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Top 10 best scorers in the history of football


A striker, he's a striker, he's a striker is a football player closest to the opponent's goal. His task – to score the ball into the goal. Every striker dreams of becoming the most accurate and dangerous player on the field and get into the top best scoring players who proudly call scorers. On the competitions of a vast scale is fixed each goal and the results of the statistics of the ranking of scorers of the season. World history of football has the top ten forwards, on account of which from 661 to 1329 goals scored. Many of them at the hearing, even those who don't follow the football news.

10. Gunnar Nordahl661 goal

Football player from Sweden with a powerful physique earned him the nickname of Buffalo. With the growth of 180 cm, he weighed 95 kg In one of the games for the national team Milan he carried on himself the defender of the Neapolitan team, who had a death grip on his shirt, and scored a spectacular goal. Trail brake way of the defender amounted to 30 meters. Nordale football career started in 1940. The guy was playing a native in degerfors. 4 years later he signed the first official contract with the club in norrköping. In Sweden he played from 1944 to 1949. He was a champion. After winning the London Olympics Gunnar Nordahl the team moved to the Milan and for five years became a champion among the scorers for this club, scoring 210 goals in 257 matches. The last two seasons he played in Roma.

9. Imre Schlosser679 goals

In the years 1910-1920 was considered a star of world football. Professional career Hungarian striker started at the age of 16 and soon gained fame thunderstorms goalkeepers of Europe. From 1906 to 1927, he played for his native team Hungary red star and 13-time champion and twice winner of the Cup of Hungary (1913 and 1927). Among the hitters of the national teams he held the championship for 30 years. Since 1911, was considered the best scorer of the European leagues. His football career finished at the age of 39, playing for Austrian club Wiener SK (Vienna). For a long time continued sports activities as a coach.

8. Ferenc puskás729 goals

The Hungarian striker has loved football from an early age. His father played for the local team Kispest, and raised a worthy replacement. In 1943, Ferenc puskás started his way in football. At age 18 he made his debut in the national team of Hungary, playing against the Austrian team. Being a patriot of his country, he refused to play for the Italian Juventus. For a long time played for the army club Honved for a season scored 50 goals, winning the title of top scorer of the Hungarian championship and the nickname of the irrepressible mayor. In 1952 the Olympic team became the champion. After a popular uprising in October 1956, the team ceased to exist, and Puskas started to play for real Madrid and became the best scorer of the Spanish League.

7. Zico857 goals

At the age of 12 Zico came to Brazilian football Flamengo. Then the trainer looked at the little skinny for a football player had almost put an end to his career. However, the young and ambitious Zico gave his word that he will prove himself and Moore that he is worth something. Hard training not only on the field but in the gym yielded the results. In 1971, when he was 18, he joined the main team Flamengo. Played at lucky number 10 by performing great individual passages, giving accurate passes. He had a phenomenal dribbling and a great shot with both feet. Is it still called the white Pele.

6. Joseph Bican805 goals

The Vienna player with Czech roots known to football fans under a short name of Pepi. This is the fastest footballer 30-50 years. He could play equally well on any of the five positions of the forwards, had their solo passages, which during the game was waiting for the whole stadium. He played for the team rapid (Vienna) and Slavia (Prague). He started his professional career in 1931, having made a brilliant debut and scoring in the game with three goals and the fourth goal Pepi scored with a broken hand. Rapid players defeated Austria with the score 5:3. After 4 years Bizan became the champion of Austria. More than 800 goals scored it only in official meetings. So it is often referred to as the unrecognized king of football.

5. Eusebio886 goals

It truly can be called a legend of the Portuguese national team. For speed, strong, accurate shot, the fans called him the black Panther. A boy Eusebio dreamed of football and a day was lost in the street, chasing the ball, collected from Newspapers and socks, with the same as it is with Amateurs. He wanted to get into football club Benfica. And his dream came true. In 1961, Benfica gave a young guy from Africa, a lucky ticket to the world of big-time football. In its composition he has participated in 715 matches and scored 727 goals. At the same time played for the Portuguese national team. Eusebio is one of the most decorated players in history . In 1965 he was recognized as the best player in Europe, and later he was twice a Golden boot winner.

4. Romario1045 goals

Because of his height (169 cm) Brazilian striker was nicknamed Shorty, however, this did not prevent him from becoming a world champion in 1994, one of the best forwards and enter the history of football, scoring over a thousand goals. At the age of 19 he first played for the senior team, Vasco da Gama, where he showed he's capable of. Most striking was the 1988 season. In 38 games he scored 28 goals. Thanks to these indicators it took in the Brazil squad. From 1988 to 1993 he played for the Dutch club "PSV" Eindhoven and scored 128 goals in 140 games. For high performance coaches have forgiven him for laziness and whims. He could most of the match to stand on the field, pretending to be tired of the game, but it was his leg to reach the ball, as the opponent then gets a goal.

3. Gerd Mullergoals 1218

German striker at Home proudly call scorer of the nation. Troubled childhood of a teenager from Bavaria was preparing for a brilliant football career. Gerd first played for the team of his native city, giving great results in the championship – 54 goals in 30 games. From 1964 to 1979 he played in the main team of Bavaria, literally pulling on her feet in her Golden period. Not without its participation, the team won three times in the Cup of European Champions. Twice best scorer of the championship of Germany, twice Golden boot winner, he was so obsessed with his mission: to score goals, he did it from any position and any part of the body.

2. Pele1289 goals

The king of football set the record for most victories in the Championships, three times titled the title of the best player of the world Championships. The Pele phenomenon is not fully understood. We only know that one of the best Brazilian forwards had a wide angle of view and high speed of movement on the field. Despite the talent of Pele was a real workaholic, so received from nature the gift he honed on many hours of training. He subtly felt the game was a true strategist. Not for nothing they call him the grandmaster of the pass and transfer. Almost his entire career spent Pele in Santos. In this club on November 19 to celebrate the Day of Pele, dedicated to the footballer scored the thousandth goal.

1. Arthur Friedenreich1329 goals

The absolute goal scoring champion, a mulatto with green eyes, started his career when he was 17 years old. Was ashamed of his mixed ancestry, so tried to straighten curly dark hair and make the skin several shades lighter. Played in the club of German immigrants under the name of Germany in 1909. Subsequently, he changed a lot of clubs: Ipiranga, Americana, San Pool, Flamengo, and everywhere showed good results, the style of the game got the nickname tiger. He owns a Golden goal scored by the Brazilians in the national team of Uruguay in the final of the Championship of South America in 1919. He was nine times won the title of top scorer in Paulista League.

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