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10 signs of depression that you should pay attention


Depression is an illness saps the soul and damaging my mind. People covered with melancholy and sadness, can not adequately perceive the reality. Psychiatrists say that depressed people look at everything as if through dirty glass, so any event or phenomenon they unwittingly betray a negative connotation.

Man held in captivity by this disease usually does not find the strength to admit your condition to others, much less ask them for assistance. Therefore, it is important when first signs of depression in your loved one not to leave them unattended, and to insist on recourse to a specialist. Indeed, the more neglected the disease is, the harder it is responding to therapy.

Submitted 10 symptoms that will help you to suspect yourself or your loved one's depression.

10. The deterioration of concentration and memory

We all from time to time there are scattered. What can we say about people who are depression can not fully answer for their actions or for his words. If a person continually forgets some important information for themselves, often asks you something during a conversation, gets tired quickly from intense intellectual work, then most likely he is in the grip of depressive thoughts.

9. With one drink in the afternoon switched to three

Unfortunately, many people overcome depression, tend to look for the easiest way of treating it. This, of course, is a short-term improvement of mood with the help of alcohol. However, getting on this way, it is better to bear in mind that when the situation is already critical and it will be forced to seek specialized care, to the diagnosis of depression in medical card will join an alcoholism or cirrhosis of the liver.

8. Changes of body weight

Someone depression drinks, and someone prefer to eat. For this disease characterized by acute deficit of positive emotions, and the food (especially sweets) is a simple way to get your dose of endorphins. In addition, during the depression, people suffering from chronic fatigue, so about any sports or outdoor activities can not be considered. We get a total weight, and in severe cases obesity, which exacerbate the primary diagnosis, because a person with excessive body weight reduced self-esteem, and deteriorating mood, from which he again begins to eat. It is a vicious circle from which will help to get only a psychoanalyst.

7. Chronic fatigue and weakness

For a person suffering depressive thoughts, it is very difficult to find any motivation for their actions. Life seems meaningless, and all desire of barren. Therefore, the work or just minimal activity is perceived as a duty. In addition, many people suffering from depression, falling all the vitals hence the lack of energy to perform rudimentary Affairs.

Others may seem, because of elementary laziness, but it's not. Staying in a depression the person may be very tired from even the easiest of work.

6. Hard to accept praise and gestures of goodwill

As already mentioned, during the depression people perceive any information through the prism of negativity and distrust. Therefore, it is so hard to believe in the truthfulness of kind words about themselves, even if they are absolutely sincere. If someone close to you is providing a valuable service, such a gesture is taken for granted or as a manifestation of compassion, which can strike at the pride of the patient.

5. Laugh and cry from time to time for no particular reason

For depression is characterized by the offset of emotional balance and violation of the right mix of behavioral response with its stimulus. This means that people in this state can be very dramatic to react to not very significant bad news, but the really bad news may be perceived externally, completely unfazed.

A similar form of depressive disorders in many ways similar to other neurological disease alexithymia, the essence of which is the violation of the process of identifying their own emotions and emotions of other people.

4. Low self esteem and guilt

Complexes, cubed, and obsessive guilt before the whole world also are considered typical symptoms of depression. People suffering with this disorder tend to exacerbate the attention on their mistakes of the past. They can also set themselves deliberately inflated or unrealistic goals, and then revel in self-flagellation.

3. Inability to concentrate

Each of us like to occasionally fly in the clouds, but man, gripped by depression, to some extent, loses control of his will. So they have this soil may experience minor or major trouble associated with the inability fully focus on any task. They have trouble at work, in the fellowship of loved ones, and even in addressing common issues they may be not peculiar to them earlier incompetence.

Such a symptom is quite bright symptoms, which should be a signal to others of a sick person people to provide him immediate help.

2. The lack of pleasure from usual activities

A complete lack of interest in public life and communication with friends is another characteristic depression pathological symptom. In psychiatry, this disorder is called anhedonia. Usually this symptom occurs in the early stages of developing depression, therefore, when it appears, you must convince your loved one to seek the advice of a therapist.

1. You don't feel anything

Sometimes a person's subconscious, which is constantly plagued by dark thoughts, finds a kind of solution, it begins to block absolutely all emotion. As a result of sick depression begins to suffer from a complete loss of feelings. Because of this it can cause problems in communication with friends and colleagues, who often regard the behaviour of their loved one as a manifestation of indifference and alienation. From what they start to move away, not realizing that thereby reduce his chances of a full recovery.

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