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Top 10 best movies of 2017


In 2017, the film promised to please a lot of interesting and all-consuming, the Prime Minister and did not disappoint the expectations of film enthusiasts. The top 10 best movies of 2017 entered feature films of different genres, that have gained the most positive evaluations of viewers. Also the list includes films that have not yet appeared on the screens, but fans of good movies are waiting for their release with impatience. The rating is intended for those who have not yet had time to enjoy the novelties of cinema and is in search of decent films to view.

10. Planet of the apes: War

"Planet of the apes: War" opens the ranking of the year's most worthy of the attention of viewers of paintings 2017. Fantastic film tells of the ruthless battle between humans and modified monkeys. The army of the intelligent animals have to come to grips with the primates, are at the highest stage of development. The outcome of this battle will depend on who actually deserves to lead the Earth humans or modified monkey. The premiere of the film in Russia took place on July 13 and has already managed to gain a great number of positive reviews of the viewers.

9. The first time

"First time" is one of the best films in 2017 of the Russian production. The main role in the adventure film went to Yevgeny Mironov and Konstantin Habenskogo. The film takes place in the 60-ies of the last century at the time of the Cold war. The two powers, the Soviet Union and the United States are in a race for supremacy in space. Shortly before the start of a Soviet ship in space explodes the test vessel. Figuring out the reasons of such accidents in the Soviet Union is not, therefore, to avoid loss of leadership, a decision is made to start vehicle without prior testing. No time to think over what can turn this journey for the crew of a spaceship.

8. Spider-man: the Return home

"Spider-man: the Return home" one of the ten best films of this year. The script of a film tradition based on the comic book by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. Peter Parker finally returns home after a historic meeting with the Avengers. The hero tries to return to a normal life, but as it turned out Parker before going to rest. On his way stands another villain known as the Vulture, who yearns to destroy all that is dear to Peter.

7. Logan

"Logan" is the best fantasy fighter in 2017, released on March 2. A feature film based on the marvel comics and is part of a series of feature films "X-Men" and the third film about "Wolverine". The story unfolds in the future in 2029. Logan works as a driver in order to collect the necessary amount of money for the purchase of the boat that he was going to go to the ocean together with Professor X. The latter suffers from disease of the brain that can cause dangerous psychic attacks. Professor in addition to Logan cares mutant Caliban, limiting its destructive power. Further steps lead to a chain of events, which have to understand the main character.

6. Mummy

"The mummy" takes the sixth place in the top best films of 2017. The film is a restart of a series of fantastic paintings on the mummy. The story takes place in the modern world. It all starts with the fact that in London a group of builders discovers an ancient tomb of the knights. This circumstance becomes a chain of further unexpected and dangerous events. In the tomb they discover a large ruby of Egypt, which was supposed to belong to the cunning and ruthless Queen will Amanet buried alive in the middle of the desert. The imprudence of scientists leads to the fact that the Queen rises from the dead and will do anything to take over the world.

5. A dog's life

"Dog's life" located in the middle of the ranking of the best films of 2017. Comedy-drama picture will tell about the dog who has learned to reborn after death. With every new birth the animal is getting closer to understanding human nature and the problems of people. The film is based on the novel by B. Cameron "Life and the purpose of the dog", which reveals the essence of this devotional animal to man.

4. Skyline 2

"Skyline 2" is one of the most anticipated films of 2017, fans of the fantastic. The previous part of the adventure Thriller has been warmly welcomed by TV audiences who are already excited about a new series of exciting films. Day Mark Corley starts, could not be worse. He first makes a Deposit for his son Trent, after which unpleasant events are complemented by an invasion of alien ships on the territory of the Earth. Mark gets on a space ship to try to find abducted by aliens son. There he meets the heroes of the first part mutilated by aliens with Jerod and Elaine. The heroes are trying to destroy the ship from the inside, causing it to crash to the ground. They have to come together with other earthlings in battle with an alien race, to recapture its right to exist on a planet that belongs to them.

3. Fast and furious 8

"Fast and furious 8" opens the three best artistic paintings of 2017. Still part of the same pattern among viewers was a huge success. The new series was greeted not so warmly as the previous, but was nevertheless welcomed by fans of the films. Team riders and friends concurrently continue their favorite activity. Anything is possible when they are together. But the appearance of a charming and cunning woman will become a cause of contention in a close-knit team, bringing their separate ways.

2. John Wick 2

"John Wick 2" — the crime Thriller-action movie in 2017, in which the main role went to Keanu Reeves. One of the most respected killers in the city has no obligations to the state, and he gets the job, cleaning out of the way of bandits. John directs bloody oath, so he heads to Rome, where he will join with the most dangerous killer in the world.

1. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales

"Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales" complete list of the best films of 2017. The main role of Jack Sparrow, as always, performed the incomparable johnny Depp. The main character finds out that he started hunting with his inveterate enemy. His name is captain Salzar, who with his pirates are ghosts who escaped from the Devil's triangle, going to kill all living pirates. Jack will have to look for ways to save, both for themselves and their subordinates. to help save their life will help the Trident of Poseidon, which gives its owner the mighty super powers.

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