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10 signs of a bad girlfriend, a friendship that only harm


Each person is exposed to changes in the nature. Chances are you occasionally surprised to note to myself that your friends are treating you not as much as before. What if yesterday a friend with whom you shared all your events and experiences, now as egotistical and otherwise hurting you? You should immediately stop communicating with that person. Girls with girlfriends have close emotional attachment, and sometimes they cling to a toxic friendship in memory of old good times. This is the wrong path that promises only frustration and a lot of shocks in the future. It is necessary to understand the signs of a bad girlfriend and immediately break up with her.

10. Calls at any time of the day, demanding to listen to her

Of course, all of us sometimes need a shoulder to cry on close. When in life there is emotional turmoil, the person shares it with friends, because they can find support and sympathy. But toxic friend is not thinking about the condition of the other. She is a selfish impulse to speak out in whatever became can call late at night, and she obviously has no interest in the fact that you get up early tomorrow. Or a friend can calling while you are sitting at work and demand that you come off the cases and listened to all her problems. However, you also have your personal life and your business that must be addressed. If these calls disrupt your life, tell your friend that to support the clock there is a paid consultation at the psychotherapist.

9. Dramatizes events and speaks only of their failures

If she broke a nail or she broke a plate at home, it is certainly tragic voice will tell you about it. Moreover, your would-be friend is likely to make the conclusion that she's miserable and her life pursues evil rock. Every little thing like wet feet or burning dinner brings such a person down and makes crying loved ones. The conversation always takes place in a negative way, your friend does not rejoice in his success, but only whines about his imaginary troubles. Unless you want to spoil her dramatic voice, to comfort this man over and over again or in vain to convince them that all this nonsense? Your friend is miserable and it does not matter what you say in response.

8. Can't rejoice in your successes

Friendship all bisects. If you feel bad, the other should be your support, and if you do well, he will share the joy with you. When you raise on the job, you get married or open a business and to report that to the girlfriend, and she is silent or shift the conversation to another topic, this is something to ponder. Most likely, this person is jealous of you or he doesn't care about your success. This is a manifestation of an unhealthy egoism suggests that before you bad friend, which is not able to sincerely share with you the joy. Maybe she's secretly even hoped that in the end you will fail.

7. Exploiting you for personal reasons

A friend always asks to borrow money or calling in if she wanted a lift to work or the city centre. When a person contacts you to chat, inviting you somewhere or just to check on things and persistently asks for help and this is repeated over and over again, you're not a friend, but a real exploiter. Over time, you will realize that your communication has grown into a permanent unilateral provision of services. It is worth remembering that you're not her personal driver or Bank teller, issuing money on demand. True friendship does not tolerate exploitation and self-centeredness.

6. Sometimes you feel that you want her to hide something

If in your life something important has happened, and you share this with all loved ones, but not with this friend, think carefully about the reasons for their behavior. Maybe you subconsciously realize that if you tell a friend, you will not find a proper response. Or even, on the contrary, it begins in response to criticise, to reproach, will not be happy in response, envy, or gossip about it with others. If you are afraid of such a reaction or just don't want her to talk about something, it is a significant reason to end friendships now.

5. Jealous like she's your guy

In your life there are family, some friends and maybe boyfriend or husband. But toxic friend will always think that she is more important than all. If she calls this weekend to get you in a cafe and you have lunch with a loved one or left the city with other friends, in response, you will hear notes offended or question why you have fun with other people, not her. This girlfriend just can't understand that you can also be important to spend time with family or other friends, because she thinks she's the center of the universe.

4. Emphasizes your advantages against your disadvantages

You have extra weight, and her chiseled figure? You rent an apartment, and she lives in his? You can't dance, and she's the Queen of the disco? If your background friend looks more profitable and seeks to emphasize it and remind you of its merits for you and others constantly, and you feel uncomfortable, should not tolerate such antics. This can really lower you self-esteem. If the friend tends to stand out, humiliating the other person, stop communication with her and often think of your strengths to always stay confident.

3. Throws you once in her life comes a new guy

While a toxic friend alone, she is ready to talk with you for hours and walk around the city this weekend. But once in her life comes a young man, she immediately forgets about you. Of course, when the personal life of girls is getting better and she has a boyfriend or husband, girlfriend recede into the background. We can't give friends the same time, because part of it goes into the second half. But if she completely forgets about her girlfriends, not calling them for months and not responding to messages, it indicates her self-centeredness and consumer attitude.

2. You feel drained after conversations with her

People, after communicating with whom man feels devastated and mentally depressed, are also called energy vampires. Almost imperceptibly, they during a conversation can humiliate a man, to deprive him of his joy. If among your friends there is a girl, after conversation with which you do not feel very well, you can head ache or fall down the mood, tear a relationship with her immediately. Friendship should be fun and not a solid film.

1. Gives clearly wrong advice

This approach suggests that people do not wish you good. If a friend advises to intentionally do wrong, provoking to bad behavior, she does so out of envy or from the desire to make you feel bad. Unfortunately, among the girls the spirit of competition often leads to envy, gossip and other negative consequences. Do not succumb to such provocations. If among your friends has got such a jealous creature, is immediately cut her out of your life and continue to ask for advice from other people.

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