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10 celebrities who left their children


In modern humans the parental instinct appears later or never. Orphanages filled with children who are waiting for new parents. And negligent moms and dads, meanwhile, are satisfied with their personal life or career.

Unfortunately, celebrities are no exception and also play the role of "cuckoos". Even wealth and ability to keep offspring do not stop the stars, with the result that their children do not see nor care, no affection, no love. Yes, many popular people abandon their children or forget about their existence. The cause may be congenital malformations or serious disease of children, the parents wish to free the wild life of bad habits and restaurants, and just the realization in a career. Many of them later realize the mistake and want reunification with the "coqueta", but no return, and the latter do not want to take the "work up" star parents in his cold heart.

Let us look impartially at the top ten people of show-business who dare to disavow their own children.

10. Svetlana Svetlichnaya

Popular former actress now has become decrepit and unattractive woman, which, in theory, have need family ties. In the end, who else but his son, Alex, will give the proverbial "glass of water" to the box and star. However, the age nymphomaniac traded your last by yourself a new love toy young stylist Ruslan, who for many years under the Lights. The actress's son calls a new passion swindler and a homosexual (I suspect that this is close to the truth). Svetlichny's already lost a younger son (died), so at 70, he hastened to restore this fragile relationship with a senior.

9. Eddie Murphy

Charismatic black actor played the role of the family, which he very well succeed. Hard to believe that cheerful popular comedian can do the shameless to your family. Eddie decided to start the novel with the soloist of the Spice Girls, who subsequently became pregnant and bore him an illegitimate daughter, sweet angel. The gift was made directly to the birthday of the actor that he had to count a fateful sign. Shameless but Murphy refused to acknowledge paternity, requiring passion for a DNA test (which was refused). Since that time, the actor did not participate in the life and upbringing of the baby. Said it would be ready to resume communication with her only when visits will be permitted without the presence of the former mistress.

8. Lyubov Polishchuk

Popular and talented actress who so confidently played the role of a caring mom the babysitter Vicky in the Russian TV series, in the life was a real "cuckoo". His only son Alexei, the star was sent to boarding school due to the fact that my career could not find the time for communication and education. Touring and shooting robbed, according to her, all the power, so guy grew up in the company of new friends without the mother's participation. When he was 13 years old, the mother jumped marry artist Tsigal and made a gesture of "broad souls" called his own son to live with them a new family. Of course, such treatment left the young actor serious mental trauma. Do not be surprised if in the future he would have problems with the opposite sex.

7. Clark Gable

American actor who played the role in the cult film "gone with the wind", had a daughter out of wedlock. It happened while filming one of the film – Clark had an affair with a colleague on the set. The young actress got pregnant and was hiding from the others belly, so this fact did not affect her career and Clark. At the time of birth the girl has temporarily left the country, and after the baby sent her to the shelter. After a couple of months a mother's heart trembled, and the actress took the girl officially adopt. Daughter Clark gable was given the name Judith, but the name she inherited from the adoptive father of Tom Lewis. The girl found out about the present Pope when he was not alive.

6. Elena Proklova

Popular presenter and actress got married after the age of majority and in 19 gave birth to a daughter Arina. After 4 years of marriage with her husband of Lena filed for divorce, and the preschooler left her ex-husband, the education, or rather his parents. Thus the woman decided to completely sever ties with the family. The girl was raised with love in family and grandparents, not supporting the connection with a negligent mother. Why Proklova made such a choice? She claims that he chose the education and career in films, so raising a child she didn't have much time.

5. Lolita Milyavskaya and Alexander Tsekalo

This couple was ridiculed by many people. It would seem that these two different appearance and temperament generally have in common? However the star of the marriage 4 months ahead of time there was a girl Eva. Severely premature baby girl survived, but suffered serious mental illness – autism. The baby grew up withdrawn, scared and distant. Such a "burden" didn't need famous parents, so they gave the daughter to the mother's custody of Lolita. The singer visits his daughter only when on tour in Ukraine. Lolita explains the frequent separation of the tight tour schedule, but we feel hypocrisy in the words of the aged, not very attractive and not very musical singer.

4. Masha Rasputina

Rude and sometimes vulgar singer has a beautiful daughter from the marriage with businessman Zakharov. But in her youth she meanly managed to do with his firstborn son from his first marriage with Ermakov. The girl Lydia Maria gave to my parents on the education so I can make a career on the stage. When she was 16 the birth parents officially divorced that was a severe blow to the fragile psyche. There followed a succession of hysteria, depression and psychosis that Rasputin responded very well, "mothering" – just passed the daughter in a mental hospital. And in 2016, the family was again reunited, and Lydia still thanks his mother for forgiveness and the possibility of living in a new family.

3. Leonid Agutin and Angelika Varum

This Russian couple was always struck by the long and strong marriage. Already all around many times portfolios, and they all hold on to each other. Maybe they share a common crime? In 1999 Anzhelika gave birth to her daughter Lisa, which began to develop autism. The girl lives in Miami in good conditions, but with the family mother and brother. It is known that the star parents attend daughter approximately every 2 months, but a child that's not enough, she feels abandoned. Dad Angelica long ago, officially became the guardian of her granddaughter. However, Lisa is trying to life a full life without parents speaking at the American show, plays in a rock band and leads an active social life on Instagram.

2. Yuri Stoyanov

The famous member of the Duo "the Town" was married to his girlfriend Olga, with the result that on light there were two sons. However, Yuri was a flighty man, quickly changing the wife for a new passion. For the love of the actor refused not only from marriage but also from the children of Alex and Coley. The latter still hold a grudge against the biological father and don't make contact when it tries to reconnect. They have the surname of the new husband of Olga, which they were brought up since childhood.

1. Rod Stewart

Popular singer became a father at age 17, just beginning a musical career. For the life he had as many as 8 children! However, that doesn't make Stewart a great dad, because his first child he didn't want and offered sweetheart Suzie to have an abortion. Having been refused, the guy left a pregnant friend. Suzanne gave one-year-old daughter Sara to the orphanage, after which the girl had changed several orphanages and was adopted by a normal family. After reaching adulthood Sarah met with the biological father, who could not forgive. According to the latest news, this couple is still in close contact and trying to reconnect.

The stars have to be our idols because so many people focused on them and trying to emulate. Therefore, to abandon their children is one of the most unforgivable and immoral crimes.

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