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10 reasons that prove Jennifer Lopez is a great mother


Talented in all plans j-Lo the whole world knows – she shines on the dance floor, clearly plays in the movie, has a beautiful natural voice, and sharing is caring mom for your favorite twins. In between, Jen manages to produce, to release her own clothing line, to engage in entrepreneurial and charitable activities. How she manages so many fields while being an exemplary mother, than can not boast of many a Hollywood diva? For Jennifer, her twin children (a daughter and a son) from her ex-husband Marc Anthony are the most important in life, real happiness and the meaning of what the singer does not hide. Despite the enormous employment and involvement in many projects, J. Lo's effortless allocates a time for celebration of important dates with children, joint eventful weekend, as well as for education. Do not forget that Mrs. Lopez is a single mother who is forced to pull the burden of care and nurturing yourself. She does not want to hire paid babysitters to play with her children, as she is able to participate fully in their lives.

Let's look at 10 facts that clearly show what a great mom Jennifer Lopez.

10. Her important children's feelings

Lopez literally shaking over the kids and worries about them and can't control emotion emotion. She works for the children to have a full, rich childhood, not a lonely life with the ever popular busy mom. Jen is doing everything to entertain them and develop them, always reminding how important they are for mom. Maybe that's why the Lopez children are not spoiled, and sometimes even refuse to participate in noisy parties and glamorous Hollywood events. And why do they need the extra gloss, pathos and hypocritical elite, when a loving mother provides everything you need, taking into account personal preferences, feelings and emotions of the twins. The actress believes that her daughter Emma is one of the most sensitive and cheerful nature, represents the maternal soul. Example daughter, according to Jen, helped to heal her own "inner" child. And if the daughter is the soul for Lopez, the son – the heart and love.

9. Sometimes Jennifer even cancel their performances for families with children

J. Lo is one of the few singers and Actresses that can send to hell managers, publicists and producers with their busy schedule just to spend extra hours with children. It is known that the singer's Manager, benny Medina a couple of times suddenly canceled concerts for unspecified "family reasons". Lopez quietly flows the secular holidays and loud events such as the annual festivals, the celebration of Christmas and New year, etc Jennifer adheres to tradition so family holidays going into seclusion with children and friends. Even when J. Lo may not cancel any recording or concerts, then she tries to take the twins with him backstage, so kids don't feel alone or abandoned.

8. J. Lo is always very sensitive comments about their children

Even with screens it is visible as Jen truly loves and cares about kids. In one interview mentioning about the twins happy mother cried and stated publicly that the kids changed her life and perspective on it, helped to find your way and purpose. That's why Lopez says communication with children is always her priority.

7. J-Lo likes to get freaky

Jenny provides children a real childhood and tries to be modern and very fun mom. In spite of the public life and the need to maintain a glamorous status, Lopez allows himself the simple pleasures of life and childlike. She could have fun riding on the swings, APE and play childish games. And the kids far away from mom is constantly acting up and indulge in a good meaning of these words. Five years ago, the actress took the twins to Disneyland, where they captured the paparazzi with happy and pleased faces.

6. She teaches their children to value time with family

Jen is a great example for the younger generation in the fact that transmits children valuable knowledge. For example, she wants the kids always appreciated the time spent in the family circle, in the future, they were able to keep this model and their relationships. Lopez often takes children to the next of kin, leaving my grandmother, allowing you to save important ancestral links generations.

5. Jennifer always spends her weekend with the kids

J. Lo rarely find the output for themselves and their interests, because all the free time she tries to spend with the younger twins. In between film roles and ceremonies to receive awards for the songs Jenny manages to be a real mother. She unashamedly takes children on social events, sports games and other public events, where he was invited, after all its the weekend belong to the twins.

4. Celebrity travels with children

Mrs. Lopez is so attached to the children that couldn't survive a long separation, when on tour stays or leaves for filming in another country. And if other celebrities "throw" kids grandmothers or nannies, J. Lo is not ready for separation from the most expensive treasure, so he tried to take the children with you even in a long trip, world tour, etc. Lopez does not want to miss moments in parenting, watching their first success, and after being in a long tour, she was able to pass them without the possibility of catching up to do in the future.

3. Jen's special bond with his son

J-Lo is proud that she has a very strong and close relationship with my son, and he, in turn, reaches out to mother and love her with all my heart. From its earliest years, Lopez took baby max to social events, promotions and shows, as she loves the company of her cheerful and kind child. Jen always wears a stylish little boy, watching his education and health and nutrition. By the way, the younger son still does not feel an acute shortage of the father, because the mother is bending over backwards, trying to replace both parents.

2. The birthday twins have always the most extraordinary

The famous mother uses his connections and financial capabilities to provide the younger twins are the most vivid emotions and memories. That is why all the holidays for children are unusual, and scale. By the way, the twins have become famous, while still in the tummy Jen, and later appeared frequently with his parents on the big stage, basking in the spotlight. Lopez introduced a good tradition to celebrate birthdays in style this tale, and even prepares them for the unique wishes.

1. The family in the first place

That would not have happened in your career or personal life of J. Lo, she will always choose children and put their interests first. All of her achievements, free time, dreams and efforts associated with the fact that the twins had a decent and happy future. Of course, the singer suffered a lot after the separation from her husband, because the children will not be able to see the model of a full-fledged family with mom and dad. Maybe that's why Jen is such overcompensation that she is ready to infringe upon all of their interests for the sake of comfort and joy the twins. Lopez has repeatedly stressed that it wants to give the kids everything I can. And she proves to the world it can cope alone, grow worthy people.

We are very pleased that Jennifer is really pursuing a lofty goal and wishes great happiness to children. She constantly works on himself, the "mistakes" that creates a positive image. God grant that many Hollywood moms inspired by her example and spent more time with the kids.

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