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10 signs that prove you are on the right track


At one point, the man begins to fall from the created "the matrix" of life and understand that it is a long time coming the wrong way. Around it managed to be formed when unnecessary, the work brings one disappointment and makes to be dependent from a tiny monthly income, household items and luxury – decay, etc. Internal changes, forcing us to "open your eyes", everyone is different. And sometimes they even triggered by an external event – such about the situation, saying that "accidents are not accidental".

Realizing mistakes of the past, we are hesitant to change these, try to consider long and full of the unknown future. Very scary to re-roll on the wrong track, to fill the new buds and eventually give up as it was before. How not to get lost in his new life and this time done correctly?

We offer you to pay attention to the 10 signs that prove you've chosen the right path.

10. You know what you want

People notes that the trauma of the past has ceased to influence him, he does not cling to any attachment, be it to the place of residence, work, friends and family. This time you know what to expect from life, even regardless of the fact that while do not get support from loved ones. Even though you don't know how to achieve the desired goals, but they are already there – and that's a good sign. You begin to think not only tactically, so to say "one day", but strategically, drawing a picture of his life for months and even years to come. Now you can mark the angles and steps of achieving your life plans and even take their first tentative steps.

9. People are drawn to you like a magnet

What would you do if you were antisocial or introverted before, but now around developing a flurry of activity – everyone wants to see you, to talk, to have a relationship, and some even debate with the purpose of revealing the truth. Confident and moral person is seen from afar – you finally got rid of the views of society and ready to act in defiance of him. At first I loved it causes confusion and irritation, because secretly they want to be the same, that's just "guts". Over time, people understand that it is better to stick with people like you to join the good and positive energy. Avoid contact with energy vampires, because right now you just radiate light.

8. Quiet joy has become your normal state

Spiritual ordeal begin to retreat, carrying away the frustration, the internal systems and old grudges. You thank God at least for that just to be alive, healthy, able-bodied, and therefore can change their lives. You can no reason to smile all day after listening to good music, chatting with nice person or just from their own interesting ideas, good deeds. The wind brings release your thoughts, and contact with nature in the moment of life – just what the doctor ordered. Even much trouble you begin to realize how life lesson, so don't take everything to heart.

7. You know what they deserve and what not

In fact, people have to understand that his deeds are like seeds. What he sows in the world and in the souls of others, and returns to him, and sometimes handsomely. So you soberly analyze committed early actions and adjust your current actions with the aim that in the future "fruits" were the most positive. You understand that you deserve to be happy not less, than any other person. And if someone crosses the road, so he with you on the way – and this is the ability to get rid of toxic life connections. Congratulations with the realization of its vital rights and duties.

6. You're not afraid to take risks

You finally realize the deep meaning of the phrase that if you have fear to anything, it is the act that must be made in the first place. The lack of fear frees, they no longer control life. Are you ready to know the answers to the tough questions in advance and made peace with them. You're ready also to the effects of deprivation and failure, destruction and tears, as on the new empty spot will be able to build a solid and reliable Foundation for the future. The risk to you is not gambling and not roulette, but a way of understanding the world, determine its borders and possibilities. To risk means to try and gain experience, whether it is positive or negative. It's much better than sitting in fifth spot on the couch believing that life or other people owe you something.

5. Do you understand the difference between long and short term benefits

Like a true strategist, you analyze any life situation or relationship on the subject of benefits. Short term profit and passing gives the opportunity to live in the here and now, while long-term or strategic allows you to gain independence, to feel safe under any circumstances. The possibility of failure from rapid benefits for the long – term Foundation of a productive, healthy family and personal relationships, the harmonious development of health.

4. You don't let other people define themselves

"Awakened" people are beginning to understand that for a long time lived someone else's life. Their expectations for the us is pathologically laid, the parents of the first years of life, then joined friends, imaginary "half" and society as a whole. True love on the part of any person, be it a family member or a colleague, begins with full acceptance of you the way you are. These people will not put spokes in the wheel, and will support your every decision and initiative, because you see his life that way. Notice that you got your Way, and it can meet fellow travellers – the people with the same mindset. Learn to get rid of toxic relationships that hinder internal development, even if we are talking about kinship.

3. No fatigue

Rush of inspiration, courage and strength – this is a sure sign that the universe and God approve of the selected you the way. They give without coffee, food, and other performance enhancing drugs is a feeling that day will work out. Even redoing a lot of cases, you feel satisfaction and happiness, not tired and wish to sleep faster to "burn" his life.

2. You don't compare yourself with others

Since childhood parents, teachers and our alleged friends start to compare us with others, giving the results of their comparisons. And cultivated two toxic life trauma – "narcissism" (the syndrome of "Princess", "Prince") or, on the contrary, the inferiority complex. You should stop looking for idols and idols. Yes, all the people in our lives, but they are in any case not the ultimate truth. Realize what you have in this life, your Purpose, your unique Path. And you will meet people who see you as "their man", not wanting to compare you with others and to change one line.

1. You don't cling to the past.

You learned how to analyze their experiences and form conclusions without emotion and pain – so finally ready to move on. "Bumps" stuffed everything in life, even seemingly the most happy, rich and successful people. Another thing is that someone used to playing the victim role, razmusolivat every minute past failures and reveling in his misery. Masochism in varying degrees, inclined to most people, but it is necessary to overcome in itself. The analysis of the experience would radically restructure the life – not to go on the hated office work, do not choose to create a family of people with the same shortcomings, not to do things about which conscience has ever screamed "don't".

To Wake up is always hard, as a dazzling bright light at first hurt the eyes, causing discomfort. And when you get used to it, you see the world, its people and its events much more clearly, without distortions and "masks", and it is a real gift. Isn't that a wonderful metaphor?

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