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10 great actors favorite 90s


We all look to the past with a fair amount of nostalgia. A similar fate has not bypassed and celebrities who have changed quite a bit over the years. Someone left the profession, someone had problems with the law, and a lucky few, on the contrary, managed to climb to the top of the cinematic Olympus. Each share fell hard tests fame, and not all managed to pass the test of time. There are a few of the most favorite of millions of viewers worldwide actors from the 90s. Over the past decade, they have changed almost beyond recognition, but I still love and appreciate the fans.

10. Natalie Portman Leon

It is now Natalie Portman is a world famous actress and goodwill Ambassador of UNESCO. And then, in 1994, as a teenager, the girl is little known. That all changed after the release of the legendary film "Leon" by Luc Besson. The picture was loved by the audience and was highly acclaimed by critics, and Natalie and her partner on the film with Jean Reno and unexpectedly for itself, became a world celebrity. Since then, the name of the actress was constantly hearing from the press, and the number of movies with her participation exceeded a few dozen. At this point Portman is one of the most popular Actresses of our time.

9. Jim Carrey The Mask

The name of the famous actor, you can often hear when discussing another Comedy. However, the first Association with Jim's much-loved masterpiece "the Mask". Becoming a recognized master of humor, Kerry nevertheless remembers how he started stand-up comedian, and his thoughts were far from acting in films. Due to a difficult childhood, Jim has had to take on almost any job, and the opportunity to Express their thoughts from the stage of steel for Kerry a real breath of fresh air. At first, the future actor was seriously thinking about the field of professional comedian, but one of the performances of a talented guy noticed the TV agent and offered him a small role in the movie. Many years later, Jim became a popular actor, and his films are loved by millions of viewers.

8. Cameron Diaz The Mask

At the age of 16, she was invited to the famous modeling Agency, which became fatal for Diaz. It worked for Cameron in the next few years and thought about becoming an actress. At 21, Cameron all of a sudden was chosen for the lead role in the Comedy film "the Mask", where her partner on the ground was none other than Jim Carrey. After painting in wide release, the girl acquired the status of a sex symbol, and work poured in from all sides. As a result, for twenty years, acting díaz has received many different awards and nominations. However in 2017, the actress has called it quits from the world of cinema, as tired from the constant traveling.

7. Robert Patrick Terminator 2: judgment day

Starting his career as a regular guy from the province, and Robert could not imagine that in the future will embody on the big screen one of the most memorable images of the villain in the movie. In his youth he worked as a house painter and bartender, and in the world of cinema came as a Mature man. She appeared in a couple low-budget films, Robert Patrick by will of fate was on the set of "Terminator". Director James Cameron immediately identified him from the crowd of extras and offered to play the role of the T-1000. After the resounding success of the film Robert on the wave of popularity she starred in the x-files, but the former has not achieved success and decided to leave the path of an actor forever.

6. Edward Furlong -Terminator 2: judgment day

The fate of this actor is the perfect example of how alcohol and drug addiction can destroy everything. From childhood acting in various advertising projects, Edward has developed his acting abilities and wanted to get into a great movie. And in the end it is a wonderful game allowed the boy to become the first contender for the role of John Connor in "Terminator 2: judgment day." Critics were enthusiastic about the game of Furlong, the proposals on cooperation not long to wait. However, after such a great start to an acting career Edward drank, went to jail, and coming out of it, threw the craft of acting, acting only in the independent and low-budget projects.

5. Helena Bonham Carter Fight club

Helena was already quite popular and in demand actress, when she was offered to play in "Fight club". At that time she was finding myself and I wanted to be atypical of vivid characters. And "Fight club" became a breath of fresh air she brought to the character a lot, than has delighted the entire set. This film was the starting point for "strange" and prominent roles Carter in the future. Now everyone knows about Helena Bonham Carter as the incredible actress that can play most non-trivial characters and decorate any unusual film.

4. Hugo Weaving Matrix

The role of the mysterious agent by the name of Smith was for Hugo's first big break in the movies. She brought the guy is wildly popular. The whole world learned about the unusual and bright actor, and eminent Directors immediately began to invite Hugo to your project. Peter Jackson called him in his famous "the Lord of the rings" and later Hugo was played by "the hobbit". The actor is very selective and agrees to act only in those films whose scripts he appeal. The last known work in which weaving took part of the "Patrick Melrose".

3. Tom Hanks Forrest Gump

Tom Hanks loves his role Forrest Gump and he has a good reason. And the most important, perhaps for his character That took the "Oscar". And after that Tom's life is changed, he has never been out of work since then and worked for wear. However, now the actor wishes he wasn't thinking about myself and worked hard. Not long ago Tom Hanks has learned that patients with diabetes mellitus. The actor continues to act in films, but now he can be seen on the big screen less male a lot of time on health and his family.

2. Uma Thurman pulp fiction

They say that Uma Thurman was so impressed the Director that he was ready to do anything in the end, she played the role of MIA. The actress then great tickle Tarantino, for several weeks, refusing the role. No one knows what went on Tarantino, to finally persuade the Mind. But the actress made the right choice crazy success of the film forced the world to pay attention to the brightest talent of the girl who played MIA. Now Uma Thurman is not so popular, she was rarely in movies and to spend more time with family.

1. Samuel L. Jackson pulp fiction

Role in "pulp fiction" by Quentin Tarantino was for Samuel a real triumph. She brought him a nomination for "Oscar" and "Golden globe" and an honorary BAFTA. After the movie was released Samuel started calling the Directors to offer and the role in the most high-budget and high-profile projects. For Tarantino Samuel also became a pet, and in 2012 he invited the actor to play in "Django unchained" coming in 2015 "Disgusting eight". Samuel and is now a mega actor and has actively starred in top Hollywood blockbusters.

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