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Top 10 best blockbusters of all time


The word "blockbuster" refers to big-budget movies with famous actors in the lead roles. The term appeared after Steven Spielberg withdrew in 1975 cult film "Jaws". It recouped its budget of 7 000 000 dollars almost 70 times! Currently, if the income from the rental of the film, worth 100 million dollars, pay off at least two times, it automatically becomes a blockbuster. And no matter what cultural value the film has. But in the history of cinema was a painting, which not only perfectly were in the car, but was loved by the audience all over the world. In this article we will explain what the best blockbusters of all time left a mark in the hearts of millions of people.

10. Die hard 4Fees: 383 531 541 dollar

John McCain for several years sitting in retirement. But when the newly looming threat began to threaten his family, he decides to go to war with terrorists. Their goal is to plunge the world into chaos and disorder, through capture of a computer network. This time McCain will not cope alone...

If the first three parts of this film were outstanding, but conventional fighters, the fourth part can safely be called a blockbuster. Incredible special effects, huge scale, stunning filming and the script was appreciated by not only the audience but also critics. In hire the picture has collected a very large amount, but sales of DVD discs it bounced back, becoming a cult classic among fans of the genre and Bruce Willis. Great movie ranks 10th in the top of the best blockbusters of all time.

9. ForeignFees: 104 931 801 dollar

Far into the future. The crew of the ship decides to land on an unknown planet, catching her unidentified signal. If only they knew that this decision would be a fatal mistake for them.

This picture of the brilliant Ridley Scott conceived of as "art-house in outer space". And he managed to embody his ideas. "Alien" — movie is not for everyone. But even a viewer who doesn't like the film, will appreciate the game Sigourney weaver. She portrayed the strong spirit of the character, throughout the film, changing from a cowardly girl to woman-war. Cult film — 9th place in the list of the best blockbusters of all times and peoples.

8. GladiatorFees: 457 640 427 $

General Maximus was the best Roman leader. He always won in a fair fight. But he was betrayed and sentenced to death. Avoiding punishment, Maximus becomes a Gladiator, where one meets with his sworn enemy...

Ridley Scott has been enthusiastically received by the audience and critics. Painting conquered the sad story of a Gladiator, won five Oscars. Including for best actor, played by Russell Crowe. For outstanding dramatic images, and fascinating script and incredible story — 8th place in the list of the best blockbusters of all time.

7. Terminator 2: judgment dayFees: 519 843 $ 345

If the last part of the film hunted for Sarah Connor, in this already over her son John. The terminator sent to kill the future leader of the rebels. It would have been very bad for John, if he himself from the future sent defender — programmed with the last part of the terminator T-1000.

The first part of James Cameron filmed "on the knee" in just 7 000 000 dollars. The idea to make a picture about a killer robot came to him in a delirium when he had the flu. All of a sudden, the first film brilliantly passed at the box office. Then the cult Director made a sequel, which is a few steps surpassed its predecessor. When talking about terminator, I remember Arnold Schwarzenegger and this is the second part of this Saga. For cult and unlikely scenario — the 7th place in the list of the best blockbusters of all time.

6. Saving private RyanFees: 481 840 909 $

A small unit of Jon Miller gets almost impossible task: to find in the enemy's rear private Ryan and bring him to command. The soldier died all the brothers, so he was the only breadwinner in the family. His urgent need to demobilize. To find the military squad of 8 people have to go through a real hell.

The film, Steven Spielberg stands out from the usual cohort of militants at least the fact that the beginning of the film was, according to the critics, the most spectacular in movie history. Hard top has not prevented a picture to collect nearly half a billion dollars. It's a movie that showed the brutality of war and the senselessness of human sacrifice. For this discovery, 6th place in our ranking of the best blockbusters of all time.

5. MatrixFees: 463 517 383 dollar

Quite ordinary guy named Thomas Anderson works as a programmer in a large company. But by night, he transforms into a hacker, hacking the server of a major company sites. Everything changes in one moment when he receives the message that he was "stuck in the Matrix".

A movie that changed the course of world cinema. Picture, special effects which still amaze. And since the release of the Matrix has been more than 15 years! The film was first applied to the effect of "Slow motion". Coupled with a great script, strong acting and brilliant dialogue, this painting is famous for its "polyanthuses". To understand the Matrix, you want to do it once to view. But when it comes understanding what the movie's about, your consciousness will change. Would now be 2000, the Matrix would have taken first place, but, alas, it is not, therefore fifth place in the list of the best blockbusters of all time.

4. StartFees: 825 532 764 dollar

Cobb is a brilliant thief, he not only steals things from the apartment and out of my head. The man is an expert on the unconscious man, and together with his team, with the help of special tools is included in the brain of the victim and commits the crime. But once the situation changes, offer Cobb not to steal, and to implement the idea...

Christopher Nolan, who, after painting "the Dark knight" proved himself a first-rate Director, made another masterpiece. Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the lead roles... this picture definitely not to be missed. Thought so and the audience that paid back the film's budget 5 times. Good, which is why fourth place in the list of the best blockbusters of all time.

3. Star warsFees: $ 1.8 b

The story of a simple guy Luke Skywalker, who did not know that it has great power and is heir to the legendary Jedi order. He stands in the struggle against the dark forces to save their galaxy from destruction.

George Lucas has done the impossible. Took a picture, which nobody expected success. People fighting against each other on a lightsaber? In 1977, such an annotation of the film caused the producers just laugh...before collecting the first film. Heroes Saga loved by both children and adults, and was elevated to the rank of cult. And George Lucas made so much money that, as he himself said, could not work the rest of your life. Such a powerful trilogy deserves the third place in the list of the best blockbusters of the world.

2. The Lord of the ringsFees: 2.9 billion

The trilogy tells the story of a small hobbit named Frodo, who by the will of fate was the only one who can carry the one ring to Mordor to destroy all its associated evil and bring peace to middle earth.

Three films, each of which is a separate masterpiece. Peter Jackson filmed the cult movies, the Saga that is the benchmark in its genre. The characters of the story loved by viewers from all over the world, and the actors always become famous. If you haven't watched these films, which occupies in the ranking of the best blockbusters in the second place, to correct this misunderstanding.

1. The dark knightCharges: 1 004 444 $ 558

Batman along with Lieutenant Jim Gordon and district attorney Harvey dent successfully fight crime. Until one day I noticed that he was in the game, unleashed a brilliant criminal in makeup — the Joker.

Christopher Nolan has justified expectations of fans of Batman and took a picture of the masterpiece with an impeccable script, a dramatic dialogue and vivid acting role. The audience will always remember the Joker, played by the brilliant Heath Ledger. He was so in character that after the end of the movie was not able to return to normal life. Struggling with each other, the guy took a lethal dose of drugs and died from intoxication. His was posthumously awarded the Oscar for best supporting actor. Agree that a movie with such a story simply could not be the first in the list of the best blockbusters of all time.


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