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10 compelling reasons not to get a dog


Many children dream about a dog, but parents do not agree, the endless requests and entreaties did not help. But when they grow up, can finally fulfill his dream. It's so great, four-legged friend to meet you at the door after work! And here rosy dreams begin to break the cruel reality. Yes, after working in the snow and in the rain you have to walk your dog. To get a dog is simple, but it needs complete care, she needs to pay much time to educate and walk. Not everyone can handle it. Therefore, before taking such a serious decision, you should weigh all the "pros" and "cons". Make the right choice will help a list of reasons not to get a dog.

10. The dog will follow you around the apartment

Perhaps the first time you will be touched and admire the fact that four-legged friend tags along behind you, no matter where you go. But even if you possess patience, soon you get tired of it. The dog will follow you everywhere. You will not be able to wash, go to the bathroom without witnesses. Your dog will look at you may want to take with you a bath, it depends on the upbringing. If you bring a girlfriend or boyfriend, you will not be able to retire. Also you will not be able to eat normally. The dog will look you in the mouth, to beg, even if you ate half an hour ago.

9. Your home will become a subsidiary of a sawmill

How often are you cleaning the house? Prepare for the fact that cleaning it will become your daily responsibility. Chips, sawdust, dogs love sticks. You will allow you to bring one. And the brooms, by the way, is also very like the four-legged friends. But seriously, be prepared that the apartment is a constant mess. Even the most good-natured dog likes to play. Torn Newspapers, books, torn to shreds toys. If the dog has long hair, you systematically have to vacuum the carpets often do wet cleaning. Well, one plus is still, you will be able to tie their socks. If you want a dog vest, choose a breed with thick and long fur.

8. Restrictions in the choice of interior design apartments, furniture

Forget about an expensive repair, white sofas, bright rugs, and many other status things. If you decide to get a dog, get ready for what the interior of your apartment will be completely changed in the near future. First, the Ball or Jack will ruin the Wallpaper, then some furniture. But when you decide to redecorate and buy new furniture, will choose not what you like, and the fact that the dog is not able to damage. The main criteria are: – cheaper, because there is no guarantee that in a month you won't need a new couch.

7. Will live without the weekend

You have to forget about the weekend every day with the dog needs walking. Not once. In the morning and evening, in the heat and cold. Weekend and the heavy working day. The dog does not know what the New year, unfamiliar feeling of a hangover. And yet her need to feed. So you will not be able as before to drop by after work to visit friends and to come home only to sleep. Yes, and to spend the night, you now have only at home. There were no unscheduled trips to the clubs. Yes, even walking is not to sit on the bench. The dog will wait on you athletic feats. She loves to run, play, catch a stick, barking at every dog. You will not be able to relax while in your home there lives a dog.

6. You will have to get used to the barking, whining and howling

The dog wants to chat with you on your "dog" language, she will complain you to life long-drawn-out howl. It makes no difference that it is now 12 at night. It just a shame that you closed in the bedroom with her. Some dogs don't like strangers on their territory. They will growl at guests. If you shut her in the room, she will arrange a concert: barking, whining and howling. Soon guests will start less you to visit. But the neighbors look more often. No, not for friendly conversation. If you are a long time work, the dog will howl in your absence. Complaints from neighbors is provided to you.

5. Almost complete loss of freedom

As mentioned above, now your whole life will adapt to the life of your pet. You can't go to the movies after work to go to a cafe or walk around the beautiful places of the city, if they are far away from your home. Get ready for that vacation you have to spend in the city. Or at the cottage. You forget the look of the sea, mountains or other places you prefer to visit on vacation. Even if you dare to go, leaving the animal in the care of relatives, are unlikely to survive more than a week. The entire vacation you will be tortured thoughts on that? Relaxation you can not.

4. Get ready for the permanent guilt in front of the dog

Yes, you will feel a sense of guilt. Due to the fact that they pay little attention to. Due to the fact that your pet has a cold, when too long you have allowed him to walk in the rain. Due to the fact that he doesn't buy the most expensive food. And collar it is not the most beautiful. But the greatest guilt you will cause that dog all day sitting alone at home. And when you come home from work, your strength is enough so to take her to the nearby bushes at the entrance. But the dog needs long walks active. You will blame yourself, apologize to the animals, to make promises that tomorrow will fix it. But tomorrow everything will be repeated.

3. Routine care of the dog

Walking, feeding, washing paws, combing, trips to the hospital, vaccinations and other pleasures will be bored with you too quickly. Is everyday work for which the dog will not tell you thank you. Of course, she can't speak. But the dog needs not only good care, it is necessary to educate, deal with it. If you are not ready within 10-15 years (and is the same as live dogs) to care for the dog, it is best to leave this idea.

2. You will learn to sleep as much as sleep your dog

Sleep now you will be not as much as you want, and as much as he wants your pet. If your dog will get up at 5 am you will have to get up and briskly run for a walk. You will learn to Wake up not under the alarm, and under that dog. Maybe your friend likes to Wake you up unceremoniously jumping on the bed. Anyway forget about a long sleep until 10 in the morning, about Breakfast in bed too, remember.

1. The dog is a constant source of high costs

And Yes, in case you provide yourself, this does not mean that you will be able to meet the dog. At first glance it seems that the cost of its contents will hit your wallet. It is only at first glance. Walk to the closest store, view the price of food. No, not the budget, it dogs health can deteriorate. Better to choose food at least premium. So you can avoid health problems. Collars, leashes, bowls, trips to the vet. A month get a decent amount. If you pull such expenses, can you think of a pet, if not, no need to torture the animal. On bread and water the dog just will not live.

Now you know the reasons why one should not get a dog. But there is one plus, which will override all other cons. You will get friend who will be loyal to you until the end of life and will not leave you, whatever happens.

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