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10 things you need to get rid of before the New year


Before New year remained not so much time. But as of January 1, many people want to start a new life, but not all turns out. It is repeated from year to year. Man dreams, sets goals, but all remains as before. To this year things have changed, we must act now. It is very important to celebrate this holiday in a good mood, no debt, and experiences. You yourself will feel different, refreshed, ready for small and large feats. Do not worry, you will not need to radically change their habits, character and appearance. Just get rid of 10 things that are holding you back, stealing your energy and strength.

10. The people with whom you are not on the way

They are surrounded by everyone. They are friends, colleagues, acquaintances or even relatives. Earlier you seemed to hit it off, and now I understand that your paths diverged. But you can not decide to put an end to this communication. Moreover, we should not maintain relationships with former lovers, haters, detractors. If these people were once dear to you, arrange a heart-to-heart, thank you for all and firmly say that further communication is impossible. If they know that you are not delighted with their companies, but still imposing, stop responding to calls, messages. Don't think about the rules of etiquette, think about yourself. Say goodbye to the past and start with a clean slate.

9. All the old and unnecessary in the house

In Italy there is a custom before the New year people throw out from the Windows, broken dishes, old furniture. They get rid of the junk. A good method, however, it is a bit categorical. Get rid of unnecessary things, clear all the debris, refresh the apartment. Go with the flow. Without regret to part with clothes you don't wear. Throw gifts from unpleasant people, things that are not in use. You will be surprised how it will change the atmosphere in your home. His energy will be renewed, your life will change. Just make it in advance, and avoid the temptation to throw everything out the window.

8. Debts

Many people believe that if you go into the New year with old debts, the whole year will have. So close all your existing debts or at least part of them. It is necessary to give not only financial debt but to fulfill all the promises that you have given to people. The outstanding amount, outstanding business bring into your life the negative, try to get rid of it. If you can't keep the word, then talk to those who wait, explain the situation, or even refuse their obligations.

7. Fears

Fears everyone has, there are no people who have not experienced this feeling. Someone is afraid of a terrible disease or death, who is afraid to be alone. In this list the fear of public speaking, fear of heights, mice and a lot of different phobias. But no matter what you're afraid of. Try to get rid of your fears, you will see how life will sparkle with bright colors. There will be new opportunities, you will be able to change jobs or find a mate, will be able to raise self-esteem. Ways of dealing with fear very much. Fight it alone or find like-minded people. Find out about his fear as much as possible. If you feel that cope does not work, consult a specialist.

6. Bad habits

Bad habits harm the body. You probably know it, but give them not. If you smoke or frequently drink alcohol, think about the future. These dubious pleasure will ruin you not only health but also life. If your bad habits you think it is "harmless", think, whether so it actually. So habit of late to play with you a malicious joke. Soon people will cease to take you seriously. They will think that you are unreliable. Maybe you should not spoil the view of myself? Get rid of minor flaws. Prepare yourself for what will have to do the work.

5. Hated the work

You don't like my job, I hate her with all my heart but continue to work. You're just afraid of being without money, fear that you will not soon find another place. Don't be afraid of change. Hated the job robs you of strength and energy. Very hard mentally to work where they don't like. You have one life, the other will not. It is not necessary to spend your time on a case that can not stand. Go. Job lot, do not grab the first available, otherwise the situation to repeat itself. Before you get a new job, think about what you want to do. You might decide to change the scope of activities or are freelancing.

4. Own preconceptions about themselves

Each person has about himself some opinion, it is not always true. Someone inclined to exaggerate its merits, who, on the contrary, underestimating himself. If you have a long time to have preconceptions about his personality, think about whether they. Very often a person compares himself with other, more successful, rich, beautiful. Self-esteem from such comparisons is falling, appear in the complexes. Stop trying to be other people. You are no better and no worse than them, you are different. If you do not have the parameters of the model, it does not mean that you will never love. If you have no talent to sell, then you need to change jobs, not to grow into complexes, comparing yourself with more successful colleagues.

3. The idea that you are insolvent in the financial plan

Such thoughts often visit people. And no matter how they live. They will still think that is untenable financially. This is because they compare themselves with richer people. Think about whether you need wealth. May be it is enough what you have. If you really are in a quandary, then you need to change your way of life. Learn to count money, make yourself into a better paying job, looking for a part time job, to solve their financial issues.

2. Promises to fulfill that you will not succeed

As noted above, in the New year to enter without debts. If you are unable to fulfill your promises, talk to the man, tell him that you will not be able to help. At least he will not have to count on you. However, be prepared for the fact that one friend you have will be less. Try to continue not to promise anything to people. Learn to refuse, life will become much easier. Also don't promise yourself anything. Do not rely on 1 or 2 January will begin to lose weight, buy a gym membership and get married. If you do not follow these promises, you zagryzet conscience. Replace promises goals and strive to achieve them.

1. Soul-searching and self-pity

Stop digging yourself into. Don't look for flaws. So we should not feel sorry for yourself. Better to spend that time on useful things. Learn, bring your body in shape, communicate with interesting people. Of course, to sit and feel sorry for yourself, is much easier than to strive for their goals. But it is for the weak, and you don't want to be. By the way, if you want to introspect, you can exclude the pity. Better to make a plan to get rid of your weaknesses and strive to implement it.

Don't be fooled, don't think, follow all these recommendations, but tomorrow. Want to change your life, act immediately, don't postpone anything for later.

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