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10 celebrities who don't want to live in Russia


Political, economic and social developments are constantly "rocking" the country, so much so that historians and then record wave of emigration. Running over the hill all the best footage and scientific figures, politicians, young girls looking for wealthy husbands, and even our national stars. What is there to be done – people have the financial ability to travel around the world and even to settle in one of the comfortable and wealthy countries. For many it was the performance of "pink dreams" of youth, so as soon as there was money and career allowed us to carve out time for myself, then bought the long-awaited property abroad and left mother Russia. We do not undertake to judge our stars and publicly declare them traitors, because people can be mass climatic, political, social and ideological reasons not to stay at Home. We are grateful to them and for what they don't forget to pay a visit to the country to participate in the creative process, encouraging us with new masterpieces of the music business, theatre, cinema and sports field.

Today we'll present 10 celebrities who left Russia for permanent residence in another country, and also analyze the reasons that prompted them to move.

10. Lena Katina

After about 9 years ago a famous girl band Tatu broke up, former soloist Lena Katina has decided to grow out of the image, "girl gay" and went off to build their own destiny in Los Angeles. Good voice, knowledge of English and ambition girl won – she's actively recording English-language albums to the public States, organizes solo performances, touring the world. There in America the actress married rocker of Palacio and 3 years ago gave birth to a son in Russia, which came to birth. In Russia Lena arrives periodically and on tour. Katina recently also released a Spanish language album and has begun work on its Russian version. On average, the singer visits Russia every quarter.

9. Lika Star

Famous pop singer was at the peak of fame in the 90-ies, when and made the main capital is on tour and concerts. For many years a star lives on the island of Sardinia, married to the Italian businessman, who gave two children. Their light and unobtrusive music masterpieces Lika speaks without nostalgia in her voice, and sometimes even ironically. In Cagliari, the former actress trades ribarstvo – rents and sells luxury villas in Italy, America and France. Interestingly, for the serious career woman once again became proud full birth name is glikeriya.

8. Natalia Vetlitskaya

The peak of the career of this singer passed, so 10 years ago, she had gone to permanent residence in Spain. There former singer acquired a luxury Villa and a 2-storey private house. A woman remembers with shame the secular life, and not eager to inform fans and journalists personal information. A recent interview with the star was shown 8 years ago, and on secular parties Natalia shone back in 2005. Occupation of new Spanish flu is unknown. It trades in Facebook arguments about politics and social problems at Home.

7. Ilya Lagutenko

The famous singer of the group "Mumiy Troll" has changed several wives, and from the third, model Anna Zhukova, has finally decided to settle down and move his family to Los Angeles. The singer admitted that it is led by practical motives, like the major organizers of international tours and tours run from that American countries. Also, there are headquarters of many performers and producers, therefore, face-to-face career develops more actively and successfully. Two years ago, Ilya noticed that lives in 3 cities: Tokyo, Los Angeles and Vladivostok. It is here, according to singer, there are interesting trends in the arts.

6. Maria Sharapova

Dilutes our rating of singers, a real athlete, a successful tennis player Sharapova. It also did not stay in Russia, moved to permanent residence on the upper floors of an Israeli skyscraper located in the city of Netanya. The house itself is erected on the shore of the Mediterranean sea. The size of the apartment Sharapova is no less than 350 square kilometers, includes two balconies, large roof with possibility of installation of the pool. In Russia, the athlete was infrequently, she lived and trained in the States (Florida). But at the international Championships the girl acted under the Russian flag.

5. Sasha Zvereva

The young girl became famous in his 17 years famous song, after which the mega-popularity was not followed. So the star for 33 years and she decided to radically change his life, he moved to the notorious Los Angeles. She found herself in design and has developed his own brand, promoting clothes for moms. Zverev also organized the paid course, which shares with young moms amazing lifehacks for life. Sasha has a story to tell other women, because she herself is the happy mother of 3 children. The last of them was born in California.

4. Irina Allegrova

Socialite and diva classic pop music was completely unpatriotic. She recently bought a condo in Italy in the amount of 1.5 million U.S. dollars. According to rumors, the artist spent your finances – housing was a gift from one of the richest Ukrainian businessmen. It is not known whether Allegrova to move there permanently, but most of the time she travels to foreign countries. Don't forget the singer to give concerts in Russia, spoiling his many fans.

3. Alexey Serebryakov

People's artist of Russia six years ago decided to officially move in with relatives in Toronto. There officially lived with his wife and two sons. Reporters immediately launched the news that Serebryakov acquired citizenship of Canada, and Home visits only on a work visa. But 3 years ago the artist gave an explanation that his move can not be called emigration. He just wants to try to live in other places. Work Serebryakov continues in Russia and it remains a permanent citizen, despite the deterioration of the political and ideological culture in the country, prosperous rudeness.

2. Anastasia Tsvetaeva

Eight years ago, a popular Russian actress became the wife of an Israelite and 2 years later gave him a daughter, called by the Jewish name of Esther. Looks like the woman is really in love with the wife, as for its culture and historical homeland, his family moved to Israel. Now Tsvetaeva lives near tel Aviv, deals with the design of author's jewelry, which uses precious stones, metals and gems. Anastasia sells a product online and has a steady income, but don't forget to periodically go to Moscow for the filming.

1. Ingeborga Dapkunaite

Famous Lithuanian theatre and cinema actress and emigrated to London in the early 90-ies. The move prompted her husband, the British-born Director Simon Stokes. Despite subsequent divorce, Ingeborg remained in London, but continues, sometimes to pay a visit to the Motherland for filming.

We believe that every person has the right to see the whole world, explore different areas, try new things, whether it's career or the role of a caring wife. Importantly, the celebrity never forgot his Homeland and treated her with respect, because the fans of our great country have supported their careers and provided a good income.

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