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10 celebrities who wear wigs


Movie stars, singers, models do have some admiration, others with envy. Impeccable appearance: perfectly smooth skin, slim figure, white teeth and gorgeous hair. Offers the best stylists and beauticians. How hard, trips to beauty salons and money invested in yourself Hollywood celebrity? Today they have four of a kind, tomorrow long curly hair, and the next day the scythe to toe. How the stars could so quickly and fundamentally change their hairstyles? The secret is simple: wigs, hair, hairpieces. While some openly admit to the artificiality of his hair, the other carefully conceal this fact, though not always successfully. Today in our lens were ten celebrities who wear wigs.

10. Reese Witherspoon

When you look at the photo of the film star and her date of birth, just can't believe my eyes. It is hardly possible to give a well-known actress of 42 years. Meanwhile, the eternal blonde a couple of times to change the selected color of the hair and become a brunette for the main roles. By the way, her own color is not blond. By nature Reese brown hair. She has admitted that her thin and sparse hair, difficult to style. So his head she trusts only to professional hairdressers. They know exactly how to add volume to her hairstyles. And if the hair collected to make it simple, for the image with her hair have to invent something else, for example, to add volume with extensions.

9. John Travolta

If gray can paint, but with a bald head something difficult to do. Like many men, John Travolta after 50 years began to rapidly lose hair. Now from his former luxurious head of hair, no trace of them. It hit hard on the ego of the actor and made him look for ways to restore the beauty of your hair. Star of musicals and militants does not appear in public without a wig. Very rare actor breaks up with artificial hair, for example, in order to enjoy a game of tennis with friends, which then gets into the lens of the paparazzi. But on the red carpet he always keeps the brand and appears in front of fans with a lush mane of dark hair.

8. Kylie Jenner

Change hair color and length 10 times per year? Easy! Kylie Jenner hides her love for wigs. For her it's just a way to always be different, try new images and surprise fans. The youngest of the Kardashian dynasty, it gained popularity thanks to the family reality show and just a couple of years could change beyond recognition. Lost weight, increased lips, rhinoplasty. Nature has given her gorgeous thick dark hair, which is that, despite all the experiments the girls, remains a matter of her pride and admiration of others. Recently, the instagram subscribers note the change of the image of the star in the direction of naturalness.

7. Beyonce

The hair of this famous singer look well-groomed and just glowing with health. Long and loose, honey or chocolate in colour, straight or bouncy curls, they have become her calling card. Beyoncé confessed that the hair care used to since childhood, thanks to the advice of his mother. There was a period when she experimented with hairstyles, styling, coloring and perms. Once her image has undergone a radical change, the pop diva got a haircut like a boy, but after re-grow to the usual length of hair. Now the star prefers to experiment on the wig with a mesh lining that is almost imperceptible to others, if it was a good disguise.

6. Keira Knightley

The actress naturally curly hair difficult to style. Due to frequent change of color from brunette to blonde and back, hair the star of Pirates of the Caribbean noticeably thinned out. Knightley admitted that long struggled with alopecia. The results were insignificant, so for five years she wore wigs. Stylists from the team of the actress has managed so cleverly to mask a hairline that none of the fans could not suspect their artificiality. Fortunately, after pregnancy hair keira Knightley gained its former splendour and vitality, and, as recognized herself an actress, become thicker and thicker.

5. Gwen Stefani

The singer likes voluminous hairstyles, which, unfortunately, it is impossible to create family thin hair. Besides bright blonde twice in a month to ensure that her dark grown roots was not visible neither the fans nor the paparazzi. Gwen quickly found out how to look your best and not to harm hair with frequent coloring. She uses wigs on a net basis. Thanks to them, the star appears on the red carpet with luxurious curls and hairstyles with shells intricate shapes, that's just sometimes not very thoroughly disguises the line of attachment of the wig.

4. Iggy Azalea

Famous rap singer, who is not yet 30 years old, loves to experiment with his looks. It has repeatedly resorted to the services of a plastic surgeon, in pursuit of the perfect face and figure. Especially often outrageous girl cover hair in a deep blonde, and pays the deterioration of their condition. Appearing in public places, she prefers hair horse tail, and sometimes even acts in the cap, the benefit, the style of her work allows such accessories. Most recently, fans saw her with hair Kare and pink-colored tips, which caused a wave of surprise and suspicion that it is a wig.

3. Naomi Campbell

Black model recognizes that care for your hair loves and this issue will only trust the professional stylists. However, it now refers to the services of the best hairdressers not to make a trendy styling, perms or straightening, and to prevent hair loss, to return to its former strength, density and health. The model admitted that daily professional styling, which had to be resorted to in the heyday of her career, had a negative impact on the health of the hair. However, its attempts are futile, and the star is forced to wear a wig, as eloquently the photo of a dark-skinned models made in Ibiza in 2012.

2. Lindsay Lohan

Glory and fame came to Lindsay when she was a little more than three years. Parents have noticed in the cheerful red-haired girl a future star and began to actively promote it in show business. Lindsay Lohan rapidly ascended to the starry sky, but unfortunately, it soon became possible tasted all the forbidden fruit. This star of controversial articles in the tabloids over the past year changed her hair color from blonde to dark walnut and still returned to its natural red. Along with frequent colorings on the state of health of her hair has an adverse impact sleepless nights in the clubs and abundance of alcohol parties, therefore, now in her artificial hair strands more than the present.

1. Mickey Rourke

Another man who was not able to accept the loss of attractive appearance. In the past a boxer and one of the sex symbols, Mickey Rourke has undergone multiple plastic surgeries, trying to disguise the sporting past. However, the results were disastrous. With hairstyles movie star also experimented quite frequently and even tried to bleach his dark hair, only after this radical step, they began to look dull, lifeless and dry as straw. Moreover, with age, the actor began to go bald, so I switched to wigs, but his choice, not always successful, was the subject of paparazzi.

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