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10 taboos for potential Allergy sufferers


An Allergy is a reaction of the organism to external stimuli, which in our world is a huge set. That is why allergies all life must abide by the precautions and restrictions to avoid contact with potential allergens, to have a tablet for the rapid elimination of symptoms. By the way, clinical signs of Allergy are not limited to watery eyes, rash, rhinitis and edema of the mucous membranes. Prolonged exposure to a stimulus can run the strongest reaction remotely resembling autoimmune, which in some cases leads to edema or angioedema anaphylactic shock (life-threatening).

The first thing that can make allergies for your health is to undergo regular medical examinations and to replenish first aid kit with medicines "rapid response". Well, the second is to eliminate all potential irritants clean them from the home and workplace. Below we present 10 potential bans for Allergy sufferers that need to always keep under control in order to prevent recurrence.

10. Preservatives and dyes

The products in our fridge throughout contain preservatives that prolong its shelf life, as well as dyes, which give more attractive gastronomy. Both is solid chemistry and common allergens that are harmful to the body and trigger a rejection reaction with a weakened immune system. If you have a history of already have a food Allergy, try to study the composition of the products prior to initial acquisition. Also, try to avoid purchasing ingredients with bright and unnatural colors (such a lot manufacturers of sweet Citra, sausages, ice cream, desserts, etc.). Even commercial juices and dried fruit – and those recently contain a fraction of the colors, flavors, and preservatives, even natural.

9. Wool Pets

Knowing about the problem of intolerance to wool Pets, breeders, for years, taken out of the breed with hypoallergenic hair. For example, among dogs allergies do not cause Pomeranians, poodles, Bichons, and some other breeds. Cats allergists suggest to have sphinxes with bare skin without woolly coatings, or, for example, the Devon Rex. The apartment can be reptiles and hedgehogs with spines. According to statistics, the most allergenic animals are cats, Guinea pigs and other rodents, dogs, hamsters, and parrots their plumage. Many will ask, how, then, fish? The fact that the scales of fishes is not an irritant, but dry and wet food for them (for example, Daphnia and gammarus) may run an acute respiratory reaction.

8. Dust

Ordinary house dust (mud, sand, a mixture of hair and skin epithelium, pollen, etc.) is simply a conglomerate of allergens for a person with a weak immune system. Of course, in this case shows the regular damp cleaning of premises and life on tablets. Refrain from using a vacuum cleaner, because it is in the process itself generates volatile elements. To dislodge and clean the carpets suggest the dry cleaners or on the street. The same goes for pillows, mattresses and other items of bed linen. By the way, the fillers they learned how to make Allergy-free. Outerwear pack in special cases that will help to protect it from dust buildup. But in the house it will not hurt to install the air conditioner with a special filter and, for example, ozonator air.

7. Park, forest or meadow

Hay fever (reaction to pollen) occurs in most people with allergies. Rapidly blooming ragweed, wormwood and other aromatic herbs are bothering a person 3 season in a row that causes a lot of inconvenience, causes severe rhinitis (sometimes to asthmatic seizures), eyelid itching and lacrimation, swelling of lymph nodes, swelling of the mucous membranes. During flowering try to avoid prolonged stay in the field of parks, meadows, groves and forests. Completely eliminate camping and picnics in the period of exacerbation of the disease until remission is achieved.

6. Exotic fruits

Various exotic beckons you to try it, especially when we are talking about tropical fruits and berries. However, the owners of food allergies always need to be alert – you never know what kind of stimulus can be in a new unknown product. Do not succumb to the entreaties of the environment to try this or that fruit until you examine its composition. In the TOP most allergens are pineapple, exotic citrus fruits (pomelo, switty, lime, etc.), papaya, guanabana, passion fruit and mango. Don't forget that allergies also cause any products from tropical fruit preserves, jams, toppings, syrups, juices, etc.

5. House plants

Some of the most famous distributors of irritable dust and pollen. If you start sneezing after you purchase a new plant, it, unfortunately, better to get rid of. Many potted plants increase the humidity in the home, which is a favorable environment for other stimuli, mold spores and moss, dust mites. The most allergenic are the following types of plants: oleander, primrose, geranium, pelargonium, Kala, etc. But the cacti and rubber plants, in contrast, rarely cause symptoms and are perfectly purify the air in the home.

4. Synthetic underwear and clothes

Synthetic, which is universally captured the textile market, is not suitable for people with sensitive skin. Long stay it causes swelling, severe itching, redness, as well as multiple papules. The symptoms are aggravated, if the weather is warm, as the humidity and overcrowding increase the penetration of irritant in the body. Try to fully update your wardrobe and replace synthetic fabric natural flax, cotton, wool, Chinese or Indian silk.

3. Aromatic fragrances in cosmetics

Volatile compounds in cosmetics and perfumes, no doubt, make their use more enjoyable, only Allergy can cause severe asthma attack. Such a person is hard to travel on public transport, especially in summer, when the clubs of the aromas of perfume hovering in the background of the hot humid air. To him, you can only use beauty and decorative labeled "hypoallergenic".

2. Drugs

Yes, it turns out, conservative medicine can be not only true deliverer from the symptoms, but, on the contrary, their source. Chemicals may start a severe allergic reaction up to anaphylactic shock. The most striking of any allergens include proteins, vitamins, painkillers and antibacterial substances, procaine and insulin. Competent doctor before the appointment of the drug will collect the anamnesis of the patient, inquire the presence of intolerances to one or another chemical component. Avoid to buy drugs OTC at random.

1. Needless chemicals and things

Chlorine, chrome, liquid and gaseous chemicals are strong irritants that cause very quick and severe allergic reaction. People are often allergic to household chemicals (detergents, dishwashing, cleaning dust, cream for cleaning the stove and bathroom, etc.), and also at the matches, latex, etc. In cleaning be sure to replace materials with silicone and microfiber, which are less likely to cause allergies. Also work in cotton-gauze bandage and rubber gloves, pre-dealing hands on with a special protective cream.

Here are the insidious irritants develop allergies in daily life. A little attention and care about their health and the unpleasant attacks will bother you less and less.

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