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10 zodiac signs most likely to change


The couple are often at odds because of infidelity of one partner. A person can have a relationship on the side for various reasons, among which the quarrel with the second half, interests, or loss of passion. Many believe that the stars also affect the fate of the individual. The Zodiac sign under which the child was born, will determine much of the behavior has grown man. For example, the Taurus and Pisces — the most loyal partners, who almost never give birth to lovers. According to astrologers, the other 10 signs of the Zodiac since birth have a tendency to change. It differs only in the situation in which people go down the wrong path, and the probability of illicit relations.

10. Aquarius

The representatives of this Zodiac sign are often loyal to his mate. However, the cause of separation 30% of couples, which was Aquarius, it becomes treason. Men had mistresses in that case, if the spouse did not pay enough attention to him. The lack of constant communication — this is the main factor in encouraging the beginning of a new relationship. Women were important to the opinion of her husband. If the spouse is not regularly praised ladies-Aquarius or did not pay attention to their efforts, in most cases, the wife wound up lover.

9. Capricorn

Capricorns are not very fidelity. Before the start of the relationship, they always spend a lot of time grooming. It is important to get to know the beloved, and only then to confess his feelings. Therefore, if you did not live up to the expectations of men and women born under this Zodiac sign, will feel remorse for the mistake. Blaming themselves, they will try to start with a new sheet. And due to the fact that the family already created, and possibly already had children, a new relationship will not be official. The existence of two partners are not afraid of Goats, so they will not be out of the marriage for the sake of a mistress or lover.

8. Scorpio

The representatives of this Zodiac sign are by nature loving. Treason of male Scorpions often blame their passionate nature. They do not have the same object of adoration to release all the energy of heart, that's why they give birth to lovers. Women born under this Zodiac sign, it is important about whom to care. Therefore, the factor which is decisive in the change of the female Scorpions is the attention of the spouse. If the second half once constantly or husband devotes more time to TV and a private amusement, while the wife's alone, the probability of a lover is very high.

7. Libra

For this Zodiac sign is very important to the atmosphere of love that is created using kind words, caring and gifts. Partner should not only care about pleasure, but not to forget about the outside manifestations. And if the spouse pays little attention to such lovely details, ladies-Libra will not hesitate to take a second partner that will provide them with convenience concerns. Libra male will try to bring to life the couple's missing heat. However, if the wife will not like it, men will be others who will appreciate those nice touches. But because of the truthfulness and the chattiness of these signs of the Zodiac, the second half is also about to discover a new relationship on the side.

6. Virgin

Before you enter into a relationship, the women Virgo will test your partner on different grounds. If the young person is suitable to their demands, they will start a family. However, when the partner himself too embellished or lied, then the lady will be disappointed in him. Then a high risk lovers. For men-Virgins, it will be important constancy in the family. If the wife will insist on moving or have any other changes, then a bored husband finds a mistress. And both men and women born under this Zodiac sign will be carefully to hide a new relationship because they are afraid of the disintegration of the family.

5. Leo

The routine is always contrary to the Lions. Therefore, the reason for infidelity of representatives of this Zodiac sign always becomes stagnant. If they're bored, they try to find something new and interesting on the side. If the mistresses or lovers fail to surprise them, then the Lions will find a new one. This can continue until death. Their quest will not stop until they run into the second half, which again and again will fall in love representatives of this sign of the Zodiac in itself. Then, bored officially registered, the family will disintegrate. Neither lived together years, no marital property, no children will not be able to hold the lions.

4. Gemini

The representatives of this Zodiac sign are very changeable. Therefore, it is very likely that they will begin a new relationship less than a year after marriage. Male-Twins will have a mistress, without hesitation, if the wife is bothered or held accountable. To the same result and the imminent appearance in the house of newlyweds relatives. Women-the Twins will try to make some new informal family if they feel constrained in her marriage. Of infidelity they can push and permanent employment of the spouse. In fact, the representatives of this Zodiac sign are so unpredictable that will make the reason for their unfaithfulness, any little thing.

3. Cancer

Crabs love to act not only in his heart, but in accordance with logic. The mind does not sleep even for a minute, so they evaluate everything from practical and romantic sides. The representatives of this Zodiac sign often begin to change due to the fact that the second half is too deep into feelings, or, conversely, becoming too pragmatic. This leads to the fact that they are starting to look for another partner, which also run along the heart and brain. Searches can take place at that time, while officially registered, the family exists. After all, no one mistress will not be able to stay beautiful and every day to cook, and no lover would not perform chores instead of her husband.

2. Aries

Men-Aries excessively jealous. However, this does not prevent them to change, forcing the second half to wallow in suspicion and thought. And the selfishness of the representatives of this Zodiac sign can lead to the fact that they come in several separate civil marriages. Moreover, partners will not know each other, the ladies ' man to take care of. Girls-Aries will go to the adultery only in the case if you find a more suitable partner. It's not just about comparing material values, but also the sense of caring. Despite egocentricity, they also want to feel love.

1. Sagittarius

Archers according to statistics, more than others to cheat on their mate. The fact that representatives of this Zodiac sign is not so easy to stop and tie him to one place or person. They love the freedom, so I think that they have a choice. Both women and men do not hurry to marry, and the informal relationships they can have all they want. The constant change of lovers or mistresses will be an integral part of their lives. Partners with whom the Archers will be for a short time, consist in a civil marriage, does not recognize the existence of each other.

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