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10 signs of a relationship without a future


There is a perception that once a girl comes a man, she begins to invent the names of their future children. This is partly true. Every woman dreams about strong family, children. But not all the relationships have continued. Therefore, it's important to recognize that it represents a man, is it worth it to hope for further developments. If you learn what to expect your pair in the future – a happy marriage or a painful breakup, you will be much easier. You can end the relationship without a future, will not remain with a broken heart and failed hopes. Below is the list of attributes of relations in which there is no future.

10. You feel pride and admiration for your partner

To do your new choice, you do not feel pride for it. You don't admire his skills, you care about his achievements in his career. Most likely, the person you just uninteresting. Either he's not doing anything that would cause you positive emotions. Neither in that, nor in other case the development of relations is impossible. Don't lie to yourself and to him, the man became indifferent. Loving woman admires her man. Even if the actions that cause pride, is rather dubious. Don't try to pretend, because you won't be able to live in the deception of a lifetime.

9. Holiday romance

On vacation there is a special atmosphere that promotes love. Sea, sun, tasty wine. Entering the holiday romance, don't expect to continue. According to statistics, only 10% of Affairs end with the wedding. Holiday romance usually develop rapidly, and the partners seem to be completely different than in real life. You can't imagine what this attractive macho in everyday life. Most likely, it is far from ideal. No need to open up as a partner and to rush intimacy, these relationships just will not continue. If you are lucky, you should know that love at a distance – a rather dubious pleasure. A radical change in your life and move to another city solved a few.

8. The idea of separation no longer scares a few

Earlier you had thought that the beloved will abandon you. Now everything has changed. There are moments when you think that one is much better. You notice similar and for your partner. You become indifferent to each other and ready to leave, but meet out of habit, because we need, and friends and relatives waiting for your wedding invitations. No need to rush. If you do well without each other, you normally perceive thoughts, then your relationship has no future.

7. Significant moments are becoming less and jealousy anymore

In the old days you had a lot of memorable highlights. Now some quarrels, you are constantly unhappy with each other, in a relationship there was jealousy and suspicion. Such a relationship to anything good will not. Loving partners want a friend to please, to arrange surprises. Every night spent together, they mean a lot, they are ready to understand and accept each other. If you instead check the phone favorite on the subject of the calls and messages from other women, your relationship has outlived its usefulness. There was only a sense of ownership. A strong family you do not succeed, you'd better leave.

6. Love by correspondence

If your partner lives in another city, your relationship is doomed to failure. Is not important and even their background. If you occasionally visit him, and he you, it may quickly get bored. There are cases when people living at a distance, at first very happy. But time passes, and they still live in different cities and can't come to a common decision. Sooner or later they will get tired of it. The man wants the woman to meet him at home and not come for the weekend. Even more hopeless affair by correspondence with someone you've never seen. It can be anyone. So do not lose your time and insist on a personal meeting. Then you will have at least some chance of a strong long-term relationships.

5. The affair with the "schoolboy"

Of course, you should be flattered that your partner behind you for a dozen years. You boast young "groom" in front of friends. But such relationships usually don't last a long time. This option is ideal if you want to have some fun. If you want to create a strong family, then the knight is unlikely to succeed. Statistically marriages where the woman is the older partner, continues no longer than 5 years. This is due to different views on life. Woman dreams about the baby, and the man is not ready. A man wants to go to parties, chat with friends, and sooner or later it will begin to be ashamed of his "old girlfriends". In such a relationship the woman often plays the role of the mother, the chosen one it behaves as a son. This is the wrong model of relationship, and any good they will not.

4. Relations "on the nerves"

In your relationship are frequent scandals, plate smashing and even assault. Better look for another partner. Maybe now you are satisfied. Disputes are accompanied by no less prominent a reconciliation. But to live with such a man there is always very difficult. Few who are willing to live as on a powder keg, not knowing at what moment it will explode. Such relationships will destroy you mentally. Constant emotional breakdowns, tears. Besides think about your future children, would you like to live in such an environment? If not, then end this relationship with no regrets.

3. In this relationship you are developing

You feel that you have stopped developing with this man. He is little need for life, he nowhere seeks. He lives on a small salary. Room in a communal apartment, but he glad of that. But you love him the way he is. Moreover, you began to support it. You already do believe that the best pastime on a Friday night is TV. You don't want to learn new things, although I was very different. You are all more addictive in the swamp. Maybe we should not deceive ourselves? No love is worth it. One life, you have to set goals, achieve them, don't stop there.

2. Relationship with the "married guy"

If your man married about what all relationships can be discussed? You probably expect him to get a divorce. Are you ready to wait another 5 years, and 10? If you are not satisfied with the status of a lover, run away. He will never divorce. Many married men don't mind spending time with another woman. But they always come back to his wife. There they shared a house, kids, everything is familiar and maybe not as bad as he says. So do not hesitate and do not waste time on it. Little man decided on such a radical change. If he will leave his wife for you, nothing prevents him in the future to leave you to your new mistress.

1. The novel "Mama's boy"

The novel "Mama's boy" is unlikely to be continued. Such a man obeys all his mother, he is unlikely to start a relationship against her will. So, if you are crazy about him, you'll have to make friends with the future mother-in-law and work through it. If you don't like her, then you have little chance. But even if you manage to "beat" the man at his mother, you will have to replace it. After all, he is absolutely not ready to independent life.

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