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10 exciting TV shows about vampires


The Directors and the audience always loved the theme of vampirism in the movie. Strange creatures that support life in it, drinking human blood, still attract the attention of film fans with its mystery, mysticism and hints of Gothic. A recent horrific monsters with fangs transformed on screen in the romantic heroes, who are also able to love, to suffer and even experience the whole spectrum of human feelings.

The vampires capture the attention of the audience from the first frame and make a delight to wait for each new episode of the adventures of the enigmatic vampire living in the real world people.

10. From dusk till dawn

The story tells about the Gecko brothers. Seth lover to Rob banks, he can do it beautifully, effectively and shocking. Richard has several mental disorders, and he goes everywhere with my brother. After enchanting the robbery, Seth and Richard wanted by the FBI and the main police of Texas, and the boys plan to escape to Mexico across the border. But the same evening they fall into a strange place where there are vampires. Now the main purpose of the geckos to survive from dusk till dawn.

9. Angel

Before angel was a vampire. Former vampires do not exist, but for the past half century, the man successfully struggling with his identity. However, dark past in which he killed innocent people, painfully haunts him still. Ironically, the man with an angel's name goes to the City of Angels in Los Angeles. Here he and his old friends Buffy summers and the half demon Doyle will have to help a girl named Cordelia. A normal girl turns into a supernatural trap, and only angel can save her.

8. Van Helsing

Previously on the vampire legends. People were talking about a Savior who can once and for all rid the world of bloodsucking creatures who at any moment can intrude into the human world. Now mankind is threatened with death, and all of a sudden these dark creatures came to life and became a frightening reality. But who should be the Savior who is willing to challenge the vampires? Once they attack a woman named Vanessa, who after their invasion is still alive.

7. Buffy the vampire Slayer

Buffy the high school student who moves from a huge Los Angeles to a small California Sunnydale with her mother. The girl has a complicated history, she often had to change schools, as she was expelled because she lit the gym on fire. But no one knows what Buffy did this in order to destroy vampires, which she locked in the school. The girl has supernatural powers, which allowed her at such a young age to become a hunter of vampires. In the new town she meets charismatic friends that constantly will get out of trouble, and... fall in love with a vampire.

6. The preacher

A priest named Jesse becomes a carrier of the most unusual creatures in the world. This creation called Genesis. He was born from the connection between angel and demon, and because it mixed the pure ideal of goodness and light and the concentration of absolute black evil. It is the only creature in the world that might is equal to God himself. It is only the Genesis of the wish, he will be able to find God and make its carrier (that is the priest Jessie) the strongest man on the planet.

5. Strain

In new York airport the plane lands. It closed all doors and turned off the light. It turns out that almost all of those on Board the air ship is dead, except for four people. To investigate invited the best scientists of the city, headed by the famous epidemiologist Goodweather. The morgue sent two hundred corpses that begin to disappear. Gradually the city begin to happen incredible things, and Goodweather along with his team must find out what it is, and save new York.

4. To be human

In a small British town, there is a very unusual house. In appearance it looks pretty plain, but its inhabitants are a trio of supernatural beings. The viewer meets a vampire who is struggling to abandon the use in food of human blood; with a werewolf, which every month suffers from its painful transformation of; with the Ghost of a girl who behaves in an eccentric, cooks the meals, cleans the apartment and visits the scared people. They all want to lead a human life, but it is a difficult goal.

3. True blood

Recently the whole world was afraid of the vampires that came out to hunt at night and kill ordinary citizens. But now the Japanese invented synthetic blood, which is a qualitative analogue of the human. Now vampires can live among humans and not to hurt anybody. But people still are hostile to bloodsuckers. Sookie works as a waitress and, although she is not familiar with any vampire, she sympathizes with them. After all, she too feels detached from the human world she is able to read minds, and this ability costs them dearly. Once it comes into the bar a vampire named bill, who immediately feels to the girl sympathy.

2. Ancient

In the 20-ies of the last century, Klaus mikaelson was the head vampire in New Orleans. He is the oldest vampire in the world, who commanded all the evil spirits of the city. Later, he along with his sister Rebecca and brother Elijah left town, leaving him in the care of his protege Marcel. In our days, the Klaus family returns to new Orleans with plans to regain his former power, but Marcel is not in a hurry to give an old friend the reins. Between vampires begins a feud that will lead to incredible consequences and changes festive for the life of New Orleans.

1. The vampire diaries

Elena Gilbert returns to school in the town of Mystic falls after almost six months ' mourning for parents, who died in a car accident. The car in which Elena along with mom and dad went home in the evening, fell into the river. The girl survived by miracle, and no one knows how she ended up on the shore. At school there's this new guy, Stefan Salvatore, and between him and Elena flashes of sympathy. But suddenly, she learns that Stefan is a vampire, which one hundred and fifty years and who has returned to Mystic falls recently. He has an older brother sinister Damon, who has his plans for Elena and the city in which they were both born in the mid-nineteenth century.

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