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10 reasons why men dump women


The relationship between a man and a woman is a constant job, not just a pleasant pastime. In order for the relationship was strong and harmonious, you need to constantly to improve them and meet each other on the compromise. But it is not always possible to preserve the Union. And not always the relationship ends due to the fact that people just can't be together. Sometimes one partner destroys the relationship. Sometimes the other partner just gets bored with the relationship, and he's looking for any reason to break. There are many reasons why a man can leave a woman. Some of them can really be called a serious breakup. And some are merely the excuse to get rid of the woman. And not always the reason may be the woman.

10. Do not get along

One of the reasons why a man would leave a woman – a clash of personalities. The reason is quite logical. As it is not claimed by many people, but opposites do not attract. And much easier to live with the person with whom you have a similar temperament and character. If you have different personalities, quarrels will occur nothing. Such relationships only destroy people and ruin their lives. So, if the man understands that you are together and decides to break up with you, maybe it's for the best. If serious misunderstanding arise in the initial stages of the relationship, the more unlikely it will be better.

9. Woman uses man as an outlet

Of course, not standing in the gap always blame the man. Some women are forced to leave them. As if men did not claim that her husband – breadwinner, female – housewife, such marriages are rarely happy. In such respects a woman uses a man as an outlet. If it does not have their interests or favorite work, she tries to find a man to devote him all of myself. Very quickly gets tired of it. And the man goes to the self-sufficient girl which puts your interests at the forefront. To be an outlet for someone is hard. And with such a woman is difficult to build a healthy relationship. With the same success it is possible to have a pet and not look for the man.

8. Woman too openly shows that he wants to marry

Russian women firmly believe that men deficiency. And that woman can't be successful in life, if you're not married. Therefore, when the horizon appears a candidate for a husband, the woman immediately tries to pin down. And then these women wonder why men dump them. Marriage is fine, but when both partners are ready. And if a woman sees in man only a husband, not a friend, lover and just a loved one, what wonder if a man throws a woman.

7. The woman became uninteresting

Another reason why a man would leave a woman – if it was not interesting. If the reason for the gap lies in this, to blame yourself is not necessary. And look for the cause of what you so if you boyfriend dumped you is not worth it. So it was not your man. Most likely, such a man was not originally planned to build with you serious relations. If the man claims that he wants to leave you because you became not interested in him, don't try to change the situation. Don't try to do everything to the guy is not gone from you. Remember about your pride and dignity. Men in the country is not the deficit and hold on to a guy if he wants you to quit, not worth it.

6. Dissolute life in the past

Another stereotype that exists in society – women should be the only male in sex. A lot of guys are even willing to dump a girl if they know he's not the first or if the girl had many sexual partners. If you got it right man, breaking up with him was the best thing that can happen to you. The girl is not accountable and blame myself that she had many men. Of course, if the girl is, frankly, a dissolute life, that's not good. As in the case of men. Promiscuous as men and women, has a negative impact on health because of the risk of Contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

5. The man used as a purse

Many men believe that all women are materialistic and they only want money. But not all girls are like that. Now all on the contrary, women try to become financially independent. But, nevertheless, there are those who continue to see in a man purse. And someone like if Dating him is not because of sympathy and love, and for money. Of course, no man wants to be a purse full of money, in the eyes of women.

4. The woman ceased to care for themselves

After many years together, some women believe that to follow him they don't need a man because they themselves have found. But it's one thing when a woman ceases to care for themselves after birth due to the fact that she had no time for this, and the husband does not seek help with the baby. Here he looks like a creep. To push all the housework at his wife and complaining that she gained weight and was not so attractive – low action. And another thing, when the woman just too lazy to do them. Every girl needs to remember that yourself need to devote time daily and direct beauty. Not for men, and for myself. Love yourself, and then the man will look for adventure on the side.

3. The wife earn more than husband

Only a man with low self-esteem can throw a woman who was earning more. Again, the stereotype that a woman cannot be more successful husband, does not disappear. And if your man is not happy with what you earn more, why you need one. Only a man with low self-esteem to assert themselves at the expense of women. If a man truly loves you, he will be only too glad if you will succeed and you will make good money. But if a man puts you an ultimatum, him or your financial independence, then throw it yourself.

2. The woman effusively

Women don't have to follow the rule that it should be flexible, not to argue with the man and all to agree with him. Your opinion is very important to have and if you with something do not agree, then talk about it. But if you are short-tempered, irritated by everything and constantly scream at the man, don't be surprised if he will abandon you. Would you like it if a man did that to you? Unlikely. That man don't want to listen to constant accusations without substantial reasons. With such a woman is difficult to build a healthy relationship.

1. Woman changed

Well, the most serious reason why a man can leave is treason. Forgiving infidelity is very difficult and not everyone is ready for it. Even if the partner acknowledges that cheating was a mistake and sincerely repents in this. But if a woman is systematically changing the man is not normal. Infidelity causes nothing but pain. And if a woman cheating means she just doesn't like the man. This vile and low, to deceive a loving person. It is better to leave than to torment a person. You can not build a healthy relationship on deception. Toxic relationships need to break immediately. It's silly to expect that people will change, and constantly to catch him in a lie.

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