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10 foreign celebrities who don't like Russia


The recent football championship showed our foreign guests and government of different countries that Russia is a country of literate, organized and friendly people. And all these "horror stories" about bears in earflaps balalaika and vodka rivers are nothing more than a figment of the unhealthy imagination of jealous people. Those guests who visited our country and enjoyed the amazing scenery of lake Baikal, the Crimea and Altay, met with the Grand architecture of the Gold rings and inspected the advanced and powerful plants can not speak about the state negatively.

Another thing is that there is such a thing as "ideological power". It belongs to celebrities – politicians, artists, cultural workers, patrons, and other secular people, which guided the fans. Ideologues used the powers that be (mainly the owners of large banks and corporations) to control the human mind. But it will return any famous actor or singer after a visit to Russia and will declare publicly that our people are the immoderate drinking, with the words "do not climb", is defiant and aggressive. Yes, and seasoned his speech with remarks about the unhealthy politics of the state, the shortage of laws in the sphere of the LGBT community and the poor economic sphere and the poor quality of roads. People believe in what they say from the screens and pages of magazines, therefore, it about our country is absolutely untrue biased opinion, which, by the way, easily destroyed actual video footage and news reports.

Let's have a parade of 10 stars which "sing to the tune of" foreign sponsors and spread negative information about our country.

10. Morgan Freeman

Many people do not know that Freeman is one of the most inveterate Russophobes in Hollywood, a staunch opponent of Federation interference in the politics of States. A year ago, the actor even founded the Committee in the form of an Internet portal, which publishes news about the impact of Russian political figures on the economy and elections in the United States. Freeman, along with Rainer and Clapper believe that they open the eyes of ordinary Americans on the political world stage and the balance of administrative power in it.

9. Cher

The singer with the distinctive voice of toured Russia and hypocritically smiled at the fans, speaking words of gratitude and delight. And then we find out that she was one of those Western stars who boycotted the Olympic games in Sochi. The problem is that cher is an ardent defender of the LGBT community, so negative attitude against States that allegedly infringe the rights of disadvantaged citizens. The singer said that there will be more to tour Russia as the country will change attitude to gays. Even a personal invitation from a friend-oligarch not persuaded cher that disappointed many Russian fans who respect her work.

8. Katy Perry

A young talented singer created the image of a cheerful and confident girl with no prejudices. Perry was able to laugh at himself, got into the various curiosities. But 6 years ago the Kimmel show star has made it clear that she had a biased attitude towards Russia, and that is the last country where it would be ready to travel. The presenter laughed and decided to defuse the situation, but the Russians, the singer's fans, did not appreciate such a cartoon. I remember how in 2009 Katie in an interview confessed about his delusions regarding Russia. Like, she really believed that live there are uneducated and inadequate people, best friends are bears.

7. Ian McKellen

The famous actor played the role of good and wise wizard in the Saga "the Lord of the rings", but in fact turned out to be extremely biased person. Ian has repeatedly visited the Russian Federation, and 2 years ago was even going there to represent the show, but it did not happen. In 2014 the actor joined the foreign colleagues that he spoke negatively about the Russian policies against the LGBT community, a fierce critic of gay pride parades and the penetration of the homosexual culture in society. He McKellen is also gay, so his opinion about Russian culture and politics is absolutely subjective and in fact wrong. The state apparatus of our country passes laws to protect morality and the institution of the family, so acting for the good of his people.

6. Jennifer Lawrence

The actress had publicly expressed opinions regarding political issues. For example, when the States were in the presidential race, it is the opportunity to influence fans encouraged to vote for trump. But recently, she put Russian journalists from one event, refusing to answer their questions because of political motives. The press suggests that "motives" refer to the case of Kirill Serebrennikov international policy of the Federation, as well as her relationship to the LGBT community. It is interesting that Lawrence introduced a new film called "Red Sparrow", where her character – a charming spy, Russian...

5. Vanessa Redgrave

Age cannot wither Vanessa, perfectly accustomed to the role of Isadora Duncan – wife of the great Russian poet Yesenin. It would seem that the actress is not able to experience unpleasant feelings towards Russia, but the reality is sobering. It turned out that Redgrave always disliked nation for the reason that it "betrayed" in the time of Marxism. I wonder how can a woman living with a different mentality, the structure of the economy and cultural heritage, to talk about the benefits of Marxism to the Russian people. Also the actress disgusted that our people want to have the same standard of living as in the West.

4. Stephen Fry

The performance of singer of our compatriots we look forward with pleasure, and he refuses to tour in the major cities of Russia. That only applies to the country with the coldness because of the development of homophobia. Fry condemns laws that are made in Russia against homosexuals, and even believes that those in power are religious fanatics.

3. Tom York

Lead singer of Radiohead with a recognizable timbre has a lot of fans in Russia. They look forward to the arrival of the English rock band in the country, but, unfortunately, in vain. Reporters noted that York develops overt Russophobia. For example, he believes that Russia has a totalitarian system, as it was in the Soviet Union (we do not deny the truth of these words, but a totalitarian society is not the worst of the possible alternatives, and in many ways superior to democracy). Can actually cause resentment Tom that in 2003, the Russian pirates have stolen right from the Studio yet-unreleased album.

2. Mark Ruffalo

The actor is an ardent follower of Hillary Clinton – well-known rusofobki. He also participated in the creation of the video, motivating to vote for it during elections. Ruffalo is spreading on the Internet that trump is literally "popularized" Putin and the Russian media. And, of course, is not complete here without the issues of the LGBT community. The actor calls the law against promotion of homosexuality is inhuman, considering that Russia cultivates the feeling of hatred inside a person. By the way, fans of the Brand did not accept his arguments, and I sincerely believe that culture and art should not interfere in the Affairs of politics.

1. Hillary Clinton

"Highlight" of our review is Hillary Clinton, who does not hide his hostility not only to the Federation but directly to the ruling power. Clinton said that since Putin was a KGB agent, it has no soul, by definition (what reckless statement for a politician). Clinton is campaigning that the United States should strongly oppose Russia and to prevent such "tricks" as the annexation of Crimea.

Through people of culture in the society are hooked on the false benchmarks and views. Keep your head on your shoulders and don't judge a country, nation or social system without objective evidence.

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