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10 signs of the zodiac, which may well be left alone


People can't live alone, it is unnatural. Well, if people can't find his mate, he becomes the object of attention of friends and acquaintances. All around I sympathize, want to help and actively start looking for him a couple. But there are times when all to no avail, and he remains alone. Few people think that the possibility to find your second half might be influenced by the stars. But it really is so representative of the same sign of the zodiac easier to find the elect or chosen one, than another. And there are those signs that have the risk of being alone is very high. They have complex, high requirements to the partner. As if present in their life something that prevents to make a happy personal life.

10. Virgin

Representatives of this sign are very sensitive. So much so that their partners feel uncomfortable to be around them. They do not accept the deception by the loved ones. Virgo – perfectionists. They are always on top and require the same from a partner. In addition, they love the purity. And if their halves no obsessive attachment to the order in the pair at the household level may have differences. Virgo is Thrifty and frugal. Partner they often seem stingy. Due to different views on money can cause strife. Few can stand next to demanding a virgin. But in love she is caring, always supportive. And if the choice will have similar traits, the Union will be quite happy.

9. Aquarius

To be the second half of Aquarius is very difficult. They are kept in emotions, stingy on the tokens. The partner may feel that this relationship is a one-sided game. They will feel that they are doing a lot, whereas Aquarians on the contrary, not applied the slightest force. The representatives of this sign too high. First, there may be problems finding a suitable partner. And when it is found, will not make it to the level of Aquarius, no matter how hard. And in General, they prefer a serious and long-lasting relationship, easy easy. Aquarius needs to constantly pay attention, or he'll look for it on the side.

8. Fish

Relations or freedom? Fish without a doubt will choose the latter. They are afraid to become dependent. A love affair for them as a trap for the mouse. Like and the cheese you want, and scared to get caught. This fear prevents them to build a full-fledged Union. Pisces is easily influenced. If someone will regularly say nasty things to them about the partner, they are likely to believe. This will lead to sad consequences. They don't like rules and have not kept them. Not ready to change his life for the beloved. To go with the flow and not think about tomorrow much easier for them. Down-to-earth attitude will make them to chafe. Pisces love to dream, they easily drift into a world of illusions. It replaces them with the opposite sex.

7. Capricorn

In the beginning of a love affair, it may seem that Capricorn is uncaring and cold. It's not like his partner. Do not rush, because Capricorn just discovering and can not open for the senses. Often, the first place he puts the achievements in the professional career. Love he perceives as a nice addition. In the relationship care more about yourself than about your loved one. Besides, Capricorns are very critical. If the partner does not fit into his ideal, he would have not sweet. Often cold, not showing emotions. Them not to wait for the support and kind words. Love to dominate, require unquestioning obedience from the partner.

6. Gemini

Twins often lonely due to his passionate love for diversity. They crave new experiences, acquaintances. Gemini all the time in motion. In Union with a regular partner it quickly becomes crowded. The problem of social loneliness is unfamiliar to them, but in the pursuit of new experiences, they lose the most important. Surprisingly, despite his levity, the Twins have a fine mental organization. They take offense to the partners because the slightest misstep. It also adversely affects the relations of the pair.

5. Libra

Libra is always in search of the perfect partner. They always doubt. And even being in a relationship, I think that is the best option. They are not ideal. Slowness in decision-making can become a stumbling block in relations with the second half. Turns out that the Scales while thinking of their favorite people have long been doing. Either partner will accuse Libra of being passive, or Vice versa, the Scale will be offended that the decision was made without their knowledge. They have an overly serious attitude towards love relations. So they may not go out because worry that I will not get along with this person. Because of their suspiciousness lose all chances of the device personal life.

4. Cancers

Raki – lovers dream. They give the partner such qualities, which he never had. They look at him through rose-colored glasses. But gradually the veil from the eyes subsides. This moment usually catches up with disappointment. Besides, Cancerians are very sensitive and take everything to heart. To bad they are more than serious. They care about the second half, surrounded by love. But do it sometimes so Intrusive that the partner can feel smothering him with love. Can't stand alone, but at the same time they are frightened by the idea of changing the habitual way of life. Long used to the presence of a stranger in their territory.

3. Scorpio

Scorpios know how to love passionately and dearly. Its the pressure they can scare the partner. They want the second half belonged only to them. They have a very developed sense of ownership. They are jealous. Relationships with Scorpio are violent, with the inevitable scandals and scenes of jealousy, smashing crockery. Few survive such passions. Demanding a partner's fidelity, they often like to go to the left. Well, if a loved one did not obey his power, the Scorpion will never compromise. He would rather cut ties than compromise their principles.

2. Aries

The main reason for the loneliness of Aries is his stubbornness. He cannot be and drop diplomacy. If the partner has a forgiving nature, it is quite possible that the relationship will last long. As long as he has enough patience. However, from loneliness Rams ain't going to suffer – they are looking for your soul mate countless times. They do not mind many love Affairs. They are willing to change partners as gloves. Yes, only in order to find the best. They can look for love, even being in a relationship. Treason for them is not considered something forbidden.

1. Archers

Sagittarians are in a steady relationship, I feel not very comfortable, they are too freedom-loving. They are in no hurry to commit. The representatives of this sign often high expectations. Sagittarius creates a perfect image picture. Unfortunately, often waiting for him for years and to no avail. Or rushing from one partner to another, in search of the same ideal. Sagittarius love the thrill and adventure, constantly in search of a new. Their loved one should be able to surprise, otherwise he will quickly get tired of Sagittarius.

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