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10 signs, which can determine a good doctor


Every person, even one who is of good health, periodically go to the doctor. Sometimes the reason for the visit of the expert be examined, but often in pain and feeling bad. It is very important that the specialist had sufficient knowledge, because even the smallest mistake can cost a human life. No wonder among health workers is a widespread joke: "every doctor has his own graveyard." But let's not about sad, yet the patient trusts that the doctor will be able to help him. The paramedics lay a huge responsibility, but among them also have bad and good people. If you wonder which group is your doctor, then read our article. Below are the top 10 signs by which one can determine a good doctor

10. He's not afraid to show his doubts

Usually, if the doctor finds it difficult to answer questions from patients, about it is not good opinion. But do not rush to conclusions. A good doctor cannot diagnose, just by their appearance. It can offer you to watch or to clarify information. Most likely, you will need to be tested. Most patients don't like doing that, they begin to doubt the skill of the doctor. For many, the perfect doctor – the one with the door, and say what they are sick and then prescribe pills. They must act fast and be cheap. Don't forget your health in the hands of this man. It is responsible for their work, so behaves.

9. He speaks the language you understand

Very often, the doctor speaks in medical language, uses the terms. Patients don't understand what's happening to them. A good doctor will always explain to the person what he has, how serious it is, how long it will have to be treated. Sometimes the big words the doctors hide their uncertainty. Usually this sin yesterday's students. Doctors who work with children must not only be able to talk about the disease in plain language, but also to find a common language with young patients. Sometimes doctors don't have the courage to tell someone about a serious disease, but everything comes with experience.

8. He does not neglect the opinion of specialists

It is important that the doctor was able to work in a team. If he's worried about his reputation, afraid of bad opinions of colleagues, ignores the fact that the patient need to see a specialist, it's bad. A good doctor will try to learn more about the health of the patient. He will give him the direction of the analysis, sent for chest x-rays. If you need a surgeon, allergist or any other specialist, he will give you direction. He will not hesitate to ask advice from another specialist. If you see that the doctor consults with colleagues, it does not mean that he knows nothing. Perhaps he doubts correct diagnosis or if the patient is too heavy to make the decision alone.

7. He is serious and adamant

Patients also don't like when the doctor treats them with unnecessary severity. They like it when he jokes, talking about random topics, behaves gently and courteous. But if you come to a regular clinic, you can probably imagine how much load from your doctor. So, he did not fun, he is not obliged to kowtow to the patients. A good doctor will tell you what is required. His task – to appoint treatment, and do not cheer. Also, patients often complain that in difficult situations the doctors don't support them, speak only in essence, I do not regret. If the doctor is too emotional to work it will be very hard. They confronted every day with the disease and human misery. A good doctor needs to spare, and treat.

6. He remembers

Of course, every doctor has so many patients that remember all unreal. Again, if you are a long time to go to the same doctor, after some time it needs you to remember. If every time he reads your card, trying to remember you something, it's a red flag. Of course, he is not obliged to remember all of their patients. That's only if he can't remember anyone may work last thing he thinks. Even if he remembers you, don't let yourself too much. If you saw your doctor outside the hospital, it is not necessary to run to it headlong, and complain about health.

5. He's not trying to please you

If the doctor is showering you with compliments, talking about abstract topics, so he tries to please you. If it is not a nice doctor and you are a beautiful girl, then it should be confusing. So the doctor fears that they will lose the place, so courteous. Although in the usual clinic is rare to come across such an attitude. But in paid medical centers, the doctors will do everything to please you. Because the next time you choose another specialist, and came to him. Of course, I behave not all the medical workers.

4. It gives you all the necessary information

A good doctor will tell you all about your illness. It is clear that most patients have little understanding of what was going on, because they do not know how to construct the human body. The doctor will explain to you so that you will understand. He will draw a simple scheme of the patient's body, showing what was happening to him. He will prescribe adequate treatment. A good doctor will not give you expensive drugs if there is a possibility to use cheaper. It will warn you about possible side effects. After consulting a good specialist, the patient usually does not arise questions.

3. He's looking for the source of the problem

If you beat the disease and she comes back, then you have not a very good doctor. Some doctors do not seek to find the cause of the disease, but the main thing is not to cure the patient, and to make sure that he fell ill again. You need to find out the cause of the disease. By the way, this is not easy. If you want to be a doctor to help you, you have to remember about your health everything. When, in what situation make you feel bad, you have to tell your doctor. Don't be afraid to seem ridiculous, you say, even on minor points, only then the doctor can make a correct diagnosis and find out what is the cause of the disease.

2. He can hear you

A good doctor listening to everything the patient says. He won't ask several times the same thing. By the way, this often happens. If the doctor nods, and he is busy filling out papers, he may miss some detail. Many doctors allow themselves to such behavior because tired an omniscient patients. Patients independently put a diagnosis, having read articles on the Internet doctors it's just infuriating. Still they should be more attentive to the patient, because we are talking about human health.

1. And he not only hears you

Yes, he will listen to the opinion of your relatives, talk to them, give some recommendations. Of course, doctors have a lot of work, but very good specialist will not dismiss patients and their relatives. You can give them a few minutes, people will calm down, will know what to do in a difficult situation. This applies to complicated cases of severe disease and hospitalization. Of course, if you have a common cold, the appearance of your family will call at the doctor's bewilderment.

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