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10 reasons to never give up


There is no success without defeats. To achieve the goal we need to work toward. But when on the road and then there are the obstacles, not everyone will be able to reach the end. Some believe that will not be able to cope with problems and troubles. Others do see this as a sign that warns them that shouldn't go against fate. If all this reasoning, life would be very different. People would have nowhere sought, there would be many inventions, knowledge and discoveries.

If you argue also, it is unlikely to succeed. Want to change your life, learn to overcome obstacles. If to overcome them you lack motivation, this article will help you. Below are the top 10 reasons to never give up.

10. At any moment, you are very close to the goal

There are cases when people give up, while being in step away from victory. Maybe you left quite a bit. So, don't give up. Especially if you've already come a long way. You've done so much.

Appreciate your time and effort. Surrender now, give up the chance to win. No one knows when it will be a success. You can opt out of their aspirations, but just think, tomorrow you can achieve what was for many years. No matter when it happens, in a year, five or ten years. Think about that, if you keep trying sooner or later reach its goal.

9. If something turns out badly, learn this

Often people give up if they fail to perform certain actions. Don't give up, nowadays everything can be learned, it would wish. Large selection of books and manuals on any subject, the learning materials on the Internet video tutorials courses in educational centers. A few decades ago people did not have such opportunities. Do not worry about his failure and strive for perfection. Man can do everything: to drive, play musical instruments, speak foreign languages, to build houses. You are worse than others, if they can, and so can you.

8. Become a good example for other

People are always comparing themselves with others. But the ones after these comparisons I feel worthless. They have everything goes wrong, they do not want to do. They have only one desire: to survive and self-pity. Others, however, are inspired by someone else's example, trying to achieve the same heights. If you cease to compare yourself with other people, and this time will be spent on development, will be able to become a successful person. Do not look for a role model, become them. It is very motivating. You will feel a responsibility to the people, you will want to become even better. You will be able to achieve much more, you will not want to give up.

7. Always remember that you deserve the best!

Very few people think so. Most of them are willing to settle for less. Perhaps the reason is in the upbringing or something else, but don't settle for the minimum. We are not talking about money and wealth. Use every opportunity that life offers you. If you are offered career growth, don't give up. Do not think that can not cope. Live as you want, do not look on someone else's opinion. Indulge yourself allow yourself to enjoy life. Buy nice things, travel and never assume that you don't deserve this. Learn to think this way, even cease to think about abandoning their goals.

6. Listen to your heart and trust your instincts!

People don't listen to their heart, they listen to others. When it comes to your life, no one's opinion should not worry you. Decide for yourself how you live. Set goals that are of interest to you. If scientists and inventors focused on other people now would not have many inventions and great discoveries. Think about it, it will become your most powerful incentive. People do not understand the value of the radio, computers, airplanes and many other items, which are now widely used. However, many inventors did not depart from their principles and continued to work. Their unique inventions was subsequently used by the whole world, and they, too, could have given up, then it wouldn't work.

5. Dream!

Don't be afraid to dream. Someone your fantasies can seem silly, do not pay attention to it, and it is better to not communicate with these people. Dreams help you to decide, you will understand how you want to live your life. Don't let others dream to displace your. In today's world, many values are distorted. Modern man dreams of money, wealth, country house, fashion items, expensive gadgets, high-end cars. Do not be like such people. Unless in money happiness? If the right to dream, then all your wishes will come true.

4. Believe in yourself!

The main thing is to believe in yourself, then success is guaranteed. A confident man is easier to achieve. It is well kept, knows that it is not worse than others, it adequately evaluates himself is proud of its advantages, but don't forget about the shortcomings. Sometimes believing in yourself is not easy, especially after a bad interview, a failed exam, a failed experience with a girl. To believe in yourself, you need to work on yourself. First get rid of those qualities that are holding you back. Develop, learn, read books. Will be interesting to talk to, can easily find common language with people. This will further raise your self-esteem.

3. Don't be afraid to show themselves

Are you ready to surrender at the thought of that will again have to present their knowledge and skills. Yes, not all people have the talent to get it out in public and talking to strangers on any topic. But it can be learned, then the problems with "self-promotion" more you will experience. Think about what you are worse than others. No one seems to all go to their goals. If it needs to show themselves, they are just as overcome doubts and fears.

2. Everything takes time

Do not expect that the result will not keep itself waiting long. As a rule, to achieve the goals takes time. Do you know the history, where people, without any effort, become famous, rich, successful? Each of them were failures, troubles, problems. The main thing in that moment is not to break. May achieve the goal you have to wait more than one year. And not just wait but also to work productively. Make a plan with a limited time frame, but do not despair, if something went wrong. You will achieve the desired, albeit it will take a little more time.

1. You're still alive

This is probably the biggest reason not to give up. You are alive, healthy, able to work, so what else do you need? Not all people are so lucky. Someone has no hands, feet, someone is terminally ill. But they want to live and do everything that their life was interesting. Look at the athletes of the Paralympics. People with disabilities do not mourn their fate, they live, they play sports and are not afraid to Express themselves. But most healthy people are dissatisfied with their lives, but they won't lift a finger to change it. Don't be like them, go for your goals and not deviating from it.

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