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Top 10 best movies for girls


The film combines the notes of subtle humor and love experiences more appeal to the fairer half of humanity. These films impregnated with kindness, sentimentality and romance.

The rating includes the best movies for girls, a list of which is presented below.

10. Pretend to be my wife2011

Pretend my wife (2011) opens the ten best movies for girls. What did not come up to be with the one you love, even the existence of a fictional wife and kids is Exactly what makes the main character Comedy Danny, acquainted with the charming Palmer. He wants to make a lasting impression on the girl, but where it lies? Instead of the expected sympathy, Palmer requires the boyfriend meeting with his wife. Dann will have to try to unravel in the artificially created love triangle.

9. She's the man2006

She's the man (2006) – a romantic Comedy for girls. Seventeen-year-old viola to participate in football training, takes the appearance of his brother Sebastian, who are not committed to the sport. Living in the image of the young man, viola falls in love with Duke, who is now living with her in the same Dorm room. But Duke is a fan of Olivia, and she in turn is crazy about viola, which he considers to be a boy. The whole complicated story, which gets the girl in the guise of young men, will be resolved in the best way. Viola will gain not only popularity and a good reputation among players, but also gain his love.

8. Dirty girl2007

Romantic Comedy dirty girl (2007) deserves the attention of girls and occupies the eighth place ranking. Charlie is a normal student living a boring life. But suddenly the guy bursts into his life a real fury named Jordan. Familiarity with a crazy girl occurs in a rather unusual way. Charlie is saved by Jordan, who wanted to commit suicide, intending to throw himself under the train. Jordan is experiencing the best moment of his life, dumped her boyfriend and she throws in all serious, trying to escape. Who can withstand regular drinking and vulgar expressing the girl? Just in love with the guy who was able to see under the mask of nanonote smart and charming lady.

7. Freaky Friday2003

Freaky Friday (2003) – one of the best comedies for the girls. Dr. Tess Coleman is the mother of fifteen-year-old Anna. Woman and girl can't find a common language, due to different views on life. Because of this, in the house of the reign of constant fighting. The mother cannot tolerate the music, by listening to Anna. The daughter, in turn, brings the boyfriend to Tess that she soon should marry. Just a few days prior to the wedding event of relatives terribly quarrel and the fate of them presents an ironic surprise – they change bodies. They have exactly one day to the realization of his mistakes, to go back to your form.

6. Boy girl2006

Boy girl (2006) – a humorous romance of the all-powerful love, which is able to reconcile even the most bitter of enemies. The action center completely different life woody Dean and his roommate Nell. Their parents for many years waged war, and their offspring can't stand each other. One morning woody finds himself in the body of Nell, and she finds herself in the image of the neighbor. First, the heroes beat a panic, but then a taste and try to annoy each other, while in strange guise. After a time, Nell and woody does not notice how you begin to bond, and each discovers something new. Long feud ends, and the characters find love.

5. LOL2008

French romance LOL (2008) is the best fit for an evening of watching the young the fair sex. All my friends call her LOL, which literally translated from the language of the Internet means lol. But the girl is going through that time of life when she was not laughing. Returning home after the summer vacation she finds out that her boyfriend just dumped, and his mother absolutely doesn't understand her and makes her life miserable. Problems in the family circle and in the love arena are replaced by new emotions and unexpected discoveries, which fate has in store for girls in the new school year.

4. Fall in love with me if you dare2003

Art pattern fall in love with me if you dare (2003) will satisfy lovers of melodramas. From childhood they were together all the time, coming up with adventurous games, and gained a reputation as bullies. Childhood is over, and for adults boy and girl continue their dangerous game on the weak. Friends begin to understand that fell in love with each other, but don't want each other to admit.

3. The devil wears Prada2006

Comedy romance the Devil wears Prada (2006) the heads of three of the best movies for girls. Young Andy, who had just graduated from training at the journalism school, gets a job in one of the most popular fashion magazines. Newly minted assistant tyrannical editor Miranda priestly is not versed in fashion. Work becomes for him a living hell because of the high and mesoatomic with the work requirements of the Manager. But she is ready to endure the crazy antics Miranda, then to climb up the career ladder. Gradually from provincial Andy is transformed into an elegant lady, making big success.

2. The holiday2006

The holiday (2006) – one of the kindest and entertaining of comedies for the girls. In the center of the plot are two women from different countries who meet over the Internet by the will of fate. One of them is called iris Simpkins – she lives in a luxurious house in one of the English provinces. The only thing not going well iris is the relationship with the beloved man. Another woman living in southern California name is Amanda woods. She is the owner of a popular advertising Agency. In her life everything is going well until she learns that her boyfriend was cheating on her. Similar circumstances bring these ladies through a site that offers to exchange housing for the holidays. They had no idea how two weeks – the time it needs to change –radically change their lives.

1. The Bridget Jones's diary2001

The Bridget Jones's diary (2001) is perhaps the best Comedy picture, worthy of the attention of girls. Jones has long been not young lady, which exceeded 30. She wants to find her one and only Prince, who will be happy. To translate their desire into reality, she tries to change and get rid of his bad habits, but she does not succeed. Bridget falls in love with his boss, but, alas, he turns out to be her hero. Life circumstances constantly make her tiresome and pedantic mark, who was himself not happy with it. But fate disposed so that the characters reconsider their attitude to each other and fall in love.

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