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10 signs that a stroke is close


A stroke is a disruption of blood flow in the brain, rupture or blockage of blood vessels. Such attacks often lead to very sad consequences: they cause irreversible damage to this vital organ. To avoid the occurrence of stroke, significantly reduce the risks to understand the factors contributing to its occurrence.

10. Heredity

In humans, one-third increased risk of stroke, if these episodes were any of his relatives. A genetic disorder is a very common cause of such disease. Of great importance is the ethnicity of the person. In people with black skin color stroke occurs more frequently because they are prone to develop pathologies of the cardiovascular system. Of course, your genes cannot be changed, but you can start to monitor their health, to get rid of various bad habits.

9. Heavy alcoholic drinks

People who drink alcohol frequently and in large quantities, often suffer from unhealthy changes in blood pressure. The blood of alcoholics usually becomes more dense and begins much worse to pass through the vessels. Such people have a stroke develops very often: the most critical age period 50 to 60 years. To reduce the risk of such an attack, you need to drink fewer alcoholic beverages or abandon them altogether. Preferably several times in a week to afford a glass of quality wine, than to drink alcohol a week or two, and then get drunk on the weekends.

8. You are a man

Risk of stroke is more exposed to the representatives of the stronger sex. But most often they are better able to cope with such attacks than women recover faster after them. To protect himself, a man can minimize the risk factors: for example, to normalize the power to stop drinking alcoholic drinks and so on. The focus should be on what you can control.

7. High blood pressure

With high blood pressure the risk of stroke is associated most directly. Because high pressure can damage the blood vessels, causing the walls of the arteries become more rigid, thick. From the clots, significantly worsens the outflow of blood.

The pressure you need the following: it is recommended to measure it at least once a year. Often if it is elevated, it is better to eat less salt and eat more vegetables and fruits. So you will be able to relieve the pressure. If the case is more running, you will need to consult a doctor. He will prescribe appropriate medicines.

6. Overweight

The risk of pathologies of the cardiovascular system is automatically increased in people with a body mass index of 25. To reduce it, it is necessary to control the number of calories consumed, move more (ideally sports). The risk of stroke can be greatly reduced even if a person lost a few pounds. When reduced weight automatically normal pressure, which further minimizes the risk of attack. One of the best is the Mediterranean diet, implying the use of seafood, olive oil, low-fat dairy products, fruits, vegetables, greens and other healthy food.

5. Lack of exercise

The risk of having a stroke greatly increases a sedentary lifestyle. Moving people who are prone to active leisure are more healthy that their body is resistant to the occurrence of various diseases. To improve the quality of life, prevent the development of problems with the cardiovascular system, you need every day to devote to physical exercise at least half an hour. You can just walk, or ride a bike. If you can't do daily, try to do it at least several times a week.

4. High cholesterol

Cholesterol has a high fat content. Because excessive quantities of such substances in the arteries have plaques that significantly impair blood flow. The number of "bad" cholesterol, you need to follow: check it at least every few years. Will need to do this more often if he has any other problems with the cardiovascular system. With the help of sports and healthy eating you can increase the number of "good" cholesterol, which ensures the removal of "bad" substances.

3. Smoking

Smoking contributes to vasoconstriction, thickening of the blood, damage to the cells. In the vessels of the smokers often have clots. Smoking reduces the amount of "good" cholesterol, contributes to high blood pressure. Dangerous and passive Smoking, so it is not recommended to even stand close to the person in whose hands is a lit cigarette. If you give up such bad habits difficult for yourself, you need to do it at least for the people you love.

2. A weak heart

Atrial fibrillation (tachyarrhythmia) causes of blood clots which develops a stroke. Tachyarrhythmia may also occur if blood pressure is elevated, and he did not cure or control. Therefore, if you encounter such problem it is better to consult a doctor: early treatment will help avoid serious complications.

1. Diabetes

Diabetes is the presence in blood of large amounts of sugar. Because of this, throughout the body are damaged blood vessels, and as a result, significantly increases the risk of stroke. Starting to control the level of sugar in the body, it is possible to reduce this risk to a minimum. To improve the quality of life in diabetes, you need to devote time daily to physical exercise, eat only healthy food.

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