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10 tips on how to overcome fear


In the world there is no person who would not have fear. Some shaking from the sight of dogs, the second drive, the third — from communicating with the opposite sex. Even the most overbearing personalities have their own phobias. But the secret that they successfully overcome them. You need to be able to cope with their fears, otherwise they will hinder you to live. They will become obstacles in your career and in personal relationships, a negative impact on emotional and physical health. Man becomes insecure, not in control of my life. There are many techniques to overcome. We have prepared for you a list of tips to help you conquer your fear. Select suitable ones for yourself or use comprehensively. Then the effect will not keep itself waiting and all your fears will disappear from your life.

10. The recognition of fear

Many do not recognize their fears. They don't accept it, pretend to be fearless, but he is still with them. Recognition it is the very first and important step on the path of liberation. To admit their phobias, afford to be afraid of. Psychologists from California, conducted an experiment in which people confessed their fears to the tarantula. Half of the participants talked about their feelings they experienced in that moment. Others denied their fear. As a result, people who spoke their emotions faster could get rid of the fear.

9. Increase self-esteem

Constant thoughts of fear will turn any normal person into a mentally unbalanced. If you have good self esteem, then it is unlikely you will let your fears control you. If not, then it is necessary to increase it. There are many options changes it for the better. First analyze what you don't like about yourself, make a list of qualities from which you want to get rid of. But do not forget about positive character traits. Then, develop a plan and follow it. It will be hard, you have to get over yourself. If you can not feel that you cannot cope by yourself, consult a specialist. It will work with your self-esteem.

8. Meditation

The use of meditative practices can radically change the life. They are very effective in the fight against terror, as they help to control emotions. Psychological state stabiliziruemost, the fears recede. Most of the methods eliminate fear in the moment. If you regularly meditate, they will save you from fear forever. The most popular methods are affirmations and work with the subconscious mind and body. Don't forget that during the meditation, nothing should distract you.

7. Contact with fear

To face your fears is very difficult. He is stronger, fully captures the man. But it is an effective way of dealing with fear. For starters, work through the scenario of direct contact with him. You already shook hands, and heart palpitations? Then exhale and try again. If your fears are physical, you will be a little easier. Remove all doubt and go to his phobia. Spiders, dogs, airplanes – all of this you can win. One only has to try once, next time won't be so scary. Regular interactions with their phobias, you'll stop fearing them. Attitudes much more difficult to overcome, but it is possible.

6. Start small

Start fighting your fears, not necessarily something Grand. If you are afraid of heights, you should not immediately run to jump with a parachute. Overcome gradually, study it. For example, if your phobia – insects, start exploring them with pictures. Consider first the photos, then at a distance. After a while you will be able to take the worst spider in his hands. This is a simplified diagram of overcoming fear. It is logical that if you are afraid of his head, looking at his photographs are unlikely to help you. Try to make contact with the greeting. If you are hiding, barely seeing him in the distance and avoid meetings overpower yourself. Say Hello loudly and confidently, look him in the eye. Gradually, step by step, you will no longer afraid of anything.

5. Self-motivation

In order to successfully deal with fear, we need a clear goal. You must understand why you are doing this. Moreover, it should be not vague, but specific, preferably tied to the time frame. If you are afraid to speak in public, and you need to make a presentation, you should not visit these thoughts: "If I do not speak, the chief scold me or even get fired." This goal discourages. It is better to think about that, performed successfully, you will receive the prize and spend it on the thing which had long dreamed of.

4. The support of friends

Do not hesitate to seek the support of family or friends. Even if they do not share your fears, they will be able to help you with advice. Support in this case is very important. Don't lock them to yourself, share with loved ones. Maybe they or their acquaintances, in my life I been a similar situation. You will learn new methods of dealing with phobias. And another example you will inspire, you will want to act. Besides, when you tell someone about your worries, about what's on your mind, you will become much easier. You will treat the problem easier, the experience will not be as sharp.

3. Search associate

The process of getting rid of phobias will be simpler and easier if you have associate. His support will help to reduce the level of fear. You will know that you are not alone in their experiences. Together you will be able to act according to a General plan, to share victories and defeats. You can even arrange a little competition. The only condition that man must not pull you in "to the bottom" fears, and not to convey a disturbing attitude. You should be comfortable with him.

2. Finding the cause

To overcome your fear is very important to find the cause. To define them is not always easy. In most cases, they appear in childhood. The child is going through something terrible myself, or became a casual witness. This situation is laid down in his memory, develops a phobia. If he was scared, and the parents did not pay attention, did not help him to overcome this fear, most likely he will stay with him for the rest of my life. Another source of anxiety can be called media, the Internet, movies. On television, the web and then shows the tragic incident. War, plane crashes, accidents. All this has a negative effect on the mental state of a person. Countless horror films, a TV series about maniacs even more aggravate the situation. If you are susceptible, then limit the viewing of such films and programs.

1. Visualization of success

If we imagine the desired picture is bright, colorful, as if it had actually happened, it is possible to trick the brain. He does not make distinctions between the imaginary and real activity. The neurons form a chain in fact, and in another case. Person can easily repeat all the steps and achieve success. So you need to be attentive to your thoughts. If you think about the bad, life will happen something bad. Imagine that you have overcome your fear, and soon it will be over.

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