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10 horror games, the shooting of which were cursed in real life


Very popular among movie lovers enjoys the genre of horror, usually because people do not have enough thrills in life and want to tickle your nerves. Someone will smile and say that it's just fiction, but no wonder after watching another horror movie people are afraid of any rustle in the apartment. That's just acting in these films is not so easy. Many actors admit that it is much easier to do a movie about love, than to play someone who is mad with fear. Somehow in these situations they always want to laugh. But on the set of individual pictures of the actors was not amused. The fact that on the set, strange things happened. Apparently other forces were against the filming, but all ended well: the movies are shot, Directors and actors received awards and fees, and the audience another dose of adrenaline. Below is a list of 10 of horror, the shooting of which were cursed in real life.

10. The possession

The film is about a teenage girl. In life it is not all good, but soon it will be even worse. She buys a box that brings people to misery. On the set and then strange things happened. For no apparent reason failed lighting. The participants of the shooting process all the time felt a breath of wind, but the shooting took place indoors. With the "main character" of horror – box was an unpleasant situation. After shooting all the props removed to the warehouse. After some time the fire occurred, from the box nothing left. The cause of the fire was never determined.

9. Secrets of the old hotel

The film tells the story of two hotel employees. The hotel is on the verge of closing, Luke and Claire have nothing to do. They start shooting at ghosts, because this hotel a lot of rumors. They say that there were ghosts. Some critics spoke of the film is not very good. Many of the scenes are predictable, nothing new or unusual to the viewer. But on the set was really scary. By themselves, opening and closing doors, devices fail, and then, as if nothing had happened, began to work. The actors were in a panic, every night, all participants of the shooting process had nightmares. Calm was only the Director Ty West. He's the only reason the film managed to pull off. He was reassured, encouraged and asked not to pay attention to unusual phenomena.

8. The Amityville Horror

The film "the Amityville Horror" was filmed in 1979, shooting him were not ideal. It seemed that in the process all the time someone intervenes. At the 2005 "Amityville" was filmed a remake. The film crew had a very very nervous. The film is based on real events. The boy shot his parents, brothers and sisters, while they slept. It happened at 3.15 in the night. Later the house was bought by another family, after 28 days, they fled, taking nothing of the things. First, the participants of the shooting scared the man's body that was found near the shore. Many actors were woken up at 3.15 in the night, when occurred the dreadful events. Kathy and George Lutz, prototypes of the main characters, who bought it died shortly after the premiere of the film.

7. The twilight zone

"The twilight zone" consists of four short stories. Shooting first was marred by a terrible event. She was supposed to end with the rescue of children during the war in Vietnam. For this purpose, used the helicopter. Actor Vic morrow felt terrible, but did not ask the Director to replace his understudy. The helicopter crashed on the morrow and his two young colleagues from Vietnam. All died. Participants of the shooting process was accused of manslaughter. However, their guilt was never proved.

6. The Curse Of Annabelle

A chilling story. A young man chooses for his wife a present, his attention is attracted by the vintage doll. One night, their home is attacked Satanists. After some time in the house begin to happen strange things. The same things happened on set. The participants of the "Curse" everywhere noticed the imprints of the claws. Also an incident occurred with the lighting fixture. He fell on the actor during filming. In the film the man had to die for the same reason. The filmmakers decided to cut this scene.

5. The spell

And again, this doll. This time problems arose from the family of the Platform. They live in solitude, but suddenly they begin terrorizing supernatural forces. This story is based on real events. Ed and Lorraine Warren are fighting with ghosts and help people. Family the Platform asks for their help. It was all really. In the film nothing was terrible. But the main character admits that twice saw the claw marks. The Director was awakened in the night by the fact that his dog was acting restlessly. It is as if someone drove. When the set was visited by a family Platform, in the street the wind blew, but the trees remained motionless.

4. The exorcist

"The exorcist" called "the worst film of all time", perhaps not only because he scares the audience. During filming, there have been so many horrible events that it even made a documentary. The plot of "the Exorcist" story of a girl that was possessed by the devil, in 1973, these films have not been removed. He was the first. The actress who played the main characters, was seriously injured. Burned down the pavilion, which was the shooting of the film, the death of numerous actors and their relatives. Who knows what it is, coincidence or the action of supernatural forces.

3. Raven

The film tells the story of sad events. Halloween, a gang of robbers broke into the house of a young family. They kill Eric and his bride. After a year, Eric rises from the grave, he wants to take revenge on these thugs for himself and his beloved. Only now, Eric Raven. During the filming of strange things happened. Actors zapped all the time someone was injured, a fire, a hurricane destroyed the scenery. But perhaps the most tragic event is the death of the actor. Brandon Lee died from a shot from a revolver. It stuck plug, along with the blank cartridge entered the actor right in the stomach. Brandon was hospitalized, the operation lasted five hours, but to stop the bleeding and failed. The actor died at the age of 28, two weeks before his wedding.

2. Poltergeist

The Bowen family is buying a new house, but the joy of the purchase doesn't last long. In the house begin to happen strange things. The fact that a poltergeist lives here, and he will not leave the family alone. The film has a bad reputation. A young girl actress, was strangled by her boyfriend. This happened after the premiere of the film. After a few years died, will Sampson and Julian Beck. The little actress Heather O'rourke died from cardiac arrest. Too many deaths for one movie. Apparently, someone did not like it. After such not to believe in the supernatural?

1. The omen

The wife of Robert thorn gives birth to a dead child. This is her second attempt, Robert is afraid for her and decides to switch. But the baby, which you give him, the messenger of the devil. The film was also marred by numerous deaths. A few lightning strikes, accidents, even trained animals to behave aggressively. The Director and one of the actors miraculously managed to avoid death, right after the premiere of the film. The property of Elizabeth Moore, too, died, she was in a plane crash. It seems that after these stories of horror will shoot much less, but no, they still shoot.

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