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10 "harmful" tips for creating visibility in the office


Any job can be rush jobs and downtime. But sometimes even the best employee in the office want to relax a little bit in the workplace. Moreover, if the work is done, and the new orders from his superiors not received. That's just lazy also to the mind. Otherwise, your boss or enemies-colleagues will notice your relaxed state. The best outcome of this situation will be getting you extra work duties. Well, if your boss is a workaholic and he can say goodbye and hire someone more industrious. But do not worry, to relax in the workplace can, only you will have to create the appearance of work. Will help you with this 10 "bad" advice.

10. Looking impatient and annoyed

You probably know firsthand how hard it is to deal with them when a lot of work. People are overworked, inevitably gets nervous, annoyed by trifles. It all backs up, nervously tapping on the Desk, throwing papers, throwing sidelong glances at fellow slackers. Create a look, all around, including your terrible boss, be sure that you are up to your ears in work. But don't overdo it, don't let yourself raise your voice for colleagues, if they are not in your direct supervision, otherwise a conflict may occur. And then, believe me, they will find a way to get back at you.

9. Use voice mail

You should not answer calls to his superiors and colleagues, if you have an answering machine. In most cases they call you to give some new order, which may not have any relation to your duties. If you agree just once to help colleagues from another Department, who are overwhelmed and do not have time to finish the project, will help them unless I quit. If you go on about the boss and follow his instructions to go to the post office before the courier on vacation, or to solve the client's problems, while his Manager is on sick leave, then consider that all is lost. You will be the boss of a lifesaver. So turn on the answering machine, and the extra responsibilities they should follow someone else. Yeah, just don't forget to call back, preferably at lunchtime or at the end of the day. Then everyone will have forgotten what you wanted.

8. Sigh loudly

As soon as you notice that you are being watched, or next to you is a lot of people start to breathe. Sigh loudly, as if you piled a heavy load of unsolvable problems. Everyone around will think that you have a lot of work, you are constantly in a state of nervous tension. But be prepared for the fact that especially compassionate colleagues will start to ask questions and offer help. Think of the legend, preferably the most likely. Don't go into the details, otherwise you can catch on lies. And of course thank you for the sympathy and offer of assistance, just do not try to accept it. You do not know what to do or have you already forgotten?

7. Never walk around the office without papers in his hands

The worker who goes around the office empty-handed gives the impression of a slacker. Others think that he goes to the Smoking room or to the coffee machine. Although he actually goes to solve important questions in the next section. But the employee who holds the documents seem to be fascinated by the work. Even if you razgovorilas with a cute colleague, no one will have the slightest doubt that your conversations personal. It is no wonder that you were carrying such a huge stack of papers. Oh, and you can even drink coffee. You and no words to say. Surrounding only sympathize that you even SIP a Cup of coffee once.

6. Keep the mess on your Desk

If the office worker on the table cleanliness, so he's not doing anything. The person who focuses solely on work at the Desk piles of documents. What he constantly writes, goes through them. But again, prepare for the fact that you can approach your boss and ask what you're doing. If you answer that analyze the work of the Department over the past year, and on the table you will have documents absolutely other nature, he might get suspicious.

5. Create your own dictionary

Spend a little time to learn as much new information on the scope of your work. If you are a programmer, more computer words, if the accountant is more terms, references to legislation, if the sales Manager – various "sales" techniques. In a conversation with his supervisor, to use these words. Your boss likely won't understand, but he will be ashamed to ask the employee what it means. At the same time, he feels great respect for you, now in his eyes you will become a valuable employee who knows that he does not know even the bosses.

4. Optimize your strategy blockages

Do not limit yourself to a Desk, use the space around you. Put near his Desk a box of documents, books your specific. Then everyone around will think you solve important issues, for which use various sources of information. This method is convenient because it will reduce the number wanting to come to you. All the space around you – a solid blockage. But be careful, to the end of the day you literally have filled up the documents.

3. Use your computer to look busy

In the age of modern technology you can quite successfully combine the pleasant with the useful. Can sagely sit in social networks or frowning to play solitaire. Of course, provided that your computer can't see. Only work out your legend in case someone surprises you. You can say that learning sales techniques through social networks or check on how effective a five minute rest.

2. Don't get caught!

Perhaps the most important in the simulation of turbulent activity is not to get caught. Otherwise your head will cease to trust you. You will never be able to relax in the workplace. You will be monitored to "hang" additional responsibilities on you. Then you will have not to imitate the sighs and irritation, you will have to give our best. If your boss does not accept even a five-minute rest, it can deprive you of the prize. So did your head, it is better that it never happened. So do everything not to get caught.

1. Get out of the office later

If you regularly leave the office after all, you deserve respect. You do not try to go home as soon as the clock appears the cherished number is not counting the minutes until the end of the day. You are able to stay in order to resolve current issues and prepare for tomorrow. By the way, it's a great excuse for the bosses. If you are always late, your boss may think that you do not have time to perform their duties during the working day. If he asks you a question, why don't you hurry home tell me that preparing for tomorrow or decided to look for additional sources of income, make a list of potential customers.

Now you know how to relax at work. However, do not resort to these methods very often, otherwise you can remain without work.

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