that it is too much time devoted to work and chores. Why didn't you become President of Russia or at least a Director of Gazprom. Mom wanted to return to the past and correct their mistakes.

5. She watched you sleep

Mom was crazy tired when you went to bed at 3am. She took you in his arms, carried, rocked, sang songs, included soothing music. The moment you fall asleep, her sleep went. The mother watched, the little sleeping angel. When you were growing up, mom couldn't take my eyes off of you. Enjoyed every minute of it. Because then you went to kindergarten, and she's at work. You have so little time together. So when you were asleep, she sat beside me, listening to your breath and asked God to be really good.

4. She cared about you much more than nine months

Your mother carried you 9 months. Much longer. She wore a minimum of three years. Already on hand. She took you often, you wanted that so much. She didn't pay attention to fatigue. Let aching back and hands, the mother did not refuse you. She knew you need it, feel safe only with her, so don't ignore your screams and pleas, even when the forces have left. Something to hide, and now she is ready to take care of you, even despite the fact that you're a big boy/girl.

3. Every time you cried, her heart was broken

If you were crying, my mother's heart was breaking. She tried to calm you down. If the mother couldn't help, she went crazy from despair. You were young, you had colic, she cried many times together with you. After all, she didn't have anything to do. If you cried from the pain, she was ready to give everything, just to help ease your condition. The pain from teething, illness, mother felt, how hard this is. Now, you're probably not crying, but all your problems she is experiencing more acute than your own.

2. She put you first

When you were born, mom forgot about their needs. While you were very young, she often even forgot to eat lunch. It is a long time without rest, not sleep, did not eat, could not find even 10 minutes to shower. She all the time gave you. If your dad wasn't careful and understanding husband, maybe their relationship during this period deteriorated. But your mom still put you first. You for her the most important person in the world.

1. And she would do it again

Your mom has gone through a lot. Morning sickness, terrible conditions, and then a huge belly, which did not allow to independently put on shoes. Further excruciating pain, childbirth, then sleepless nights, illness, problems with adaptation to the kindergarten two, trouble in school. You grew up, mom wasn't getting better, she is worried about you. But if she had the ability to turn back time and change your life, you know, what would she have done? She'd decided to do it again. Because children is a great happiness. Your mom did so much for you, thank her. Often tell her that I love her. It's so easy, but hardly anyone speaks those words to her mother. Say, let her be happy, feel needed.

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