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10 things that no mentally strong people


Psychologists believe that the internal harmony of man, to which we are all so keen, and his mental strength are in direct proportion to each other. Mentally strong people have the ability to abstract away from the patterns imposed by society, and to listen to yourself. They are not afraid to take responsibility for your life, so they don't blame everyone and everything for their failures. They analyze their actions and in most cases make the right conclusions. This does not mean that they do not experience disappointment or they are never sad, just so people don't waste their vital energy, setting themselves unattainable goals, and then long berating myself for failure. They concentrate on managing their thoughts and emotions, so these people are trying to do 10 things that can make an imbalance in their inner harmony.

10. The pursuit of happiness

The idea that you in whatever was necessary to be happier, can lead to quite the opposite effect. Of course, each of us needs to hope only for good, but such a broad concept like happiness, is not limited to conventional notions, usually limited to the presence of all possible human benefits.

Mentally strong people are not afraid of hard work necessary to achieve their goals. They prefer long-term result. After all, happiness is not only temporary presence of some positive external circumstances, but also the ability of a person to feel happy, regardless of the difficulties.

9. Stay in comfort

Perhaps someone will say that a person inside a comfortable environment is an obligatory condition for its harmonious sense of self. However, the avoidance of inconvenience at any price may cause the person some problems.

Mentally strong people train their will. They do not run from your fears, by sticking your head in the sand, and looking straight ahead, fearlessly engaging in combat with the destructive phobias. Such people are well aware that overcoming the discomfort increases their chances of success.

8. Interaction with toxic people

We all live in a society whose members to a greater or lesser extent affect each other. So people who are in your surroundings affect your behavior and attitude. Therefore frequent communication with slanderers, gossips, hypocrites, boors and liars harms your peace of mind.

Remember that mentally strong people do not waste in vain his vital energy in trying to rehabilitate toxic others. Instead, they establish a kind of psychological protection, thereby shielding yourself from unwanted influences.

7. The quest for material things

Anyone familiar with the phrase:money can Not buy happiness. In this case, not many of us are willing to practice to follow this principle. Of course, the life of modern man is that his level of income largely depends on his lifestyle. However, you can not put the pursuit of material wealth at the forefront. Otherwise your energy will greatly diminish you in the pursuit of filthy lucre will lose most of their personal potential.

6. Excessive self-flagellation

Healthy self-criticism is an indicator of internal Mature personality. However, when a constructive analysis of their own errors, flows smoothly into the self-flagellation that such an approach would be detrimental.

Recognition of own mistakes and their sincere desire not to commit right way to self-improvement. Mindless and persistent self-flagellation, the road to depression.

5. Trying to impress people

You can spend a considerable amount of time and effort trying to gain weight in the eyes of the public. However, you need to understand that so you become too dependent on other people's opinions. Now any, even the most harmless criticism in your address you will be perceived too painful. This may lead to reduced self-esteem and the development of neurosis.

Mentally strong person concentrated power in achieving their goals in line with your life principles, not on how to produce the desired effect on others. Their motto is: Do what you must, come what may.

4. Full confidence

Pride makes one vulnerable in this state, he can not soberly assess the reality and their actions. There is nothing wrong with that man recognizes that he doesn't know something or something does not understand. If he has the desire to learn or explore something unknown, then it deserves respect.

3. The victim mentality

If all his failures, you used to blame or someone else, or any external circumstances, in this case, you will not be able to fully take responsibility for their lives and their actions.

Mentally strong people are not afraid to take responsibility even in the most difficult and dramatic moments of his life. They focus on what you can change in your favor, and find strength to accept what is inevitable.

2. The pursuit of perfection

Innate perfectionism is undoubtedly a useful quality. However, to strive for excellence in all endeavors very difficult. It requires tremendous spiritual cost, and self-discipline. So, remember, it will be very difficult to be in harmony with yourself, if you set the bar too high.

Mentally strong people don't give up or fall into despair when they can't do something. They are not afraid to admit their shortcomings, so leave the opportunity to make a mistake. In the end, we are all people and people are known to err.

1. Envy and resentment

To remember all their grievances and nurture negative memories can people with big psychological problems. Furthermore, vindictive personality prone to development of various diseases, which can greatly reduce their life expectancy. Exaggerated touchiness stop to build meaningful relationships and stay in good relations with your loved ones.

Mentally strong people find the strength to forgive small wrongs and to be condescending to human weakness. They don't allow their offense to pick up vital energy that can be spent on some more important tasks.

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