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10 dog breeds that will make friends with your cat


About people who often quarrel, saying, "Like a cat with a dog." And indeed it is. Dogs hate cats and cats dogs. Domestic dogs chase outdoor cats. Frequent and tragic instances when cats die from the teeth of its enemies. But there are people who equally love cats and dogs. They dream of four-legged friends and can't decide who to start. Life is one, and not necessarily to deny yourself, the more this pleasure. You can just choose a breed that will perfectly get along with the "house tiger". It will be the best solution for those who dream about a dog and a cat at the same time.

10. Pomeranian

Weight Pomeranians rarely exceeds 3 kilograms. That is cat, if anything, will be able to give a "fur ball" back. But this is unlikely to happen. Spitz are very friendly, they are good with other animals and children. Of course, one should not expect that animals will immediately make friends. Cats need time to get used to a new family member. When she gets used to the dog, they will be able to play together, chase each other around the house and give owners positive emotions. But the cat should have its own place, preferably where it will not reach Spitz. If she gets tired of the noise and games, she rested, and then will chase furry friend. If animals do not make friends, the war between them will not begin. They will just ignore each other.

9. Chihuahua

Chihuahua is a very sociable dog. The courage she is also in excess. You can often see the small dog pulls huge dogs. The average weight varies from 2.5 to 3 kilograms. She has thin legs and a funny face. But despite the complex nature, the representatives of this breed get along well with cats. In the company of the Chihuahua, the cat will feel safe. She understands that her security is not in danger. She simply would not accept the dog as a serious opponent. A very important condition is the correct introduction. Better if the animals are young. An adult cat is unlikely to enjoy his quiet life violates weird beast. If they get together, the fun never leaves the house owners. They play, sleep together even eat from the same bowl.

8. Pug

Pugs have a very friendly nature. They are able to make friends with anyone, and cats are no exception. They weigh much more than the previous species, their weight can reach 8 kg. The cat is not afraid. But be sure to give the dog the attention. Then the animal will remain docile and kind. Otherwise, the pug will try to attract the attention of the owners, and how nobody knows. Perhaps it will start to hurt a cat that all the attention takes. If the animals can find a common language, the life of a cat will be much happier. That's only in cooperative games, there is a risk that the cat will hurt the dog's eyes. In pugs they are convex.

7. Shih Tzu

Dogs of this breed have a calm nature, but they are too self-sufficient. In principle, their name justifies it. In Chinese Shih Tzu means "lion". To make friends with a cat, have a little nervous. The dog is very skittish, considers himself the most important person in the house. The cat thinks the same way. To establish a relationship only if the dog will get a decent education. If you do not engage her, she soon with the opinion of the owner will not be considered. The dog has a small weight of 4 to 7 kilograms. When meeting animals had to be very careful. The best option for animals will be a separate room. Let them play and socialize under the supervision of the owners, at least at first.

6. Sheltie

These animals are loyal and smart. By their nature they are hunters and herders. So the cat sheltie hunts just will not be. A dog can gain up to 12 pounds of weight. Of course, cats are different, too. Sheltie legkoobratimy, they are sociable and responsive. If the owner will teach the dog to be friends with the cat, the problems with the animals he will never know. No, one problem still remains. Shelties love to chase cats. They can make a mess in the apartment or down a household. But you will not be bored neither to each other nor to the owners.

5. Chinese crested

Representatives of this breed have a light cheerful character. They love his master and will gladly agree to be friends with a cat. They really don't like loneliness, so a relaxed cat is the best option. But if the cat has a temper, doesn't accept guests in its territory, it is better not to take the dog. Otherwise it will become clogged and timid, her joie de vivre will not be over. Chinese crested a good-natured and playful. However, they choose for life. If the cat that something will happen, it will be hard to survive the loss. New cat she never will.

4. Yorkshire Terrier

The dog has valuable qualities that will enable her to get along with a cat. She has a quiet nature and small size. Their maximum weight does not exceed 4 pounds. They are good-natured, easy-going, they have an attractive appearance. Maybe even this cat agrees to befriend a new member of the family. But seriously, a lot depends on the owner. An important condition is the distribution of attention. No need to pay attention to one and ignoring the other. In this situation, animals are not exactly friends. A dog with a young age is to teach the command "no", especially in relation to the cat. It should not grab the cat by the tail or play with her paws. Animals gradually become friends, but the first time it is better not to leave them alone.

3. Cavalier-king-Charles-Spaniel

These dogs are very attached to their owner. They can't stand loneliness, so the cat becomes the best friend to her. Their weight is 8 kilograms. If the unexpected happens, the cat will always be able to stand up for themselves. These dogs legkousvoyaemye, no wonder many of them guide. Especially the warmth of the Royal Spaniel will treat animals that are smaller than it. He will take care of the cat, trying to protect her. But in these respects the main there will always be a cat. Spaniel gladly her obey.

2. Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise is a companion dogs. They are gentle and playful, cheerful. Perfectly size with felines. Their weight is 5.5 kilograms. They get along well with other Pets, not just cats. Bichon a great attitude to the appearance in the house of the second animal. They just do not suffer alone. But the owner will also have some work to do, otherwise the dog will not obey. Bichon Frise are intelligent and cunning.

1. Japanese chin

They will also be a great companion to humans. Have a light character. They are affectionate, calm, quick to adapt to unfamiliar surroundings. The dog will easily find a common language with the cat, loves to play. They are small in size, and their maximum weight does not exceed 7 kilograms. The dog definitely will make friends with the cat, due to its nature. They are often compared to each other, say they are very similar. They love to climb as high as possible, wash the face with their paws. The main advantage that cats will really appreciate – these dogs do not bark very often. Japanese chin and cat will become best friends.

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