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Top 10 best films of Alexei Balabanov


Alexei Balabanov is known not only as an outstanding Russian film Director but also as screenwriter, producer and actor. But most of all he succeeded in registersite. Alex is a two-time winner of the film festival Kinotavr, thanks to the paintings of Brother and War, and the winner of the Nika award, which he received for the art work About monsters and people. On account of one of the best Russian Directors about two dozen films.

The rating we have included the best films of Balabanov, a list of which is presented to the readers below.

10. River2002

Ten most successful works of Russian Director opens the drama River (2002). The action takes place in the late 19th century in the Yakut, godforsaken forest, where lives a small leper colony settlers. In the middle of nowhere puts a young girl who is engaged in hunting. She falls in love with a sick guy. The characters begin to live together and soon expect a baby. But the idyll breaks unexpectedly returning wife from the mainland, which leads to tragedy. The shooting had to be suspended at the half because he was killed actress Tulare Svinoboeva playing the main role. A year after the dramatic events Balabanov already edited footage and behind the scenes commented on the missing scenes.

9. Of freaks and men1998

Ninth place is a Comedy-drama by Russian Director of freaks and men (1998). The events of the film unfold in the early twentieth century. During this period, actively developing film and photos. Many private operators want to cash in and take pictures, make pictures with pornographic content. The plot revolves around two families, creating the impression of a prosperous. Photographer Johann with his underground Studio is not averse to capitalize on human nakedness. Two pairs are victims of a perverted photographer. Earning on the other, it breaks the destinies of men and turns men into Horny freaks. In 1998 the film won the film award Nika.

8. Happy days1991

On the eighth place among the works of Balabanov is drama Happy days (1991). The protagonist of the psychological picture of man with no memory, has no friends and the past. He wanders the streets of desolate and featureless Petersburg. On the way he encounters people who refer to him by different names. One does not need it, but for some reason all turn to him with their requests. The hero only wants a roof over his head and rest.

7. Cargo2007

Dramatic Thriller Cargo 200 (2007) with the slogan of the Eleventh film by Alexei Balabanov takes the seventh place among the works of Russian Director. In the picture describes the events of 1984 that took place in the USSR in one of the provinces. After the disco lost daughter of Secretary of the Communist party. Witnesses to the incident and the perpetrators could not be found. That evening on the outskirts of the city there is a brutal murder perpetrated by the owner of the house. It starts with the investigation of two cases that are entrusted to the captain Gurovo the film received high marks and was honoured with an award from the Russian film critics at the film festival Kinotavr.

6. I'm not in pain2007

Melodrama it doesn't hurt Me (2007) is included in the ten best works of Balabanov. Three talented friends and designers decide to offer their services to the rich young person on the device of the elegant mansion. The hostess named Natella Antonovna. She has everything but her life seems dull and boring. A meeting with one of the designers Misha turns the life of the heroine. She falls in love with the guy. Mike takes on his beloved, and his friends a good job. All the characters are going well. But Natella hidden their own skeletons in the closet, which will make itself felt.

5. Castle1994

On the fifth place among the best works of the Director is located drama Castle (1994), filmed on the novel of the writer Franz Kafka. Surveyor invites you to the Castle for the implementation of official works. He resides in the Village, but was surprised to discover that there is not waiting. The main character is trying to prove the purpose, but I listen to it no one wants. The surveyor decides that in any way get into the mysterious Castle.

4. Arrival train1995

Short film by Alexei Balabanov arrival of a train (1995) was awarded the Golden bear as best short film. The story consists of four short stories. The first part is called the Wedding March: in the center of events, the father, the son and the girl who is the mistress of the father and bride of the son. The second story Exercise N5 about the filming of the movie. After the shooting, forget to turn off the camera and the lens are the actors, who directed the mask and behave naturally, like ordinary people. The third story of a trophy of a jealous husband who killed his brother. The last part of the Road is about two tramps refugees living on the stations.

3. War2002

War drama War (2002) opens the three best films of Balabanov. Chechen commander Aslan Guzaev decides to release three of the hostages from captivity. The lucky winners were recruits Sergeant Yermakov (Alexei Chadov) with a common Sandpiper and the Englishman John Boyle, who must collect a huge amount of money to rescue his bride Margaret, the remaining hostages of the Chechens. Except the girl from Aslan in the prisoners remained captain Medvedev. John does not find the required amount, and even the government refuses to help. Then he goes to Russia and finds Ermakova. Together they are sent into enemy territory to free the girl and the Russian captain.

2. Brother1997

Crime drama Balabanov's Brother (1997) occupies the second place among the best films of the Director. The main character art picture of Danila Bagrov (Sergei Bodrov Jr.) was discharged from the army and came home. He gets bored in his native province, so he decides to go to St. Petersburg, where lives happily ever after his older brother (Viktor Sukhorukov). Daniel decided to pay a visit to a relative to help with employment. But here the hero the truth that the brother is not a businessman, and the hired killer.

1. Brother 22000

The second part of the crime drama Brother 2 (2000) was filmed Balabanov in three years. The continuation of the story of Danila Bagrov had no less success among the audience. The main character meets his fellow soldiers, with whom side by side fought in Chechnya. One of his comrades suddenly killed. Daniel knew that the dead man had problems because of my brother living in America. He decides to go on a quest and takes care of his brother. In America Bagrov is in the midst of gang warfare. The young man was playing a dangerous game, but not going to give up. Its main goal is to avenge the death of his friend.

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