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10 reasons to love the grape


At the end of summer on the shelves of shops and markets there is this delicious berry. Someone can absorb grapes pounds, and someone who's totally indifferent to it. According to scientists to provide the body with vitamins and microelements that it contains, one needs to eat about 70 kilograms. But in reality this figure is much lower. The grapes are rarely present in the diet of the ordinary Russian family, most people consider it a delicacy. Maybe this opinion was formed due to its cost. Yes, of course winter grapes is expensive, but in the summer its price is significantly reduced. So try at least a season to eat his fill, to fill your body with vitamins and minerals. But if you don't like the grapes, we will tell you about 10 reasons to love this tasty treat.

10. Headache

Most people with headaches remember the first aid kit. It turns out that with this disease can grape. But you need to be careful and it is better if the patient will know the cause of the headache. The fact that the berries are contraindicated in low pressure. With a headache and high blood pressure they can handle easily. Grapes strengthens blood vessels and lowers blood pressure. The headache recedes. You can drink a glass of grape juice. Of course, concentrated and reconstituted juice are unlikely to deal with your illness. Grapes can help even migraine. If you are prone to this illness, every morning, eat a few berries, you'll be surprised that day by day I feel better.

9. Slowing Alzheimer's disease

Alzheimer's disease occurs due to accumulation of protein clusters in the brain. They are called oligomers. They affect the neurons of the brain and loss of memory. Grape seed extract prevents their formation. To such conclusion the American scientists. Moreover, this information is confirmed by the research. They were conducted not on humans, on mice, but you can safely treatment of Alzheimer's disease in grapes, only to have it have underwire. In such problems, scientists recommend to give preference to red grapes.

8. From hypertension

American scientists have tried again and conducted a new experiment on mice. This time they explored how grapes affect hypertensive patients. It has long been known that the grape is a diuretic, that is why it lowers blood pressure. Mice were fed, the amount of salt which was deliberately increased. One group of animals were treated with grape powder, the other was swallowing heart medication. At the end of the experiment, the scientists were surprised that the mice consuming grapes, showed the best result. The pressure in them was normal, in contrast to mice, "hooked" on drugs. Of course, it is not necessary to completely abandon drugs in favor of grapes, but if you have high blood pressure, eat it as often as possible.

7. The composition and caloric content

The caloric content of grapes is about 70 calories per 100 grams of product, depending on its type. It's not so much, but the berry contains large amounts of carbohydrates. However, scientists have proved that weight gain from grapes, just to absorb it in large quantities. By consuming really should be careful, because it almost does not cause feelings of satiety. But the rich composition of the fruit compensates for all the extra pounds. It contains cellulose, organic acids, various enzymes and minerals. To include it in your diet should be cautious, if you are not all right with health. It is contraindicated in diabetes, obesity, diarrhea.

6. For energy recovery

Grapes contain large amounts of vitamins and antioxidants. Thanks to them, he restores strength, adds energy. So the grapes can become an excellent assistant in the fight against fatigue. But don't overdo it, 10 to 15 berries will be enough. You can take some grapes to work, he would make your strength and raise your spirits, moreover, it is much more useful than a Cup of coffee. If your child attends school, give him a small brush of grapes. He will be able to eat them at recess and replenish energy. It also helps to improve mental abilities.

5. For the respiratory system

Surprisingly, the grapes can be used in diseases of the respiratory system. Tuberculosis in the initial stage, bronchiectasia, chronic bronchitis and laryngitis. Treatment is facilitated by the presence in the grapes of volatile, which possess antiviral activity. Able to take sputum, ideal for treating dry cough. But in this case fresh grapes are not to do, usually in such cases, use raisins. It is brewed with water, milk, add onion juice, honey, aloe Vera juice. With the help of it you can get rid of asthma attacks.

4. For the face

The antioxidants in grapes, contribute to the rejuvenation of the whole organism, and skin, including. Everyone knows that when you eat the essential vitamins and nutrition, your skin will look beautiful and healthy. Grape seeds and its peel contain resveratrol. This antioxidant is responsible for the production of collagen. But the grapes not only can you eat inside, it is widely used in cosmetology. In home conditions, women make very effective mask. They cleanse the skin, protect it, promote rejuvenation and smoothing of wrinkles. Grape will delight the owners of oily skin, masks based on it get rid of pimples and a greasy Shine.

3. To view

Do not rely on the fact that grapes improves your eyesight, and you will be able to abandon the boring glasses and lenses. But it will reduce the risk of blindness, usually with age eyesight deteriorates. So regular consumption of grapes reduces the chance of age-related changes by 40%. Blindness in many cases cause lesions in the retina, which arise in connection with damage to the photoreceptors that react to light. Grapes fight free radicals, prevents their penetration into the retina. He also successfully used for the treatment of cataract.

2. The benefits for the heart

The grapes used even in the treatment of heart disease. Potassium, useful in sugar and polyphenols – substances that prevent heart disease. As you already know, grapes lower high blood pressure. Also it includes nitric oxide. It does not allow to form blood clots. The risk of developing heart disease is greatly reduced. Function of the heart muscle improved with daily use of the berries after 3 months. It strengthens the cardiovascular system, changes the composition of the blood in a better way, reduces the level of cholesterol.

1. For the digestive system

And of course, the grapes have a large influence on the digestive system. It contains fiber and organic acids. Thanks to them, there is a soft colon cleanse. Grapes can be eaten, even people who are prone to gastritis and ulcers. But we should not forget that the best way to eat grapes, as a separate dish. The more you can not mix it with dairy products, otherwise you may have abdominal pain, and flatulence. In addition, this tasty treat to some extent contributes to weight loss. Unless, of course, not to exceed the daily rate.

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