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10 cunning puzzles which often set on interviews in large companies


Absolutely every man eventually emerges the necessity of finding a source of income. In 99% of cases it is work, the remaining 1% of the business. That's life and everyone encounters this problem. Specialties are different, but they always require no effort at all, regardless of their type and complexity. In modern society, in order to apply for the job need to be interviewed, which is one of the key stages. And it should be ready, because employers ask sometimes very tricky and slippery questions. Attention 10 very common at job interviews puzzles and answers to them.

10. For attention

I took the statement here, however, does not begin to read it immediately, but delayed until the evening.
He immediately went to the station, finding out that the daughter and wife in the country.

I knew a large number of attractive girls, but this impressed me: her thighs, bust, shoulders and waist as if carved with a chisel of Pygmalion.

Very carefully he descended the stairs, so much so that the steps did not creak. After secretly leaving the building, he went to the meeting place.

Kitty sprawled on the couch like a gentleman. Probably expects that will give him chicken, fish, or sour cream.

The trooper with a grin gave the answer: to your village, as a whole, at hand, and you ask in the cart.

9. About the shoes

The shoemaker made boots and ordered his assistant to sell them at a cost twenty-five rubles. The assistant later met in the market of two disabled people: the first — without a right leg, the left leg. Sold them assistant one Shoe, taking each 12.5 rubles. After the assistant went back to the cobbler, he told him about how well sold the boots, however, the master said this to his assistant: "Oh, you, you have to make allowances to those with disabilities. Take five rubles, and return every two and a half roubles." Assistant found them, but returned to the disabled just a ruble, and the remaining money he kept for himself and later cut them. It turns out that with eleven and a half roubles for one Shoe. The cost of the two boots amounted to twenty-three rubles. 3 rubles, of course, was drunken. It turns out that the total cost is 26 rubles, however, where in this case, it took another one ruble?

8. About the horse legs

One scientist, who was very thorough, said that the day one leg the horses have crossed the eighteen miles, and others took nineteen hundred miles. Is it even possible and why?

7. About Cyril in hospital

Three days held Cyril in hospital. Sick he was not perfect, and the injuries he had received. But, at the time of discharge Cyril carried on a stretcher. How could it happen?

6. About the coffee lover

Client is a cafe and ordered a coffee. After a while the Butler brings him a Cup of coffee, in which the floating fly. Then this same client expressed extreme dissatisfaction with the fact that he brought bad coffee. The footman took the order and said that will bring new. After a few minutes he returns and brings a new Cup. The visitor tried a new coffee, I noticed that it's the same Cup in which recently there was a fly. How the visitor was able to learn that he brought the same Cup of coffee?

5. On mobilization

Priests of Gaul has been found absolutely reliable way is very fast mobilization of soldiers in case of war. But in order to accomplish this, they needed to make a human sacrifice. Whom they had to sacrifice?

4. About chicken eggs

One ordinary chicken egg is in each hand. The first of them quite still, the second hits the first. Clash of the eggs will occur in the same parts. Which egg will crack first?

3. About fuse

Time of burning of fuse is minute in uneven combustion. The question is: how is possible to measure 45 seconds with a pair of cords?

2. About cleaning shoes

The Shoe-shiners in Turkey provide their services absolutely free. However, those who use their services, they themselves give the cleaners money. Why is this happening?

1. About the hero Ilya Muromets and the Snake Dragon

We know that the dragon has three heads and a tail. Hero with one swing of the blade is able to cut off the tail or the head, or two tails or two heads. However, when you trim a tail will appear 2 new. If Hercules cut off two tails, one head grows. When you cut off one head, grow two. Only during the momentary cut off of two goals, absolutely nothing will grow. The death comes only in the absence of all the tails and heads, in addition to this, to grow in a given period of time nothing. Will the hero defeat the serpent, when the blade it has a margin of only 9 strikes?

The answers to the questions:

  • There are hidden names of the six countries.
  • Three of the ruble, drunken helper is actually included in the amount of 23 rubles. Therefore, their addition cannot, as was done in this task. The shoemaker earned twenty-five roubles and 5 of them returned disabled. Master left with twenty rubles. After some calculations, we can say that paid for the boots was twenty-three rubles, twenty rubles went to the shoemaker, and 3 ruble were impregnated his assistant.
  • Here everything is simple. The horse moved in a circle.
  • Cyril just born.
  • The visitor added sugar in my coffee. So when he brought the same Cup, he immediately realized that the Cup was not changed.
  • Who will come last.
  • Both eggs have absolutely equal chances of damage. Moving one of the eggs or still — it doesn't matter.
  • The first cord you need to burn at both ends and, simultaneously, to burn the second only at one end. The first cord will burn for half a minute. At the same time it is necessary to set fire to the other end of the second cord.
  • In fact, it speaks about a very clever business scheme. Free to clean only one Shoe. To polished second, you need to pay money. The people pay the money, so as not to expose themselves to ridicule.
    1. The hero may be able to win, if cut off once each tail, then cut off the two tails three times and, in the end, two heads three times.
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