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10 rules for those who decided to become a millionaire


No matter how much people tried to comfort herself with the truth, what not in money happiness, but without them, life is much harder. Therefore, they dream of financial well being, learn a profession, work hard, improve their skills, get a new job with a higher salary. So do most people, but for some reason they are still not rich. Even high (by their standards) salary is only enough for the Essentials. Yeah, still on an annual trip to the sea with the whole family. If your dream is to become a millionaire, you need to choose a different path. Hope the work is not worth it, millions of people work, but do not reach the level of middle-class life. Specially for you a list of rules for those who decided to become a millionaire.

10. Invest all that you have

Don't let your money "rest". If there were extra funds immediately to invest them in some profitable business. Buy stocks, buy real estate, invest in investment funds. However, be careful. Before you give someone your money, inquire about the company. Remember that investments are not gambling. You can of course go out and buy all the lottery tickets, but even in this situation you are unlikely to remain in the black. It's better to try open a business, albeit a small one. The main thing that it brought in an income.

9. Do not take loans for things that don't generate revenue

If you want to become a millionaire, forget about loans. The poor take loans for expensive things, but in most cases they look stupid. If you are the cheap clothes, think, why take a loan phone at a cost of three of your paycheck. Why do you need a mink coat if you travel by bus, you'll pay for it and the next ten years to freeze at bus stops. Take a loan only when you are sure that this thing will help you in reaching the goal. This can be a car or computer for work, they will help you work more efficiently.

8. Million dollars you know

It is foolish to deny yourself all in the hope to accumulate a million. Remove the rose-colored glasses and count how many years you'll need to accumulate the required amount. Probably not one life. Therefore, if your goal is wealth, you have to work. Even the best Deposit rates will not bring you closer to the dream, if you sit on the couch. Cling to any opportunity that will allow you to improve your financial condition.

7. Poverty is a Vice

Don't try to reassure themselves that everything is live. If you are satisfied with your life, you would not be reading these rules now. You have to understand that poverty will not allow you to be happy. Poor to be bad. Poor people are not able to afford to buy quality clothes, healthy and tasty food, rest abroad. But if you are born in a poor family do not reproach their parents may this situation suits completely. In addition, they were raised very differently, people used to believe in the ideals imposed on them, lived on his proposed installations. They thought did not arise that it is possible to live differently. Fate gives you the chance to change their lives. Use it.

6. Don't waste money on luxury things, until you're a millionaire

So you want to feel successful, received the prize you do not invest in development, and the purchase of high-status things. Think a hundred times, why you want it, if you can't afford such an acquisition. An expensive watch will not fit into your way if you wear a suit out of the mass market. The car will bring you a lot of headache: cost of fuel, insurance, tax. Most likely, you will not pull all of these costs. And if you pull, then your entire salary will be spent on machine maintenance. That's when your business will go uphill, you will have a few regular sources of income, then I can give myself a little treat.

5. Money never sleeps

Money no matter what today you want to leave early from work. They do break for sleep, no idea what the weekends, holidays. Don't do yourself any favors. The money will not come to you unless you will be actively work. Do not rely on a happy occasion, beautiful eyes or something. Money comes only to those who are really working, mainly the head. Working in the factory for 15 hours a day you will not become a millionaire. Gain contacts, find new customers, in the future, your efforts will be compensated. Then you will be able to rest a little lying not on the couch, in the beach of its own island. Of course, it's a joke, but now you see that there is always something to strive for.

4. Find a millionaire mentor

Admit you're not accustomed to live richly, can't imagine what it's like. Most people thinking of the poor, that's why they can't get out of poverty. We do not offer you to run around town in search of millionaires who will share with you my secrets and thoughts. Although it would be nice to enlist the moral support of influential persons. Study the biographies of rich people, choose an example to follow. Note how he has achieved such heights which now he has habits and priorities in life. If you find in your city millionaire, was as poor as you, it will inspire you.

3. Love money

A very important requirement is the love of money. Do not ignore them, do not let thoughts about their uselessness. In General, all thoughts about money you should carefully monitor. You know that thoughts are material. So think about them in a positive way, imagine how they come to you. Show your love of money. Buy a beautiful purse, fold the bill exactly, but not as horrible. It is not necessary to crumple the money, put it in his pocket received the surrender. Money does not like this attitude. You may think that all this is nothing more than an old wives ' tale, but in reality such methods are very effective.

2. Set a high bar

Do not stop there. Always set yourself such goals, the achievement of which you have to work hard. If you set yourself easy targets, you have lost the incentive to work. Even if you earn a million, to dwell on this not worth it. We need to develop always. Of course, there is a risk to overdo it with the height of the bar. Most people lose the desire to do anything, when you don't see results. They understand that they need to work that left a bit, but their potential is weakened with each passing day more and more. To such people it is best to form a plan, clearly define its goal and sub-goal. To achieve them will be much easier and the person will feel that he has advanced another step forward.

1. The investment must do more than work

If your work brings more than investment, then something is wrong. Perhaps you invested in a bad investment. You must have a source of income that would generate income without your participation. The only way you can get rich. This does not mean that work is not necessary. On the contrary, millionaires work weekends and holidays. We are talking about what is best to have multiple sources of income, so you quickly fulfill their dream of financial well-being.

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