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10 celebrities who lost her beauty


Celebrities are people just like us. They can get sick, dramatically fat, lose weight, to age and lose its beautiful appearance. However, the laws of show business is cruel, and misses the celebrities do not forgive. From the appearance of these stars at the time, the people were delighted, they could envy the tens of millions, they were considered sex symbols of an era. Some of these stars are ideals in all.

Time passed: someone has gained ground, some mutilated his body with endless plastic surgery. In the end, the famous people turned out beautiful and luxurious in ugly and sometimes disfigured by plastic or addictions. In our ranking were famous princes and Babes who are unable to maintain their former appeal.

10. Macaulay Culkin

The appearance of Macaulay ruined family problems because of the fallen millions in fees by his parents quarreled and divorced. This could not impact on the teenager, he eventually got drug and alcohol dependence. Cute by nature, the actor recently was nothing like that cute boy in the Comedy film home Alone. The Newspapers even reported about a failed suicide attempt McAuley. Causes called depression caused by a breakup with actress Mila kunis. However, not long ago, the actor gradually began to change for the better and already plays in the movies.

9. Kevin Federline

This American dancer and rapper were known for scandalous relationship with singer Spears. She bore him two sons, but in the end they broke up. In those days he was often on the cover of magazines and posters in the TV show. Now the former thief of women's hearts extra pounds and lost glory.

8. Amanda Bynes

Of course, fans of romantic Comedy films familiar charming actress with chubby cheeks and a childish face.

However, Amanda dropped out of public life. It seems recently in 2008 it was the peak of popularity, she was in the hottest of Maxim magazine's ratings, but in 2010 she announced her resignation. She later was given a suspended sentence for drunken driving and possession of drugs. In 2014, she was forcibly sent to a psychiatric institution.

At the moment, 32-year-old bynes is not addicted, she wants to complete her studies and to be a designer and back to get into the movie business.

7. Mickey Rourke

In the '80s and' 90s, tens of millions of girls admired this guy and dream about him. And then he abruptly disappeared, and then suddenly came back to her acting career. We're talking about a once handsome Mickey'rourke was who mutilated his body with plastic surgery and Boxing career.

Glory actor was very high, at the entrance to his house every day, gathered a lot of fans and especially fans. They longed to see the actor and was ready to do a lot for his autographs. However, Mickey remembered the youth and decided to go back to Boxing. Basically, he played well and unbeaten, however, a large number of injuries changed his face beyond recognition. Most of the adjustments on the face of failed and by 2010, after 15 years of regular visits to plastic surgeons, Mickey Rourke will never know.

6. Lindsay Lohan

The transformation in appearance of the film actress Lindsay Lohan is called a continuous regress. The 29-year-old star looks of a 65-year old woman who is all about themselves do not care. Faded beauty Lindsay may be the result of her behavior, use of alcohol, drugs, Smoking, a dozen plastic surgeries. Like Wilde's Dorian gray, Lohan, before knowing the fame and success, it all went downhill, she came under the strong influence of harmful habits. Endless lawsuits and incarceration have become normal in her life. Naturally, all this was reflected in the appearance of its former beauty.

5. Meg Ryan

The Zenith of the popularity of our angelic beauties and Actresses occurred in the 90-ies of the last century and the beginning of 2000s. Meg Ryan was considered the main favorite in the United States, it represented a fragile femininity with almost French charm. The girls were delighted by her relaxed appearance, her beauty envied and marveled.

However, the early 2000s brought the actress a disappointment due to an unsuccessful plastic surgery on the lips. This result, plastics with age started to really distort her face. In the end, an attractive girl with a cute face like a doll was just awful and scary.

4. Kelly Clarkson

The year 2002 brought the pop singer to unprecedented fame and popularity! Fragile figure and powerful voice made the girl a sex symbol of most young boys and girls. Today, Kelly had completely lost its former ease, however, girls with overweight, still have a successful career. However, it's hard to know in this fat lady that scrawny cute blonde which we had admired in the fact 2002

3. Tara Reid

This Hollywood beauty was wonderful Boobs from nature, but she managed to spoil her. And your face and your figure to boot. Not a good idea — the use of silicone implants.

It is often called the colon. She abruptly fat and quickly lose weight.

2. Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson has become, seemingly, the most famous girl on the planet. Her reality show newlyweds, a movie that was dedicated to her music and other films. Jessica was everywhere in the mid-2000s. However, in 2008, the star quickly began to lose its popularity.

Confident promotion girl career was accompanied by significant changes in the appearance of the artist. Jessica Simpson put on weight and lost control over its own weight.

1. Madonna

Madonna outrageous singer, known throughout the world not only a beautiful voice and demeanor on stage and in life. The Queen of pop is trying to keep youth, resorting to cosmetic manipulation, but every year it becomes more and more unnatural.

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