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Top 10 best foreign series 2015


Best foreign TV series 2015 – the theme of our article today. The popularity of this genre of cinema is not in doubt. Worldwide every year there are hundreds of new TV shows, but only the best of them receive high praise from critics and love of the audience. We made the ranking of the most interesting series this year, which will not leave indifferent lovers of good movies.

10. The Vikings

Historical drama "Vikings" reveals the top 10 best TV shows of 2015. The Central character is a Danish king (Supreme ruler), Ragnar Lothbrok. This semi-mythical hero of Scandinavian sagas. According to legend, his family goes back to Odin, so on the banner of Ragnar was a picture of the sacred Raven, the Supreme deity. Committed acts which the myths Lothbrok – attacks in the ninth century in France and Britain.

The series tells the story of becoming a great warrior. His dream was the conquest of the lands of Northumbria (UK). But Ragnar will have to fight with the local ruler of the Vikings and to prove their strength and courage.

9. House of cards

In ninth place in the list of the best foreign TV series – a political drama "house of cards". The film will reveal the ins and outs of the American political system.

The main role in the show, Congressman Frank underwood, played by Kevin spacey, actor a versatile and incredibly talented. But the success of the film rests not only on it. "House of cards" is an example of what the show could be a real work of art, if working on a team of professionals.

8. Grimm

"Grimm," based in part on the famous fairy tales of the brothers Grimm, the collectors of German folklore, is on the eighth place in the ranking of the best foreign TV series 2015. Fantasy stories where the main characters are a variety of unusual beings living under the guise of people, will appeal to viewers with a rich imagination. The plot of the show – COP Nick BURKHARDT, one day learns from his aunt that he belongs to an ancient family of monster hunters. Famous writers brothers Grimm, too, was a fighter of monsters, and described in their tales to real stories of encounters with supernatural entities. Now came the turn of nick to protect people from monsters. 30 Oct 2015 started on the 5th season of the series.

7. Strain

Drama series "the Strain", which occupies seventh place in the list of the best foreign TV series is not just another hackneyed film about vampires. When the matter is taken Guillermo Del Toro, you can be sure that the result will be interesting and fun. The series is based on the trilogy of novels by Director, co-authored with writer Chuck Hogan.

New York emergency landing plane from Germany. As it turns out, passengers and crew members dead. To clarify the causes of the incident in the cabin rise, scientists led by epidemiologist Goodweather. He finds the cause of death – parasites that have infected passengers vampirism. The authorities do not manage to bring the situation under control and the epidemic begins to spread through the city. Goodweather meets an elderly Professor Setrakian, who reveals to him the secret that all that happened at the hands of an ancient vampire, who decided to destroy people and to establish on earth his rule.

6. Better call Saul!

Comedy picture "Better call Saul" is in the sixth position in the top 10 best foreign TV series of the year. A spin-off of "breaking bad" will delight not only fans of this cult series. The story of lawyer Saul Goodman will be interesting for fans of the Comedy-drama detective series.

5. Supernatural

Fantasy "Supernatural" is in fifth position in the ranking of the best foreign TV series. In October of 2015 began the 11th season of the adventures of brothers Sam and Dean, hunters of evil. The series is partially based on urban legends.

4. American horror story

Horror "American horror story" takes the fourth place in the list of the most interesting series in 2015. It's designed as an anthology, each season is its own complete story. The first season told about the family of the Harmons, unknowingly settled in the old mansion, which was famous as a haunted house. The second season moved the audience in a clinic for mentally ill criminals. The plot of the third is coven, and the fourth is acquainted with the past in America "Circus freaks". In 2015, began the show's fifth season. At this time, the viewer will show the history of the hotel, guests are not only ordinary people, but the ghosts of dangerous criminals. The owner of the hotel, a powerful vampire, played by the singer Lady Gaga.

3. True detective

"True detective" with two superb actors, Matthew McConaughey and woody Harrelson starring in third place in the ranking of the best international detectives, 2015. The genre of the film is very interesting – a neo-Noir detective story with elements of Thriller. Rustin cohle and Martin HART are old friends. They met 17 years ago during the investigation of the brutal murder of a woman. The perpetrator was never found. Later, in 2012, new evidence. The case of the serial maniac reopened.

The action in the series takes place in three time periods, allowing the viewer to trace the changes in the main characters.

2. The walking dead

Second place in our ranking of the best TV shows are "the Walking dead". The world has plunged into chaos due to a zombie Apocalypse. The last survivor trying to find a safe place to start over. The group, led by former police officer Rick Grimes, traveling the country in search of refuge.

1. Game of thrones

We are accustomed to, what movies and TV shows have common laws of development. Almost always have good wins, and the main characters successfully cope with all the unimaginable difficulties and dangerous enemies. Writer George Martin does not consider the life of the main characters of his books are untouchable. First he puts the realism. But in real life it is often the evil celebrates the victory. So it is easily forgiven with the main characters and has earned a reputation as the most cruel of the writer.

"Game of thrones" is a film with absolutely no predictable storylines created based on the works of Martin, ranked first in our ranking of the best foreign TV series 2015.

The events of the brutal world of the Seven Kingdoms where seasons last for years, chained the attention of the viewer to the screen and not allow to relax even for a second. Hundreds of characters and their intertwining fates are forced to closely follow all the twists and turns of the plot. In the series many explicit and violent scenes, but such is the world of Westeros, where ambitious wall in the far North is gaining the power of evil, and in the South there was the mother of dragons Daenerys.

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