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10 items you need to throw away right now


How often people litter your house with unnecessary things, most of which has long outlived its time. But such things are very bad effect on the energy in the house. They hamper your development, do not allow change to enter your life. Besides, some of them can harm the health. You give yourself a word that over the weekend, clear closets of unnecessary stuff, but once Saturday comes, you forget about their promises. And if you do not forget, you still can't part with them. You think all the time, suddenly come in handy. Pull yourself together, prepare a large garbage bag and collect all the unnecessary things. And will help you with a list of items that you need to throw away right now.

10. Scuffed shoes

You have a lot of shoes, but among it there is not even one pair of decent shoes. Oh, wait, those shoes in which you constantly go, look it is nothing. But still do not understand why you keep shoes with 15-centimeter heels, remaining from the days of your wild youth. And these boots, a little worn, but very dear to your heart, as purchased on the first salary. Do not spare old shoes. It takes a lot of space in your closet but you never wear. Something has long gone out of fashion, something not suited to your style, but something does look like were picked up in the trash. Put everything in a bag and throw away without regret. And the empty shelves will be a stimulus for going to the Shoe store.

9. Disheveled toothbrush

Toothbrush, resembling a hedgehog, needs to go after the old shoes. According to the rules of hygiene, service life is only three months. However, few people change toothbrushes frequently. Some even brush their teeth with one brush. They are so used to it that is dearer to her anymore. That's already bought a new brush, even tried. But no, she's not nearly as comfortable as the old, and again she waits for his moment of glory. Have you ever thought that an old toothbrush is full of bacteria, and their functions it performs is not very good. Even if you are not used to the new brush, you are uncomfortable, accept that it will take a week and get used to it. And the old rather throw away, not to be tempted again to use it.

8. Expired medicines

How long have you checked your first aid kit? Periodically it is also necessary to conduct the audit. Otherwise, when you're in need of headache tablets, it turns out that they are already six months overdue. You may not notice and drink expired medicine. Then, instead of relief you get even greater health problems. It will not take you much time set aside medicines with expired shelf life, and then throw them. You don't have to think about that for a couple of months with them, nothing happened. Yes drugs – not milk, they're not sour, but make them still not worth it. Don't mess with your health.

7. Long-broken things

Some things you still keep, despite the fact that they've been broken. You hope that in the near future will fix them. But they are years, and do you remember about them only when they accidentally stumble. If you didn't repair the thing at once, so you don't need it. It's time to say goodbye. Do not clutter your house broken things, repair is often expensive. Better go and buy a new thing.

6. Holey tights

Unclear why, but most girls keep holey tights. Whether they hope to apply them in everyday life, whether preparing for financial problems. Maybe they were enthralled by the idea of grandmothers who stored onions in torn stockings. So, even if you grow onions, it is unlikely that you will hang it all over the apartment. Well, if not grow, then these tights moreover, you do not need. Even if you get fired from work and you will have nothing to eat, you're not wearing holey tights. It makes no sense to store them and take up precious space in the closet. Get rid of them immediately.

5. Unnecessary glossy magazines

Another thing I love to collect the girl's glossy magazines. Yeah, maybe your mom or grandmother used to make a binder magazines "Peasant woman", but then there were absolutely other times. Women were limited in information, and they are not alone. Their only joy was these magazines that they read them several times. Now everything has changed, and if you want to find a recipe for a hair mask, you are unlikely to delve into these logs. Likely to use the Internet. Moreover, in the gloss rarely write something useful. Throw away, you don't need the old horoscopes and gossip about the stars of 10 years ago.

4. Gifts from former partner

You have long retired, but still can not part with his gifts. No of course you don't need to throw gold chains, rings and cars. But with cute souvenir, Teddy bears, frames, dried flowers better part. These items prevent to establish his personal life. If you already have a new partner, especially not understand why you keep gifts from an ex. If he ever found out whose gifts it will be very unpleasant. Do not spare the bear, it's just a toy, wave your hand to him, if it makes you feel better, and start with a clean slate.

3. Old washcloth

Here is repeated the story about the toothbrush, only starring the now old washcloth. But it also needs to be changed every three months. If you find it hard to part with it, buy yourself more of the same. Yes, the same bright pink color. So it will be much easier to survive the "loss" of her predecessor. But seriously, sorry to here all about. Hygiene items are bought not for life, they are inexpensive. However, there are cases when people use a sponge for several years.

2. Things you don't like

First of all it concerns your clothes. You probably not very much, and sorely much. Disassemble your entire closet, put all the things you don't like, don't come in my size or out of fashion. Gather your forces and throw them out. If things are in good condition, you can give them to the needy. Then you will warm to the idea that your prom dress will brighten up the occasion some poor girl. But assess things adequately. If they are in a terrible state, do not disgrace, and discard them without much emotion. Similarly, do other things that you don't like. Gifts, unwanted gifts, boring items. Their place in the dustbin and not in your apartment.

1. Expired products

If you keep not only old clothes, broken items, but also outstanding products, you develop a hoarder. Go through the fridge and cupboards. Check the expiration dates on canned food, cereals. Expired – in the trash. Do not expect that with a small spoon of expired product is with you nothing will happen. Of course, if you like extreme sports, please take a chance. But don't complain when you have to lie down for a couple of weeks in the hospital with poisoning. Generally in the kitchen the audit should be conducted more frequently. Make it a rule every week to view the expiration dates of all products. You spend a little time, but your health will not suffer.

Now you know which unnecessary items you can get rid of in the first place. Don't delay with this, do not spare, throw it away. And replace the old in your life will certainly come new.

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