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10 poisonous plants that cannot be kept at home


Plants are available in many homes and apartments. They are very popular not only because of its beauty, but also the ability to release oxygen, making indoor air cleaner, to create a home-like atmosphere. Some plants are medicinal and even edible. However, not all representatives of the plant world, beneficial to human health. You should understand that, on what plants should be abandoned (especially if you live in an apartment Pets or small children).

10. Monstera

Some think that this plant emits carbon dioxide and absorbs oxygen, with the result that during a night's sleep, a person may begin to suffocate. However, at the moment this theory has not been confirmed. This plant is a danger in that case, if skin or mucous membrane gets its juice: it can cause irritation, allergic reactions. Monstera can be kept in a residential area, but it should be put back where she can't get children and Pets.

9. Oleander

This plant always looks very nice, but it is extremely dangerous to human health. Death may result even honey produced from the nectar of oleander. The cause of death of people and the pollen of these flowers: it is in any case should not get into the human body. Even the smell of oleander can cause significant disturbances, dizziness. Should not be allowed into the juice of this plant on the skin and mucous membranes: it can cause burns.

8. Primula

Due to the velvety leaves, small size, large number of beautiful shades, this plant is very popular among Housewives. However, not everyone knows that it can adversely affect the health of the person. When primrose begins to bloom, it releases harmful substances, causing dizziness and nausea. Its leaves have little hairs that cause a burning sensation. To avoid this, you will need to wash your hands immediately after touching the primrose.

7. Trichocereus

This houseplant is more dangerous to human health. Trichocereus produces the alkaloid mescaline, which very negatively affects the Central nervous system: because of the substance of man can paralyze. In addition, due to the impact that poisonous plants may have visual hallucinations. You must ensure that trichocereus not in contact with the human skin. Otherwise, it may at some time lose sensitivity.

6. Croton

Many love this plant for the interesting reddish-green leaves. It belongs to the family Euphorbiaceae. Croton looks like a small tree. Its leaves are elongated, the flowers rather inconspicuous. If the human skin gets juice this is absolutely not dangerous looking plants, there is a burn. If he somehow gets into the body (e.g., through wounds in the skin), there are more severe consequences – even death.

5. Nightshade

This plant is evergreen, it has a very attractive appearance. Note, however, that all its parts are poisonous. Attractive orange berries of nightshade are especially dangerous to the human body. A plant should not be kept in a room, if there lives a little child. The baby will almost certainly be interested in beautiful berries, and he decides to find out what they taste like. As a result, the child will suffer from severe indigestion.

4. Euphorbia

This plant resembles a small palm tree. Euphorbia named for its juice, which is similar to the color of milk. The juice of this plant is very dangerous for the human body as his seeds. If they are in contact with the skin, they become blisters, irritation. You must be particularly careful to ensure that parts of this plant do not fall into the eyes, otherwise they will become inflamed. It may even be temporary blindness. People poisoned by Euphorbia, you begin to rave, they have convulsions, dizziness.

3. Philodendron

Many people like this plant for the beautiful lush greenery, simplicity of care, however, not all know what needs to be treated with caution, trying not to damage. It contains poisonous substances dangerous to humans and Pets. However, the juice of philodendron can hurt only if it gets on mucous membranes or on skin. Undamaged plant is absolutely safe. To avoid trouble, you need to put a philodendron on high mounted shelves: there's animals and children will not be able to get it.

2. Tulipa Gesneriana

This Tulip is very beautiful blooms. The flowers of this plant have a variety of colors: from red to yellowish. Extracts from Tulipa gesneriana, are used in folk medicine, but in its pure form it is dangerous for human health. It is not recommended to be near that beautiful flower for too long, otherwise then may arise a problem such as partial loss of hair. With regard to the use of extracts of Tulipa gesneriana medical purposes – people who are good at it or have enough experience, it is better to choose other methods of treatment.

1. Azalea

This plant is very popular among Housewives because it is very abundant and beautiful flowers (if you take care of it). Note, however, that its juice is dangerous to humans. If you swallow the nectar or a piece of leaf azaleas, there will be watery eyes, nausea, excessive salivation, nasal discharge, convulsions. Its flowers have a very strong odor, which can cause allergic reactions. It will manifest headache, rashes on the skin.

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