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10 celebrities who hate each other


Celebrities are human beings, and nothing human is alien to them. They have enemies, argue, roll their scandals. But perhaps one difference is still there. All these events are regularly highlighted in the press and on television, and this is compounding the matter. Constant attacks, insults, sneers, and often because they have to work at some concert venues, participate in joint projects. Therefore, the organizers often have to make hard choices, because they don't agree to work together. Below is the list of celebrities who hate each other.

10. Sylvester Stallone and Richard Gere

Fight Stallone and Gere appeared out of nowhere. It was in 1973. The actors from the beginning felt to each other dislike. Talked about the fact that Stallone annoying face of Richard, who was quite pretty and attracted the attention of women. During lunch Richard Gere sat down next to Stallone. Sylvester immediately warned him that if even a drop of fat will drop his pants for himself, he won't answer. His partner in the film was not lucky, he still ruined my pants Stallone. He turned the gear on the head and cut his eyebrow. The movie producers had to make hard choices between actors. They chose Stallone. After this incident, the actors can't stand each other, and try not to overlap.

9. Valeria and Ksenia Sobchak

This conflict began in 2012. Two famous women differed in political views. Sobchak insulted Valerie in the social network. And it all started because of the antics of the band Pussy Riot. Sobchak, intercede for them, hurt the famous singer. Valeria is quite answered to the insult of Xenia, but the star of "House-2" only added fuel to the fire. In addition, the contest "New wave" in 2016 Sobchak has again insulted Valery, now in front of a crowd of thousands of spectators. After the conflict they had avoided each other party at all social events. However, there were rumors that in 2016 the opening of the boutique women up there are quite nice communicate. But perhaps it was common courtesy

8. Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger

Celebrity couple married in 1993, their relationship was like a fairy tale. But after the birth of a child the family life is cracking. Kim became more and more time to devote to his daughter, besides, she developed severe depression. There were many quarrels, information about family scandals appeared regularly in the press. After 7 years of marriage, they divorced. The divorce was very difficult, it dragged on for months. Kim let the meeting of Alec and their General daughter. Public scandals, apologies. Alec a hard time about the divorce process. He wrote that he was close to suicide. However, 15 years after the divorce, the actress told that she is not averse to return to her ex-husband. Alec did these statements have not commented.

7. Philip Kirkorov and Timati

Philip and Timothy had an argument in 2012 for the award "Muz-TV". Kirkorov has received three awards. Timothy said in his Twitter about the injustice awarded prizes. He believed that other stars who really deserve awards not received anything. Verbal sparring ensued. Timothy even shot a video, where he ridiculed the popular singer. After the scandal star was not invited to social events at the same time. Some time later, they shocked everyone by joint filming in advertising, and then even recorded a song and shot a video. What was it, a joint PR or star decided to "bury the hatchet", we probably will never know.

6. Courtney Love and Dave Grohl

Courtney was married to Kurt Cobain, a member of the group "Nirvana". Dave Grohl belonged to Courtney cautiously. But after the death of Kurt and information about what all the rights to the musical legacy inherited "the merry widow", he began to treat her even worse. Courtney did not publish a previously recorded song "Nirvana", it was simply uninteresting. For Grohl, this behavior was the last straw. Years later Courtney said that Dave is in love with her daughter, who is younger than his 24 years. On the delusional fantasies of Love, Grohl replied guardedly. He only said that she lost the remnants of self-esteem.

5. Victoria Bonya, Alena Vodonaeva

The girls met in 2006 on the show "Dom-2". Victoria just came, and Alyona have settled down and feel at "Home" surely, she participated in the show since 2004. Bonya was very nimble special, she recaptured boyfriend Vodonaevoy. From that moment began their feud. In 2007, the girls left the show, but you never stopped to find out who of them is better. The stars did not suit open scandals, they just quietly hated each other and always competed. Often in magazines about the stars you can see the "comparative analysis", where finding out who is luckier in your career and personal life

4. Shia LaBeouf and Tom hardy

The actors had a falling out in 2012. Then they both starred in the film "the Most drunk district in the world." Shia LaBeouf and Tom hardy are unable to find a common language from the beginning. That unfortunate joke on a colleague. LaBeouf joke hurt, but in the conflict he joined. When did the break between filming, Shia walked up to the unsuspecting hardy and hit him. Tom lost consciousness. When he came to, did not answer to his opponent's assault. He just described it as a "bad boy". After this incident, the actors stopped to chat, but "duel" is no longer acceptable.

3. Basta and Decl

In 2016 the incident occurred between the two hip-khoprov. Military action again unfolded on Twitter. Decl lives near the club, which repeatedly Vasily Vakulenko (Basta). Their grievances, he wrote in a famous social network, he complained of constant noise and inability to sleep. Basta did not comment on his words, he only called decl unflattering words. This is the version of decl. Basta describes the situation very differently. He suggests that Cyril Tolmatskogo was a frequent guest at the club, but led there is not always decent. When he made the remark, he began to write nasty things about this place. Kirill and Vasily again exchanged barbs. He even sued and demanded compensation.

2. Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny

When they filmed the TV series "Secret materials", was emerged about the novel the main characters. But the reality was quite different. Not that Gillian and David were implacable enemies, but to call their relationship warm too. The actor first decided to go after Anderson, but she resolutely refused him. David touched it, and one day she heard something that wasn't supposed to hear. He called her a not-very-nice and non-sexual. After a while Gillian hatred of David increased. She learned that his salary is much higher. And indeed its role was the second plan in the first place has always been Spiritual.

1. Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams

In 2004, the screens came the romantic movie "the notebook". No one in the audience guessed that the actors playing the main characters hate each other. Ryan and Rachel are unable to find a common language on set. Several times they tore process. Ryan even asked to replace the actress, and this in the presence of 150 people from the set. But the Director was adamant that he did not attach importance to the quarrels between the actors. When the movie was filmed, the actors once again surprised all around. They proved a fundamental truth: "From love to hate one step." Ryan and Rachel dated for three years, and still speak with warmth about this relationship.

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