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10 signs of destiny, promising wealth and fortune


Every morning was the hope that this day will surely be lucky, bring good news and the products of labor. Waking up, we don't pay attention to which foot stood, like wearing clothes, some brewed coffee, what news I read in the newspaper. Basically zombified performed morning exercise routine and move in the direction of work. And because the universe is constantly in touch with us and send their signals, warnings, and tips. A little attention, believing in yourself – and you will learn how to recognize its signs in everyday life.

Today we will talk about how to attract success, money and fortune into your home. For this, we will carefully look at seemingly ordinary things around to use a lead from the Universe to improve each of the current day. It is necessary not only to notice the right information, but also to change the attitude and my behavior.

How to catch the capricious bird of luck by the tail? Look at the 10 ancestors noticed the signs, which offer the favor of the Universe.

10. To stretch animals

Nothing mystical in this sign is no, because animals, especially strangers, as a rule, do not go to bad or evil people. They are at the physiological level feel irritation, anger, aggression or bad mood, so aspire to a good-natured and helpful people that deserve a gift of Fate. Please note, if the middle of the day to you for no reason came plasticise cat or dog happily wagged his tail. And maybe out of your hands wanted to feed the bird, and the sleeve sat a little ladybug. All these signs say that soon you will attract luck. To enhance this characteristic, as legend has it, by taking off the street are sick or homeless animal. It will give you good emotions and is a talisman to protect the house from evil spirits and misfortune.

9. You're wearing clothes backwards

Morning lethargy common to almost everyone, but incorrectly put on the clothes we are not so often. Please note that day, which was this unfortunate accident. At the moment, yet you haven't changed back, it would be nice to send to the Universe your desires, think about the good, make plans for the day. It is believed that it will be open to your wishes. Here's a quick ritual of the home to attract prosperity and success in the planned Affairs.

8. Frequent tingling in left arm

It is noted that people often tingling in my right arm, especially the wrist area, forearms, and hands. Her we perform most routine cases, and, more recently often run to the keyboard and use computer mouse that can cause numb area, numbness and tingling. A similar sensation in his left hand is unusual and unique. Or a reason to go to the doctor with internal disease or... Ancestors believe that such a symptom hints at the imminent influx of cash Finance. As they say, "itching" to start some profitable business.


Show me a person who is happy and optimistic look at bird droppings on their clothes, the windshield or even the crown. Such people are very few. Most often we impatiently seek in the bag wet wipes and think the whole day went down the drain. But it was not considered wise ancestors, who waste the life of the feathered friends found a good sign. Supposedly people in the near future to find additional sources of income and quick profit. If you are owner of any vehicle (car, motorcycle, Bicycle, etc.) or, for example, store or stall, the note appearance the appearance of the day for the new "sign" of "bird of fortune".

6. Your house began to entwine the ivy

Ivy is growing rapidly, capturing the space. This suggests the resistance of plants to overcome any interference of nature and weather, moving forward, strengthening its frame. Therefore, if ivy suddenly sprouted and began to entwine your home – it is clearly no accident and promises a good sign. The plant will take care of the negative energy the evil eye, damage, diseases and troubles and bad thoughts. Consider yourself real lucky that the plant chose your house. And in any case do not break off it as a useless weed – good luck.

5. Bubbles in your morning coffee

In normal, if you do not add in morning coffee, foaming the milk from the stove bubbles on its smooth surface can be seen very rarely. What chemical processes is the reason – we didn't become. We know that many successful people noticed these bubbles promise optimistic and good changes in life. Be sure to take a moment and "catch" my luck spoon the bottle. If you managed to do it, and it is not blown away, it's time to make a wish.

4. The arrival of beetles in house

In the summer season without mosquito nets or special blinds not do – all sorts of insects and brings the light from the bulb. The ancient Chinese did not consider these unpleasant moments, but on the contrary – the arrival of various bugs opens the door to prosperity and success. You should not kill these "messengers" of fortune – catch them carefully, thank for the good news and release into the wild.

3. A large crowd trivia

Pockets full of rustling and heavy little things, annoy each person. We tend to quickly to stuff it among the stores, or at least to consolidate in the Bank. Of course, it's not crisp notes, nice warming hand. But, because of the rapid accumulation of coins in the house is not worth it – it's actually a good sign. At least he says that you – a prudent owner and such a person in business gets things done. And the ancestors to find something nice in the home to wealth and fortune in your endeavors. Just collect it in a jar and take it to the kitchen, ensuring the material well-being. Some other estimates put the trifle it is better to put in a few places that will allow wealth to pass by your home.

2. Your initials on a woven web

Web people usually sidestep – and suddenly there lives a big scary spider, which God forbid bite? Or we are trying to remove cobwebs with a broom, or just avoid the "dangerous encounters", but in vain. Ancestors noticed that on the web is extremely rare and may appear truly amazing sign from the Universe – your initials in the form of a pattern. If you happen to discover this plexus slim fiber – get ready to take guest-good luck in your life. Yes, and spiders to kill is not advised, because every new little resident in your area – to trusted friends.

1. You constantly itchy left ear

To slicked of any area and it wouldn't mean anything. But if this is constantly repeated, and even in the region of the left ear, and then we can think about. Our ancestors noted the relationship of this process with the advent of good news and good luck in your business. And if the ear while blush and "burn", then you're good conversations, compliments, and maybe even praise in front of the right people.

Here are some unusual signs of luck accompany us in everyday life. Be a little more closely and you will notice signs that you said our universe. We wish you success in all your endeavours and life plans!

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