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10 celebrities that are rumored faked his death


When the idol dies, who adores the public and which frequently appeared in the media, sometimes people find it difficult to accept this fact. Many do not believe in the loss and begin its own investigation of the death star, which you come to the conclusion that the man is not dead, but faked his own death. There are many proven examples of how people faked her own death. As for following the stars, they still go ambiguous rumors. Someone came to terms with the loss of a great celebrity, but someone sure they might still be alive.

10. Marilyn Monroe

Day in August 1962, Marilyn was discovered suicide. For the world her death was a shock. Yes, everyone knew about her frantic lifestyle, depression and drugs, but she was so young and beautiful that all believe Monroe will cope with all the adversity and will continue to Shine on the screen. Still, the death of Marilyn I think the greatest mystery of the last century. In 2001, the journalist, who devoted a lot of time solving the death of the actress, met with the detective who said that Marilyn all this time was alive. Because of his affair with Kennedy, she was involved in political machinations. To save his life, she was forced to fake his own death and move to Switzerland. There she seems happily married and only died at the beginning of zero years. But no evidence of this version have not yet been found.

9. Princess Diana

As a young man and Diana was known for her openness and sincerity towards the people of his country. She was always a cheerful person, willing to give an interview, and people loved her for what she is so warm to them. For its many candid interviews and frequent meetings with citizens loving Diana became known as the "people's Princess". But then her sincerity stopped playing into her hands when she started having problems in the marriage. One day she said she wants to leave public life and dreams of the rest of your life to be in a secluded place. After her death, many took it as a hint that she's going to play his death and go somewhere.

8. Pedro Infante

For the whole of Mexico Pedro was a symbol of Mexican romance. He easily had the best role and attracted the viewer from the first frame. When he died, his fame has only grown. Many began to say that in fact, Infante just tired of the endless glory, she began to tire him and he faked his own death. Pedro loved airplanes and was a great pilot. And then one day the plane with him in the cockpit just fell even before it could gain altitude. After that grieved the whole country and the fans don't believe in the death of an actor, felt that he could feign death and vanish from Mexico forever.

7. Adolf Hitler

Hitler can not be called someone's idol, but it is one of the most famous personalities in history. German führer, when he realized that the final defeat very close, committed suicide. However, people often have argued, and argue still, that he was still alive and just faked his death so he was not able to find and kill then. It was rumored that he fled to South America, where he lived until the end of his days. In 2014, even published a book in which in detail was described his alleged life on Mato Grosso.

6. Tupac Shakur

Tupac died very young and at the peak of his career. He was shot, but after a day in the media there were photos where he lives. Photographers claimed to have seen him that morning, and some published material. And then fans have advanced the theory that Tupac faked his death and left to start life with a clean slate. And they had good arguments. One of them the body was not cremation. Another rapper very often in his texts gave fans a hidden message, and in one song fans have heard that he is going to radically change your life. Yes, and Tupac before that often liked to put the rumours that he had died. But fans ' version of staging still has not found official confirmation.

5. Bruce Lee

The death of Bruce Lee caused the fans and the public a real response. No one was able to understand what was the cause of death of the famous actor. The official version was simply taking pills, which has caused a lot of swelling in the brain. But there are many other versions, among them was a murder or an overdose of narcotics. But the most interesting version has been the falsification of his death. Many fans truly believe still that their pet will ever have an effect.

4. Michael Jackson

The life of Michael Jackson in recent years was not very good. They say the singer is completely mired in debt, and his career inevitably declined. Jackson suffered very much from persecution in connection with numerous plastic surgery. Some fans believe that he faked his own death to escape debts and the haters, and live out their lives in peace. Their belief is supported by the many "sensations" about the "resurrection" of the king of pop, who routinely appear in the media.

3. Jim Morrison

The mysterious death of Morrison were shocked not only fans of The Doors, but the whole world. Yes, all your way of life, particularly drug use Jim as hinted that with him anything can happen at any time. The rumors of his death have walked long before he was found dead. Jim was buried almost secretly, on the burial was attended by only the closest singer people. Therefore, the media did not calm down and put forward different versions of what happened with Morrison actually. The most common version Jim faked his death to start life anew away from the rock-concert crowds.

2. Elvis Presley

When Presley died, many facts talked about what actually the singer faked his death and now lives on some island alone. One of these facts, no one saw a dead body, there were no pictures or other evidence of death. On the grave of average name of Elvis a mistake, and many fans believe that Presley live deliberately asked in staging to make that mistake, so as to change the name of the deceased and not to consider himself buried. Suspicious the same story that after the death of the pop star on stage periodically appeared his double, which was a copy of Elvis not only in terms of physique, but still had the same voice.

1. Paul Walker

Paul died in a car accident. The strange death of Paul, this discrepancy of numbers of cars on the photos from the scene. There is another strange thing, the police did not even bother to cordon off the scene and everyone was able to photograph and videotape the machine and the road, but the body is not on any of the pictures. Therefore, many film enthusiasts and fans of Walker as an actor I think that the guy faked his own death and now lives in some secluded location, enjoying a peaceful existence.

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