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10 signs of the zodiac who hate cooking


Every person is involved in household chores. One of the most interesting and useful things to do is cooking that allows you to create Goodies for each day.

According to astrologers, not all zodiac signs love to mess around with ingredients, I enjoy creating culinary masterpieces, and generally pay any specific attention to the dishes. Some people just say that they don't like staying in the kitchen for a long time, and to involve them in cooking is extremely difficult. What it can be connected? Laziness, inability to "feel" the recipes or indifference to food at all? It turns out – with the stars, which determine beforehand which signs are not destined to become famous culinary skills.

Consider the TOP 10 Zodiac signs that don't like to cook.

10. Virgin

It would seem that economic virgin simply have to live in the kitchen, delighting with their creations themselves and their families. Indeed, if the representatives of the sign are taken for homework, they all "burn in the hands" works. Another question, do virgin it cooking, or would prefer to devote time to a creative hobby (sewing, knitting, drawing, etc.), children, family recreation.

As it turned out astrologers, Virgo does not like too much smells bad and separates them, so not fully "feel" the gastronomic properties of a dish. And recipes of the virgin reading is not quite right, resulting in a failure to comply with the proportions often leads to failure.

9. Libra

Balanced and intelligent representatives of the sign Libra a few times about whether to cook yourself or is it easier to delegate to others. A successful Scales often have the opportunity to eat out in the designated areas (canteens, cafes, etc.), or even hire a private chef. Therefore, they do not always consider it appropriate to kill valuable time in the kitchen. If we want to eat, Libra will make some simple and quick dish than again manifested their practicality and rationalism. Therefore, to persuade the Weights (especially men) to be at the plate will not be easy, especially if they do not have this independent thrust.

8. Leo

King-the ruler and the kitchen — it's all completely different things. You ever seen to the monarch himself cooked the food in the Royal kitchen, and even the boyars were treated? Proud Lions and cunning will always find in the "entourage" fans to prepare and serve food. But they themselves are in the kitchen feeling lost and helpless, often not leaving the skills more "Mivina", sandwich and scrambled eggs. Well lions are able to cook the meat, so grill they are really "friendly" and even get pleasure from cooking. But to cook salads and soups Lions really hate, so do not insist on a varied menu, if you live together, forced to cook a Lion.

7. Sagittarius

Representatives of the sign always pursue some primary clear goal and move towards it without deviating. All the time and resources they spend on achieving it, so to divert their everyday concerns is not easy. If the purpose of Sagittarius is to become a great cook, believe me, it will reach its best and will create true culinary masterpieces. But it happens very rarely. So cooking to maintain the life of the Archers believe a foolish waste of effort, time and energy. Much easier to ask about this service, someone from the inner circle, while offering the best service.

6. Gemini

Changeable sign tries himself in different spheres of life, and cooking won't be an exception. In the period of fascination with cooking Twin torn from one of the recipes to the other, goes through various world cuisines, is your perfect menu. But the Twins simply "burn out" and stay in the kitchen will be a real burden, which quickly spoils the mood cheerful sign. If the Twins are annoying to cook, then get them to create masterpieces not work anyone. In the best case, representatives of the sign will wear one of his "masks" and sadly popletutsya to cook dinner, which, by the way, is unlikely to please the household, because it will be cooked without enthusiasm. In the future, you will learn how to order a pizza or are you going to run in local inexpensive dining room.

5. Scorpio

Selfish Scorpio can and will cook for myself only, and in order to maintain existence. But to arrange lush holiday or just a romantic dinner for your beloved is not an incentive to send the Scorpion in the kitchen. Most Scorpios hate not so much the mixing of ingredients, how many subsequent cleaning fuss with sink and utensils, washing up greasy stoves and pans, ventilation of the room after work the oven, etc. due to concomitant routine many representatives of the sign mistakenly believe that they are not attracted to cooking myself, so did not reveal the potential good cooks. But to eat tasty Scorpions love, and more.

4. Aries

Aries are quite lazy to cook, although the potential chefs they have there. In rare periods of life, the representatives of the sign can be inspired to cook up something, but the rest of the time I prefer fast food and convenience food. A fixture in the kitchen of the RAM is a microwave oven that allows quick and easy dinner without tension. But hours to cook borsch or bake cakes for the RAM, something like torture, they simply hate. Moreover, they do not understand much loved ones, which for the sake of a delicious dinner ready to harness yourself for a day of standing at the stove.

3. Taurus

Something incredible must happen in the life of a Calf that he had a sincere desire to prepare meals. This process requires not only the need (hunger), but also the inspiration that Bullock visits not so frequently. This files most often active in the life of the sign when approaching the kitchen down the shoulders and sadly trudges to the refrigerator. Forced cooking does not bring the Taurus any pleasure, so and dishes from under their hands out tasteless. In addition to the Calf direction, the kitchen should be spacious and well furnished, and the utensils and spices located in the taste of this sign. In field conditions, the Bulls refuse to cook, bring them to see, mixers, blenders, cistici for vegetables, steamers, juicers and grills.

2. Capricorn

Representatives of the sign do everything very meticulously and correctly so in the kitchen feel comfortable. Capricorn is not difficult to prepare a complicated dish and to stand at the stove all day. It is important that, after such a feat Capricorn will be able to do their favourite thing to play tired of the altar in front of their loved ones. Even if you cook dinner them was not difficult, but family representatives of the sign make it clear that put his heart and soul and strength, and therefore deserve understanding and recognition. The environment of the Capricorn sincere believes that cooking doesn't appeal and even more annoying, so often everyone is trying to help in this routine.

1. Aquarius

Aquarius, getting to the kitchen, experiencing real fear and stress. And all this is due to the fact that he rarely get something sensible: the milk run, the side dish will burn, the meat too salty. Workplace in the kitchen of Aquarius is always dirty and unorganized, in the chaos, he spent a long time looking for a desired item of dishes or ingredient, what's freaking out. Do not force the Aquarius to cook if he doesn't appreciate this recognition, otherwise you will get vitripennis nerves and tasteless food. The maximum that can charge is to reheat semi-finished or to call the pizza place.

Of course, the above description does not always coincide with reality. For some people downright the stars have in store for the fate to be a great cook or a great chef. And there are no General laws will not have any role – people are able to develop all the necessary qualities to achieve the goal.

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