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Top 10 best dramas of 2015


One of the most exciting and emotional movie genres is drama. Paintings of this kind are always popular with spectators because of the possibility to plunge into the filmed world and to empathize with the main characters, to feel their psychology. Dramas never impress kenolaba.

The rating included the best drama of 2015, a list of which is presented below.

10. Walk

Walk offers the top ten most successful films of the drama genre, released in theaters last year. In the center of the plot the real story of French tightrope Walker Philippe Petit. Brave Frenchman decided on an incredible trick – pass without insurance a tightrope stretched between the twin towers of the world trade center in new York. Philip manages to fulfill his childhood dream, through perseverance, the help of friends and his girlfriend Anya. Speech turned to tightrope arrest for a few days. After the liberation, the local authorities have timed tightrope to correctional labor, which should now show performances for children. Soon Ani is leaving to his home, but Philip continues to live in the United States.

9. In the heart of the sea

In the heart of the sea is an American drama 2015, based on real events. The story takes place on the whaling ship Essex. A group of people sent to the ocean to hunt the whale. Events turn out unfavorably for fans of fishing: one of the sperm whales attacked the ship and crew had to hurry to leave the ship. For three months the sailors were in the open ocean thousands of kilometers from the coast, escaping in lifeboats. Conditions, which have put the fate of the sailors, forcing them to resort to cannibalism. The film received mixed reviews from film critics.

8. Battle for Sevastopol

Battle for Sevastopol is one of the best war dramas 2015 from Russian cinema. In the center of the story is the most legendary woman-the sniper Lyudmila Pavlichenko. Besides the military subjects in the film the important role played by the theme of love. At the front the girl will pass the real tests, which will help it to fight love. On account of the frontline heroines, three hundred and nine killed by the Nazis. At the end of the film the audience is presented Pavlichenko, her adult son and Eleanor Roosevelt, which francovich friends. The film was dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the great Patriotic War.

7. Youth

Youth drama about two aging friends Fred and Mick, who decide to spend a holiday in the Alps. In this picturesque area they enjoy nature and share their feelings about the fate of their adult children. Experienced old friends discuss the problem of love of offspring. In addition to the philosophical reasoning Mick, who is the Director, continues to work on the script of his latest movie. At that time Fred, the famous composer, invites the Queen, that he made on the birthday of Prince Philip. But Fred has his reasons to refuse the proposal of her Majesty.

6. Macbeth

Macbeth is the best historical drama 2015, which tells the story of the Scottish Lord Macbeth. The hero was foretold that he would become king of Scotland. Wicked Lord plotting to kill the king Duncan who is going to visit his castle. In the implementation of all plans, it will help a wife who dearly loves a ruthless warrior. At the end of the film the prophecy accomplished, but the new king will have to pay for the throne too high a price.

5. Me, Earl and the dying girl

Me, Earl and the dying girl is the best drama of 2015 about the lives of teenagers. The story centers on a young guy, Greg enjoys filming Amateur movies. Talented boy prefers not to have many friends. His only companion becomes the Earl, who held the same views as Greg. Together friends spend all their free time. But soon it happens that Greg is beginning to converge with my classmate Rachel. The girl is sick with a deadly disease and that every day could be her last. Greg tries to keep Rachel, who becomes for him the closest person.

4. Spy bridge

Spy bridge – the best biographical drama 2015, based on real events. The protagonist of the film is the Brooklyn attorney James Donovan, who became a member of the operations conducted by the CIA. James will meet on Leninskom the bridge with the Soviet authorities and to negotiate the exchange, captured in the USSR, American pilot Gary powers for Soviet spy Rudolf Abel. The operation that took place during the Cold war was quite risky and did not guarantee any success, but an experienced lawyer successfully managed to get the deal done. The film was nominated for an Oscar as Best film.

3. Voice of the streets

The voice of the streets – biographical drama based on the real events of the life of the legendary American band N.W.A. Shown star trek guys who are at the peak of his career became one of the most popular in the music business. The plot revolves around five talented guys: Dr. Dre (Dr. Dre), easy (Eazy-E), ice cube (Ice Cube), DJ Yella and MC Ren. After a successful single, becoming their patron producer Jerry Heller. The guys release their debut album, Straight Outta Compton ("Straight out of Compton"), which brings them international fame. Money and popularity become for musicians a real challenge, and soon the band breaks up.

2. Disgusting eight

Disgusting eight – best Quentin Tarantino film that combines elements of drama, Thriller, crime and detective. The plot revolves around one of the legendary bounty hunter named John Ruth the Hangman, who guards the prisoner Daisy. In paths beaten by another hunter. The raging snow storm causes the companions to cling to one of the local restaurants in the suburbs, where he meets the General, the Sheriff, a Mexican, a Frenchman, a cowboy and another visitor, who claims to be not for who he really is. In this place the hunter will open up incredible things.

1. Survivors

Survivor is the best film of 2015 that combines several genres: Thriller, drama and adventure. The action takes place in the environment of the Wild West. The main character is a hunter Hugh glass is severely injured and can not continue. His partner John Fitzgerald in cold blood left to die Hugh. The wounded man managed to stay alive and he is ready to fight to the end. All he wants is to get to the traitor and to avenge him. The film was presented in 12 nominations for an Oscar.

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