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10 poses for sleep, which clearly characterize the relationship within a pair of


Psychologists believe that the poses of the husbands and wives that they make during sleep have a lot to say about the relationship between them. Joao Oliveira, an expert in the field of psychology, notes that to consider should be the position that spouses take before the awakening, not the one in which they are located before going to sleep. The following are the most common positions of the bodies, which can be easily to analyze the relationship between wife and husband.

10. "Conquering space"

The husband and wife that during sleep are in this position, more like rivals, coming to the ring for the victory and not on loving each other the spouses. This is an indication that the marriage has serious problems, omissions: people not striving to be in such a relationship, the tenderness and care of their second halves.

As much space as possible in bed usually aims to take the spouse must receive confirmation of its significance, including its second half. The main thing – not to assert itself at the expense of the partner. The man who during sleep raises his hands above his head, is quite stubborn. He wants to control everything and strives to be a leader in the family.

9. "Don't go, stay with me,"

This posture shows the need to feel his body another person in order to feel some security. Not to say that it is an indicator of the care and tender feelings in the family. Most likely, in this marriage one partner is not enough attention from wife or husband. It is possible that the partner is just not enough communication with the second half. The self-esteem of man who often turns to partner a back, may be too high.

8. "The interweaving of hands, the tangle of legs"

Feet or hands usually involve spouses who feel each other strong attachment. In such relationships there is always a passion, a spark. Often fall the young people who have only just tied the knot: they feel great happiness, euphoria and subconsciously want to merge with each other, becoming one being. This position often take spouses are often inclined to be jealous.

7. "Domination"

One partner lays his head on the chest or on the shoulder of another. This posture is a sign of love between husband and wife, their strong attachment to each other. These relationships filled with mutual understanding, they are very harmonious. The sex of such pairs is usually all just fine. The husband or wife is in this relationship, the role of the leader, and the second partner is absolutely embarrassing.

6. "Arm's length"

Such relations can be called to some extent free, have a spontaneity. Husband and wife respect the personal space of each other. Often each of the partners in your circle of friends, they can rest together while the husband and wife trust each other, and unlimited. The man reached out his hand, ready to defend his mate. If the other partner puts the hand under the cheek, it means he feels safety and protection. If the wife and husband quarreled, it is possible that this posture expresses their desire and willingness to conclude a truce.

5. "Spoon"

If one partner is pressed against the other's back, and he hugs him back – it means that the family always show attention and care. The husband and the wife feel in such relationships, peace of mind, security, comfort. However, the marriage still is not perfect: between spouses there is some uncertainty. Maybe they're hiding something, hiding.

4. "You are far from me"

If a husband and wife turned and moved away from each other for quite a considerable distance, often that means their relationship has problems that require immediate solutions. It is possible that they consider each other competitors, or want to become more fluent in the marriage (for example, meet up with your friends, anywhere to go and so on).

If the partners are "closed" hands, and their bodies are tense, it is possible that recently between them there was a serious conflict, after which nobody wanted to make concessions. If any tension in the pose no problems between the husband and wife do not exist: they just belong to the personal space of each other with respect.

3. "You half and me half"

Between spouses, which in the night time sleeping place is divided into two halves, quite good relations, but still there are some problems. If the person is on his side, facing away from your partner, it means he doesn't want to see him. People who during sleep, often roll over on your stomach, often show intransigence and are quite closed. If the feet of the partners in this case are intertwined, their relationship has some commitment no one can forget.

2. "I look at you, as in a mirror"

Love relationship between people who prefer to sleep, can be called perfect. Everyday problems, everyday routine does not have virtually any effect. Such a pose during a night's rest accept partners who are not only great lovers but also best friends. They feel a spiritual connection, intellectual interest in each other, which is not quenched, but only inflames. It is these relationships that have all the chances to last for many years.

1. "Back to back"

Partners during a night's rest leaning against each other backs strive to keep things intimate, not forgetting about the importance of personal space. The relationship between such husbands and wives are equal, filled with mutual respect, harmony, they are very durable. However, such a marriage is very important for comfort. If any partner does not feel that in these respects he is free, nothing is restricted, it doesn't feel completely happy. Over time, this resentment builds up and turns into a very big problem: the result is a quarrel.

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