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10 zodiac signs that are most prone to alcoholism


Everyone has their flaws, including a variety of habits and dependencies. Someone cannot refuse night snack, the other tightly "hooked" on stupid American sitcoms, the third can not imagine life without a hookah, and a fourth "sinking" problems in alcohol. As it turned out, all sorts of predispositions are specific to certain signs of the Zodiac. Astrologers believe that each of the 12 signs have different attitudes to alcohol. Someone categorically not tolerate alcohol, and someone, on the contrary, is prone to abuse of such drinks.

Consider 10 signs of the zodiac, which often become dependent on alcohol.

10. Cancer

Sensitive and emotional cancer often has a weak will, so once you try alcohol, hardly refuses it. The fact that alcohol makes the representatives of this sign more relaxed and emotional, so that they are ready to love the whole world and enjoy life. Cancers often sorted out with drinks and then the rest of your life remember the unfortunate days when they were the source of drunken incidents. And hangover Crayfish hard – sore head, nausea, weakness and indigestion. Having been in this position, people of this sign try to drink only in the company of family and people, and on holidays.

9. Leo

Royalty just can't do without a fine drink. Leo seeks to fill a bar of elite alcohol to to boast in front of friends and acquaintances. By the way, representatives of the sign can go to a bar and for no reason, sipping after a hard day a glass or two of brandy, whisky or a good vodka. Coming to light, the Lions also support a "reputation", so the company always raise a toast, not missing. Social life often leads to the fact that these people drink too much and begin to rapidly descend down the ladder. Failure and troubles causing the Lion a pity that they, again, washed down with more alcohol. On the other hand, even alcoholics Lions are able to "keep face". Behind them are rarely found drunken antics and incidents.

8. Aquarius

The element of this sign is liquid, so it is kind to alcoholic libations. While sober and drunk Aquarius to distinguish hard, because of all the symptoms and signs appear insignificant. Aquarians in the binge can continue to go to work and to perform their duties, having in the container the required dose of "life-giving" of alcohol. Teetotal Aquarians are extremely hard to persuade to toast at the table – they follow his principles firmly. If Aquarius and drinking, it occurs gradually without striking physical dependence. Rather, it is about a fictional psychological comfort, which is representative of the sign gives the alcohol. If he decides for all tie, the favorable stars will contribute to a rational attempt.

7. Scorpio

Scorpions love noisy companies and parties, which are accompanied by alcoholic libation. Young representatives of the sign is increased risk of acquire dependence, in the treatment which later will not help even rehabilitation centers. If the habit is not formed, the experienced Scorpio learns to drink rationally, not abusing and not getting a wild state. In a state of alcoholic intoxication a sharp tongue, and strict Scorpio becomes nice and funny, does communicates with people and even hated babies. Lost also natural sophisticate and the rationality of the sign, so to solder it during the talks over dinner is not worth it – get a hopeless partner.

6. Virgin

Representatives of the sign is modest and reserved, rarely try to appear in companies with a large amount of alcohol. But still the weakness and poor health Dev leads to the fact that they make the very quiet alcoholics who every day pour myself a vodka from the comfort of home. Virgin start to drink on any occasion, but mainly to reduce the heartache and overcoming life's crisis. If your family has a virgin, then try to hide the strong temptations away in a period of depression and moral weakness. Young virgin girls want to seem older and more experienced, so often are in bad company.

5. Taurus

This sign seeks to explore all new from early youth, therefore, met alcohol closely. All companies and parties with the Calf must be accompanied by the alcohol, otherwise the sign will simply get bored and go home to spaihts yourself. A morbid attraction to alcohol leads to the destruction of the individual Calf and the fast formation of dependence. Near their beds are often the basins for night vomiting, pills for the hangover and mineral water. And in "restoring health" brines Taurus understands better than others. Only really critical health and unscrupulous behavior can compel these people for all tie.

4. Sagittarius

Scorpios like to have goals, and if the latter are accompanied by alcoholic libations, people will go on about. Archers exactly those business partners who like to have conversations over a glass of whiskey and a cigar. Reasons to be cheerful gatherings, they will also find, and even they themselves bring alcohol at your own expense. If not excellent physical health, passion and purpose, Sagittarius would very quickly drinking. It's amazing how alcoholics under this sign can control yourself and if you want to quickly deal with addiction. Even age Archers tolerate alcohol and get drunk after all.

3. Libra

Harmonious sign always weigh the for and against before you jump in the pool. Alcohol, these people try to eat mostly on the demand situation: the company, buffet, business meetings, festive events. But at home Scale in reserve holding several bottles of your favorite drinks to relax in peace and quiet after a hard day. Alcoholics representatives of the sign does not become, or rather, they themselves do not consider themselves such, but can drink regularly and a lot. Periods of binge can alternate with weeks or months of sobriety, since a morning hangover, these people carry with great difficulty.

2. Aries

Gets the silver in our rating, as it is considered a hereditary alcoholic. If the RAM parents drink, it is very early starts to try alcohol and get used to it. Already for graduation 9th grade Rams may have a sickly experience of alcoholic effusions, at the background of which is formed of deviant behavior and disorderly conduct. For the drunken antics of young Rams can get into the jail, and in the future you lose friends, spouse, career success. Representatives of this sign need to be controlled from an early age, as addiction is formed very quickly.

1. Gemini

Sociable Twin brother often hangs out in companies and parties, so to maintain a conversation allows himself to drink alcohol. If sitting is delayed, the Twins could quickly "gain" and start to entertain people with their funny and stupid behavior. Members of this sign rarely drink at home by yourself, but for the company it and sometimes even act as the initiators of alcohol taxes. The Twins love the extravagant pastime – feel free to taste the different cocktails to drink beer upside down or piles with female bodies. Disgusting behavior quickly corrupts Twin, which leads to his alcoholism.

In fact, alcohol intoxication and the formation of dependence affects all signs of the horoscope, particularly those that got bad genetics and health from parents. Weak-willed people and did not allowed to try alcohol as a psychological dependence is formed very quickly and permanently.

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