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10 celebrities who madly like animals


There is a perception that Pets become like their owners. However, it happens that fantastic look matches are found between man and animal, which never met. There are many similarities between the world stars of show-business and politics, and some representatives of our smaller brethren. We present you the top 10 famous persons, are remarkably similar to animals.

10. John Travolta

This cheerful, blue-eyed dog with a massive smile just like the stars of pulp fiction John Travolta. Despite its size, this dog is very friendly. Roughly the same can be said about Travolta. Due to its dense stature, John was often invited to appear in the fighters as the bad guys, expertly wielding all kinds of weapons. However, most of his fans admit that their idol is much more to a person a positive role. After all, such a good-natured smile and bright outdoor look in very rare cases, there are inherent in people with bad habits, is that only in American cinema.

9. Richard Branson

Heavy brows, high cheekbones, and of course lush blonde hair makes the resemblance of this unusual dog and Richard Branson is amazing. If nature has given Branson a snub nose, then this cute animal could be of considerable financial assistance to his master, from time to time substituting a known artist on the set.

8. Vladimir Putin

This dog has the same impassive face and hard look, as the head of our state. In fairness, I should say that the appearance of Vladimir Vladimirovich very often attracts people who like to find various similarities have animal or cartoon characters with media persons. You can find a lot memov with a variety of comparisons of the face of Putin and animals.

But, this time, the resemblance is obvious. Rate yourself how this phlegmatic dog similar to the President of the Russian Federation.

7. Samuel L. Jackson

This dog has a pretty menacing look and a steely gaze from under his heavy eyebrows, which is so desirable to avert their eyes. Almost the same as that of the famous Hollywood stars. It is possible that the dog is friendly and has no negative intentions relative to the object of his curiosity. However, any of us, even the owner of strong nerves, extremely animal-loving, subconsciously will want to increase the distance separating it this sweet dog, able with one movement of the jaw to bite a man's throat.

6. Taylor Lautner

Among the abundance of wool in this cute Alpaca is barely different eyes. The young Hollywood star Taylor Lautner on the face, of course, is much less vegetation, but it's not very wide eyes hidden under a protruding brow, because of what this guy has in each of his new roles a little mysterious.

As for the army of fans of Lautner, they his appearance seems to be the standard of beauty, combining youthful shade of dreamy romanticism and brutal masculinity.

5. Snoop Dogg

This cute little dog that looks more like an ermine, like two drops of water similar to the idol of all lovers of rap. A wide smile stretching to my ears, typical of American star is decorated with miniature muzzle of this dog, which in addition to a fantastic affinity with Snoop Dogg, has much in common with the sloth sid from the beloved Ice age.

4. Madonna

Well, who else of the Western stars can sing on the stage, taking such poses. Forever young and never lose the enthusiasm, Madonna has never hesitated to show the public the wonders of his enthusiastic plastics and dancing abilities, while being dressed in quite revealing outfits. Certainly, in the world of people in this she has no equal. However, in the fauna we can find instances that can compete with American celebrities. This, at first glance, unremarkable amphibian knows how to stretch his limbs, which is probably all the inhabitants of the pond in which it lives, begin to applaud.

3. Harrison Ford

A crooked grin brand name stars of all parts of Indiana Jones. What would be his disappointment if someone told him that a similar technique, forcing fans of Harrison Ford to tremble, owns just a dog. Although the master has no particular reason to be upset, because even the most attractive representatives of a strong half of humanity has no chance in competition for the title of Cutie of the year with our four-legged brothers.

It should be noted that in addition to expressions, you can find a lot of similarities of other Hollywood stars with these animals: the drooping corners of the eyes, making the sight more piercing, straight nose a sign of innate gentility, and high forehead, pointing to his outstanding intellectual abilities.

2. The Dalai Lama

Looking at that photo, you start to believe in the theory of reincarnation. Then, quite possibly, the similarity of some of the animals with representatives of the human race due to our spiritual relationship and experience multiple trying on other people's skins.

The smile adorning the inspired face of the Dalai Lama, is also suitable and his namesake from the animal world.

1. Leonardo DiCaprio

This cute kitty that became an Internet star, many recalled the photo of the star of Titanic and the Survivors where he is with the same easy self-assured gait strutting through the city streets.

If you look closely, you will notice a lot of similarities between an unusual cat and Leonardo DiCaprio not only in the way to go, but also in appearance: large eyes, maddening fans worldwide, soft, plastic, wide cheekbones, perfectly delineated, guymri. If you dress up Leo in a vest would look just like Roger!

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