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10 wardrobe items that do not go to almost any


Every woman wants to look beautiful and to keep up with fashion, while emphasizing their individuality. Today she comes to the aid of the many shops offering a variety of clothes and shoes. Besides, the modern fashion gives people much more freedom when creating any image. However, the fair sex do not forget that not every thing will look on them the way they want it.

Seen on stars wardrobe item for normal girls can look stupid and awkward. In this list you will find something with which to experiment desirable.

10. Skirts tutu tulle

Society has used that skirt-tutu created only for little girls, but lately the fashion has emerged among teenagers and even adult women. But not to look in those ridiculous skirts, have to comply with too many nuances. When choosing women need to take into account your age and body type.

To avoid mistakes and not to look funny, fashionable women also have to choose wisely the color scheme of the image and the top of the outfit. Waist and even the length of the skirt, is also matter.

Besides, made of tulle skirt, as a rule, is easily cleaned, and when walking going to the ball. It is easily capable to mess up the image of a girl.

9. Sleeve "bat"

Dresses with sleeves "a bat" is often used to hide the fullness of hands of women and create elegant look. The main cons of such clothes lies in the fact that it looks old-fashioned and her sleeves increase the size of the shoulders, which immediately spoils the impression of the whole outfit. Moreover, dresses with sleeves "the bat" it is not suitable for girls with average or low growth, and for women with type figure "pear". Such clothing will be reconstructed and visually bigger.

8. Shirts racer back

First, Mikey was a male garment but later became fashionable and women, allowing you to make the image stronger and more athletic. But it is worth considering that the racer-back top shows off the shoulders and scapula, so if you don't have athletic and fit body – you should not experiment with such clothes.

Silhouettes of girls with shapes of "inverted triangle", "rectangle" and "Apple" in a t-shirt will become more masculine and angular, and women with a "pear" body shape appear fuller than they really are.

7. The Tulip skirt

The Tulip skirt, as the name implies, is shaped like a flower. Special cut helps to add volume to the hips of the skinny girls. The photographs of the Tulip skirt looks interesting, but its major cons is noticeable in practice.

Such garments restrict movement when walking. When the girl is sitting, the skirt is easily lifted, torn at the seams. Besides, she hesitates in the sky, so that over time when wearing this garment its owner begins to seem complete. The impression that she has a big belly.

6. Dresses with the waist under the bust

You need to think twice before you purchase dresses of such tailoring. They are tailored in such a way to hide the woman's stomach and visually increase the breast size. However, this outfit is contraindicated in normal. For them, it looks like or is similar to the dimensionless case. Besides, if the dress with high waist, no belt, fashionista just seem to be pregnant, because wearing such clothing is "in position". It's a stereotype, but it can ruin the appearance of the girl.

5. Fishnet tights

Even more controversial item of clothing are fishnet tights. If their wrong choice they can look tacky and cause a bad impression about its owner.

White fishnet tights legs become cyanotic hue black tights too attract attention, and the colored more likely to be "not the topic". Fishnet pantyhose is better to choose plain. They fit any image.

4. "Dress my mother's friends"

Under the dress my mom's friend is any old-fashioned and gaudy dress. He has, as a rule, there is no clear silhouette and colors, and in General it looks more like a home a rustic coat. It is obvious that "this" does not adorn a woman, but will only ruin its appearance.

You should not choose it. Better find out what things suit your complexion and body shape, and choose something more modern, because the market is full of clothes for every taste.

3. Things are tight, fine-knit

Tight clothes are not going to almost anyone for the obvious reason: they highlight every crease on the body, highlight every flaw looming even underwear. Moreover, if the product is made of fine knit.

With the clothing is better not to experiment, even the lucky owners of the perfect figure, because these things look too provocatively and often tasteless. It is better to make a choice in favor of a bit more free-looking clothes.

2. Running shoes on a solid platform

Running shoes on a solid platform game, created for fans to stand out from the crowd. Themselves the shoes — comfortable and practical shoes. But the platform is absolutely not match the style with sports equipment. Platform shoes and sneakers are designed for different situations. In the first case it out, in the second – comfortable during workouts or trips where convenience is more important than elegance.

To athletic shoes on the platform hard to pick up clothes, plus the girl's feet look too big and heavy.

1. Gladiator sandals

The trouble with this Shoe is that it is either big foot or small. Ultimately, the girl's feet look like pencils in a glass, or constricted and seem to be full. Besides, it restrict movement when walking.

Another shortcoming of sandals-Gladiator that from them remains uneven tan on my feet. And it's a little like me.

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